Gold Foil Blocking

Gold and Silver Foil Title Blocking

We can provide gold foil blocking and title stamping within the current range of our brass lettering sets.  We work with only brass letter sets for crispness and clarity of print.  From time to time we add new sets and special blocks so do please inquire what options we may have when you schedule your work with the studio.

Please inquire if you would like to have your own logo or lettering set specially made for bespoke bindings or Artist Editions.

Gold and Silver Foil Title Blocking

Creating gold metallic titles on leather, fabric, paper, card.

Gold and silver metallic titling is created by applying heated pressure to lead or brass typeface to transfer the metallic foil image onto the title material.  Each letter and space is set by hand to measure and locked into a frame for printing. The typeface frame is then set into a temperture controlled machine and registered to the correct alignment for transfer onto the title material. Once accurate registration is tested, the title material is placed onto the bed, metallic foil sheet inserted and a manual press applies heated pressure.

Unlike sending a document from a computer to a printer, metallic foil blocking requires a typeface form created individually by hand for each title regardless of how many volumes are being made.  For a single volume this can require considerable time if text is needed for both covers and spine.

Metallic foil blocking starts at £40.