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Bespoke Volumes and Artist Editions

We work with writers, artists, designers, creative individuals developing unique volumes and limited Artist Editions for private collections, exhibition and sale.

Within a wide range of structures and materials, possibilities include reclaimed and altered books, renewals, reprints and sculptures in book form.  We can include special pages, mixed materials, interleaving, reference materials, maps, special pages for writing or drawing in pastels, charcoal, inks, coloured pencils, transfers, tracings, collage for a whole range of special projects and creative ideas.

We seek out the well-used and much-loved and enjoy the extraordinary as well as the everyday.  Every project is different.  CONTACT us to describe your idea.


Specially made to measure with fine art quality pages in a variety of sizes and styles. Lie flat bindings for easy use in the field or studio. Leather, cloth or paper finishings, hand marbled papers, clasps and closures among the many options best suited to bring out your personal creative style.

Diaries and Journals

Lie flat bindings make them easy to use in the field or the studio. Hand bound longstitch refillable sketchbooks, fine art quality warm white pages, fine leather finishing, strong magnetic clasps and closures.

Artist Editions

We work with artists and writers to create unique volumes and limited Artist Editions for exibition and sale.  Exhibition editions enhance artist openings, readings and presentations at special private and public events. Additionally, the sale of Limited Artist Editions can help offset the potentially high costs of producing a body of work and staging an exhibition.

Unique Volumes

Individual volumes for special events, group collaborations, presentation, portfolios, memoires, gifts and occasions. We work with the everything from the wild and woolly to the clean and pristine. Every book is unique.

Archival Boxes

Bespoke archival boxes for presentation, exhibition and storage made to measure with luxury cloth finishing in a choice of colours. Protect your treasures handed down from the past and preserved for the future. Can be ordered with any bespoke volume or book repair and rebinding to match exterior cloth finishing.

Order your limited edition or bespoke unique volume

Some Odd Pages specialises in hand bound short run Limited Artist Editions and bespoke unique volumes.  You can send your digital document in .PDF or ship your prepared pages to the studio for binding.  CONTACT the studio for printing guidelines. All materials are acid free and archival. Each project is unique, we work to your vision.