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About Meg Green

Some Odd Pages Book Arts & Bindery was founded by Meg Green in 1996.  In addition to offering traditional binding methods, Meg has developed and improved a number of unique bindings and techniques through experimentation, exploration and by simply taking apart and reconstructing thousands of books over the years.  Commissions include repairs, reconstructions and rebindings of all kinds, unique single volumes and limited artist editions for exhibition and sale. 

Meg holds Bachelor and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Book Arts and Printmaking.  She teaches Book Arts and bookbinding and her original works have exhibited and sold in Montreal, New York and London.  Meg is a Professional Member of the Society of Bookbinders and an Associate Member of Designer Bookbinders in the UK. Meg studies modern Greek as a hobby and has travelled extensively over many years in Greece. She is a Freeman of the very great City of London.

Some Odd Pages Book Arts & Bindery is located in the village of Lanlivery in Cornwall, UK, near Lostwithiel and the beautiful Fowey River Valley.