Archival Boxes

Archival BoxesArchival Boxes

We provide bespoke archival boxes for presentation, exhibition and storage in your choice of styles and materials to house and protect your books and collectibles.  All materials are archival and each box is made to fit your own specified dimensions.  Standard sizes can be provided upon request.

Drop Spine Archival Boxes

Standard sizes available to fit all international paper sizes, A4, A5, A6 are especially useful for existing documents and standard size volumes such as commercially made sketchbooks and papers.  Please specify depth when ordering.  Full range of cloth and paper finishes available.

Slide Case Archival Boxes

Designed to fit any individual volume, slide cases are a good option for protecting collectible books.  Fitted with wide pull ribbon to extract the book smoothly from the case without damaging the spine or box edges.

Archival Boxes with Levels and Section Dividers

Single level bespoke archival box with divider to safeguard original 19th c. sketchbooks.  Dividers safely secure the placement of multiple objects in the archival structure.

Bespoke Styles and Designs

Each box is hand made to specification, each pattern carefully measured to fit the required dimensions.  Bespoke archival boxes are perfect for preserving family bibles and other oversized volumes, exhibition artworks, gift presentations and storing your own valuables and collectibles.  All patterns are kept on file so you can order again in future.

Box Making Workshops

You can make your own archival boxes in 3 – 4 hour workshops at our studio.  You will learn how to create an accurate and reliable pattern, cut and assemble the pieces and apply the coverings and linings. Find out more about our Workshops and book your own session.