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Children’s Book Repairs

Our favourite classic children’s books are among the treasures we hand down through generations. Hours of childhood memories are founded upon reading together among family and friends. These classic and timeless volumes make very special gifts to pass along for the futue.

Caroline and Her Friends

We are particularly fond of ‘Caroline and Her Friends’ and have repaired many copies of this 1960’s children’s classic to hand down to the next generation. Plucky Caroline and her rag tag band of animal pals jauntily overcome the mishaps and misadventures of their many travels all over the globe together. Resourceful, charming and brave, these friends continue to delight readers of all ages over the decades. We are always happy to rescue another Caroline for the future!

The Arabian Nights

This copy of ‘The Arabian Nights’ was our client’s particular childhood favourite and her carefully hand colouring of the illustrations added a personal and charming aspect to the pages full of memories of another time and place. Sadly, it suffered extensive water and mould damage over decades in poor storage conditions. While all interior pages were rescued, cleaned, repaired and rebound, our client preferred that plain paper replace the partial original cover without any efforts to disguise what had been lost. Flat back binding in blue cloth sympathetic to the original.

The Horkey

This wonderful children’s classic first published in 1882 with illustrations by Cruikshank had fallen into considerable disrepair. We cleaned, repaired and rebound this lovely volume for our client’s extensive collection of 19th century illustration artists.

The Little Woodman

Beautifully illustrated and wonderfully printed, Victorian and Edwardian children’s books are special treasures in any collection. We repair and rebind these lovely volumes to hand down to the future.