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Meg Green Artist Books

Meg Green has been specialising in book repairs, rebindings, unique volumes and short run artist editions since 1996. During this time she has also produced a number of Artist Books which have been exhibited and sold in London, New York and Montreal. She is particularly interested in creating works in which the content of the work and the context of the book become intrinsically linked and inseperable. Much of her works concern elusive aspects of psychogeography and the sense of place as one’s identity. Here are a few selected examples of her works.

Jove’s Brother

Artist book by Meg Green addresses the impact of digital reading and the ways in which meaning is constructed, accessed and obscured. An insider’s joke about e-readers. Also about Moby Dick. You can read more about ‘Jove’s Brother’ HERE.

Treasure, Guildhall Library

‘Treasure’ is a miniature archive created during my year as Artist-in-Residence with Guildhall Library, London, UK. This was one of several artworks I created to celebrate their extraordinary historical collections. Each hand drawn folio was inspired by one of the books selected from their vaults. The books were selected by the librarians of Guildhall Library representing what they felt were the real treasures in their safekeeping. The folios are housed together within a drop panel box to which is bound a small index. Each page of the index depicts a tiny icon which links to each folio and provides complete information about where to find that book in the archives.


‘LondEnfold’ celebrates the urban architecture, historical background and wonderful atmosphere of Guildhall Yard in the City of London. Guildhall Yard is situated directly above the archaeological site of the Roman amphitheatre of London which is still accessible through lowest level of the Guildhall Art Gallery. Incorporated into the paving of Guildhall Yard is a black basalt oval which exactly corresponds to the outline of the ancient amphitheatre underground. This astonishing and beautiful aspect of London history is very much worth the visit. (Incidentally, Guildhall Yard also hosts one of the very last blue Police boxes for fans of Dr. Who)

Steve Box

‘Steve Box’ is a whimsical essay on the life of a paper hedgehog. Delightfully idiotic and perfectly housed, Steve is safe. Specially made for a young collector of paper eccentricities. Also to explore the possibilities of making a hedgehog out of a single sheet of paper. What bookbinders get up to on their day off.

Penwith Ergobooks

The shape of Cornwall changes by the minute. This suite of twelve interlocking artist books explores the shifting ancient landscape of Penwith, Cornwall’s far west peninsula. Shaped by the waters of endless tides, each volume in this body of work anchors itself on a single psychogeographic point of ground tracing the shape of this land over the unimaginable arc of time.


‘Thames’ explores one winter day in central London over six Thames bridges. Limited artist edition of six hand bound accordion fold out books, signed and numbered.

The Stones of Porthmeor

Artist Book by Meg Green depicting the subtle and monumental round stones of Porthmeor beach, west Cornwall, UK.