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Bespoke Diaries and Journals

Bespoke diaries and journals specially created for the artist, writer, traveller and book lover.
Designed for the pocket or rucksack, a perfect place to create your own experiences and memories.

Refillable Leather Journals

Lie flat bindings make them easy to use in the field or the studio. Hand bound longstitch refillable sketchbooks, fine art quality warm white pages, leather finishing, strong magnetic clasp closure, available in a range of colours.

Rome, The Eternal City

Our client has fallen in love with Rome, the ‘Eternal City‘.  She’s a fine artist who loves to paint and draw in the open, in situ, taking it all in as she goes. We’ve created a special travel journal for her to work with over several trips to Rome.  Order your own bespoke travel journal, a place to create your own experiences and memories.

Vegan Diary

Bespoke vegan diary made with no animal products at all. No leather or other animal products, fine cloth finish, all vegetable dyes, fine art quality pages, hand marbled papers, gilt spine titling, lightfast and archival.

Flatback Diary

Bespoke diaries and journals made to measure. Flatback, pocket sized and refillable for the writer, traveller, artist. Archival fine art quality.