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Book Repairs and Rebinding

Much can be done to rescue a favourite volume and return it to a sound and reliable condition for the future.  Options include cloth and leather finishing, gilt spine titling, inset cover titling, hand marbled papers, special page inserts, page ribbons and more.  All our marbled papers are created by hand by UK marbling artists, each sheet is unique.  All materials are acid free and archival.  Bespoke slip cases and archival boxes can be made to measure for sets or single volumes.  CONTACT the studio for a quote for your rebinding or repair.

Family Heritage

Generations of family heritage comprising letters, commissions, degrees, achievements, notable events, property, geneaology and other documents of record protected for the future in sound and lasting archival bindings. See more about family heritage works HERE.

Antique Family Bibles

We have extensive experience repairing family Bibles. Family heritage is often preserved within the pages of historical Bibles handed down through generations. Over time these leather bindings can break down, pages become damaged, loose or detached. New bindings can feature raised cords, leather spines, original titling. A matching bespoke drop spine archival box can be ordered to protect and preserve this irreplaceable family volume. See more examples of these unique heritage volumes HERE.

Historical reference books are an important source of history as well as providing a delightful record of the life of previous times. Local histories, etchings, ledgers and records, guides and instruction manuals, expeditions to an undiscovered world and more are preserved for the future. HERE lies treasure.

Diaries and Journals

Historical diaries, log books and journals detailing the events and activities of their time are very special treasures created in situ and handed down through families. Often created under difficult conditions, e.g. aboard ship or during war, these hand written documents form a personal record of their time and a family heirloom for the future. This type of repair work requires a particularly sympathetic approach as the original materials are often in a worn and damaged condition through exposure and hard use. Additionally, as all materials are intrinsic the author’s experiences, it is essential to preserve the style and character of the original volume. See more about these special unique volumes HERE.

Poetry and Literature

Whether received as a gift from a loved one, purchased for pence or at great expense, won as a school prize, or found along the way, our favourite volumes of poetry and literature are essential to private collections and libraries. Special editions, personal inscriptions, preferred translations and wonderful illustrations all combine to transform individual copies of our favourite volumes of poetry and literature into treasures worth preserving and protecting for the future.

Children’s Books

Our favourite classic children’s books are among the treasures we hand down through generations. Hours of childhood memories are founded upon reading together among family and friends. These classic and timeless volumes make very special gifts to pass along for the futue.

Cookery Books

Historical cookery books, collected family recipies handed down over generations or simply your own kitchen favourites, your cook book is worth preserving.

Textbooks, diaries and journals, almanacs and guides can all be converted to strong and lasting hard covers. Many styles and options available. See more about paperback conversion to hard covers HERE.

Converting a paperback to hard cover helps preserve and protect these special volumes. Pages are lifted, cleaned and reglued with internal reinforcement and mounted into new hard covers. Hand marbled endpapers, page marker ribbons, extra pages and fine art printed titling can be added to create a special presentation copy.

Document and Paper Repairs

Using sticky tape to repair booksArchival document and paper repairs provide strong reliable transparent finish to preserve and protect original documents, papers and pages.

While it is very tempting to use sticky tape for a quick fix to detached pages and covers, this inevitably causes more damage. These tapes quickly dry while transferring their acid content to the page leaving the familiar yellow ‘footprint’ and sticky residue.  Happily, there is an excellent alternative!

Archival Document Repair Tape is acid free, easy to use and virtually disappears on the page. Simply peel and stick, rub down for strong clear finish. In convenient rolls, 25 mm x 5m. CONTACT us to order online.

Notable Commissions

BookbindingWe are very pleased to have provided repairs and rebindings to a range of public organisations and private individuals. A selection of our recent works includes: