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Unique Volumes

Bespoke single volumes hand bound for special events, group collaborations, presentation, portfolios, memoires, gifts and occasions. We work with the everything from the wild and woolly to the clean and pristine. Every book is unique.

Treasure, Guildhall Library, London

This unique volume was created book artist Meg Green as Artist in Residence with Guildhall Library in London, UK.

School Collaboration Presentation Volume

Many people working together to create a unique commemorative volume for presentation on a special event. Each person has the freedom to compose their own page which are all collected together for binding. This album was specially made in school colours for nursery class children wishing to thank their teacher at end of term. Great for schools, work teams, friends & families.

Trophy Book

This unique volume as created especially for the Thames Valley Skiff Club to commemorate their annual club trophy winners. Strong extra deep hard covers were made to hold the silver trophy for this popular annual river event. Cloth finish with silver gilt cover titling, fine art quality printed pages and page ribbon, this unique volume now has a permanent place in the club’s history.

Album Screwpost Bindings

Screwpost albums made to measure, any number of pages, many colours in cloth finishing, fine art quality pages with transparency cover sheet. Album bindings are perfect for use as flexible bindings. Photos and other items can be attached to the pages without the covers bulging open when full, pages can be added, removed, extended and rearranged. Screwposts are easily managed by hand and extensions can be added anytime.

Portfolios and Presentations

Portfolios and presentations created for academic work and artworks. Large, oversize, multiple volumes, bespoke creative bindings available in a wide choice of materials and styles.