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Poetry and Literature Repairs

Whether received as a gift from a loved one, purchased for pence or at great expense, won as a school prize, or found along the way, our favourite volumes of poetry and literature are essential to private collections and libraries. Special editions, personal inscriptions, preferred translations and wonderful illustrations all combine to transform individual copies of our favourite volumes of poety and literature into treasures worth preserving and protecting for the future.

A Pair of Shakespeares

This pair of Shakespeares was received by our client as a gift from each of her grandmothers from their own days at Oxford and Cambridge. They were cleaned, repaired and rebound in time for our client to take them with her own university studies.

Collected works of Lord Byron

The collected works of Lord Byron repaired and rebound in luxury cloth binding, hand marbled endpapers and silk page ribbon with the original cover materials cleaned, polished, preserved and remounted in keeping with the original look and feel of this presentation volume.

Don Juan

‘Sequel to Don Juan’ repaired and rebound in raised cord binding, leather spine and corners, hand marbled covers, gilt spine titling for private collection.

La Baionnette

‘La Baionnette’ magazine was created in France for soldiers serving on the front lines. This complete collection was bound for special private archives to preserve and protect this wonderful historical magazine, an artefact of its time. Full of colourful illustrations, topical humour, jokes, caricatures and even adverts it helped support morale and unity among the troops during incredibly difficult times.

The Pilgrim’s Progress

‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ by John Bunyan is a landmark in English literature. First published in 1678, it has never been out of print. This historical copy rebound for a private collection in full leather corded binding with hand marbled endpapers, headbands, silk page ribbon and gilt spine titling. Extensive cleaning and archival paper repairs were carried out prior to rebinding.