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Diary and Journal Repairs

Historical diaries, log books and journals detailing the daily events and activities of their time are very special treasures handed down through families. Often created under difficult conditions, e.g. aboard ship or during war, these hand written documents form a personal record of their time and a family heirloom for the future.

World War II Diary

Hand written diary from WWII capturing all the details of life aboard ship stationed across the Mediterranean during the war. Ports, manoeuvres, encounters with enemy combatants as well as the daily activities and duties of the shipmen, visitors to the ship, events, shore leave, social parties, pictures, postcards, drawings and sketches all bring this historical record vividly to life. It was very important to our client to save as much as possible from all the original materials although they were in a much deteriorated condition. We readily appreciate this priority and cleaned, restored and remounted all materials onto the new binding.  Here’s what our client said:

I would like to say a very big Thank You for the work you have done – particularly on the diary which has exceeded what I thought  possible, based on the condition of the books.  You have secured the integrity of the volume without changing the overall character.  I so very much appreciate the work you have done.  Thank You again.

It is difficult these days to know what you are going to get from services on the internet.  I was initially sceptical about sending the diary to anyone at all in case it never reappeared!  After speaking to you I felt reassured but still felt a niggling risk.  How wrong I was!  Your work and the service you have provided have been excellent and I would recommend you to anyone requiring such services.

Thank you again, you have really made my day!

Midshipman’s Journal

A midshipman’s journal is an historical record of life aboard ship detailing daily activities, duties, events, journeys & incidents. Additionally, it contains sketches and drawings, schematic diagrams, maps and a wealth of anecdotal stories of life on board. Parties, visitors, weather, fellow shipmen, encounters with other ships, hostilities during times of war, progress of journeys and a wealth of incidental details from sea voyages around the world. Our client inherited his grandfather’s midshipman’s journal in a worn and damaged condition requesting us to preserve absolutely as much original material as possible. We preserved all original pages and materials, attachments and inclusions while remounting much of the original cover material in the new covers. Additionally, we created a matching bespoke drop spine archival box to house and protect this wonderful and unique document for the future.

Pilot’s Log Books, Royal Air Force

Pilot’s Log Books are the indispensible record of a pilot’s career recording the complete details of each journey to create a unique historical document. This set of three log books from our client’s grandfather’s career with the Royal Air Force had suffered considerable damage in a house fire before arriving in our studio for cleaning and reconstruction. We also created a bespoke slide case with pull ribbon to house and protect these records for the future.