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Cookery Book Repairs

Cookery books comprise a very special category of book repairs and rebindings. While many cookbooks have historical value, more often our favourite cook books come down through the family, full of their own history, notes and recipies, marginalia, tips and general commentary added to the pages. Full of family memories these treasured volumes are very much worth preserving for the future.

The Joy of Cooking

This classic copy of ‘The Joy of Cooking’ was rebound with silk spine and corners and hand marbled covers. Gilt spine titling and page ribbon complete this renewed volume ready for presentation and handing down to the next generation.

Model Cookery

The original leather spine and cloth coverings of ‘Model Cookery’ were lifted, cleaned, preserved and remounted onto a new corded binding to preserve the original look and feel of this historical volume while providing a strong structure to pass along to the next generation. This volume was presented as a wedding gift to carry on this wonderful family history well into the future.
“Just to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the re-binding of my cookery book. You have preserved some cherished memories. I am so grateful. Thank you again.”

The Frugal Housewife or Complete Woman Cook

‘The Frugal Housewife or Complete Woman Cook’ printed in London in 1780 has been passed down through our client’s family for generations. This historical cookery book was influential when it arrived in America in the late 18th century. Rare and collectible, rebound in fine leather with inset gilt titling.