Trump Second 100 Days

Timeline of #RealFacts during the Trump Administration #FactCheckertimeline

In retrospect, much of the detail and context may be lost as we struggle to make sense of what is happening within the Trump Administration and its impact on America and the rest of the world.  Under the current cascade of political events my aim is to establish a clear, concise and orderly timeline record.  Corrections and additions citing reputable sources are much appreciated.

See ‘TIMELINE’ for events going forward

7 August 2017:  Trump’s second 100 days in office

  • With apparent desparation, Trump tweets further attacks on probe into campaign collusion w/ Russia, his own financial dealings and reporting of these investigations while exaggerating his ‘base’ support which rejects rational findings and proven facts.  (WaPo)
  • Fact checkers rate only 20% of Trump’s statements as true.  (Politifact)
  • Review of Trump’s second 100 days in office.  (WaPo)

6 August 2017

  • Dep AG Rosenstein confirms Special Counsel Mueller can investigate any crimes which he might discover related to the ongoing Trump Russia investigations.  (WaPo)

5 August 2017

  • Special Counsel Mueller requests former NSA Mike Flynn documents from WH.  (NYTimes)
  • UN imposes new economic sanctions against North Korea over ballisitic missile launches in July.  (Reuters)

4 August 2017

  • Former NSA Mike Flynn files new financial disclosure revealing ties to Cambridge Analytica, a controversial data mining and analysis company associated with the Trump campaign and currently of interest in ongoing Trump Russia investigations.  WH strategist Steve Bannon served as VP until he joined the campaign.  (AP)
  • WH submits formal notice to UN of quitting Paris Climate Accord.  (Reuters)
  • Trump departs for 17 day golf holiday to Trump NJ club.  Despite sharp criticism of Obama’s golf holidays, Trump has spent three times as much time on holiday than Obama did.  (IndependentUK)

3 August 2017

  • Trump suggests firing US Army commander in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson over objections of NSA.  (Reuters)
  • Trump approval rating falls to new low of 33%.  (Quinnipiac)
  • Bipartisan Senate legislation introduced allowing Special Counsel to legally challange their firing by the President.  (The Hill)
  • Special Counsel Mueller impanels Washington Grand Jury to further Trump Russia investigations.  (Reuters)
  • Special Counsel Grand Jury issues first subpoenas in Trump Russia Collusion investigation.  Specific individuals are not named.  (Reuters)

2 August 2017

  • Trump signs off on new sanctions against Russia.  (Reuters)
  • Legal gap in US sanctions against Russia undermines broad aims of the measures allowing participation in Russian oil developments.  (Reuters)
  • WH Chief-of-Staff Kelly calls AG Sessions to reassure him his job is safe furthering compromising the independence of the Constitutionally independent judicial branch of gov’t.  (Reuters)

1 August 2017

  • Congressional Republicans defy Trump’s demand for further repeal efforts of Obamacare by moving to legislate stabilising measures for health insurance industry.  (NYTimes)
  • Congressional Republicans begin ignoring Trump’s policy demand tweets.  (WaPo)
  • Fox News sued by Rod Wheeler over debunked Seth Richards story alleging Trump knew of or  took part in the destraction ploy.  (NPR)
  • Former Justice Dep’t official, Greg Andres, joins Special Counsel Mueller’s team.  (Reuters)
  • Trump refers to WH executive mansion as ‘a real dump’.  (WaPo)
  • Former Justice Dep’t lawyer Christopher Wray confirmed by Senate as next FBI Dir.  (Reuters)
  • Trump claims Boy Scouts called him to say his 24 July speech was the ‘greatest speech ever made to them’.  Boy Scouts deny the claim or the call ever happened.  (TIME)

31 July 2017

  • Trump fires newly appointed Comms Dir Scaramucci after 11 days in the post.  (Reuters)
  • Trump dictated Trump Jr.’s false statement that June 2016 meeting with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya was about Russian adoptions and nothing to do with Clinton or election.  (WaPo)

30 July 2017

  • Putin orders 755 US diplomatic officials out of Russia in retaliation for new Congressional sanctions.  (Reuters)

29 July 2017

  • US police chiefs and Suffolk Country Police Department condemn and distance themselves from Trump’s speech endorsing police summary judgement and brutality in custody.  (WaPo)
  • Trump fires Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus replacing him with retired General John Kelly in a move seen by analysts as Trump’s intention of untethering WH administration from GOP.  (Reuters)
  • Trump launches new twitter rant attacking and threatening Republican senators after Obamacare repeal efforts collapse.  (WaPo)

28 July 2017

  • After much toing and froing, strenuous Republican efforts to gut Obamacare end in major GOP setback.  (Reuters)
  • New WH Comms Dir Scaramucci gives obscene tirade about fellow staffers to New Yorker staff writer Ryan Lizza.  (NewYorker)
  • North Korea fires another ballistic missile at Japan.  (WaPo)
  • Congress overwhelmingly issues new veto-proof sanctions on Russia in serious setback to Trump.  (NYTimes)
  • Russia retaliates for new sanctions.  (Reuters)
  • Trump addresses Suffolk County police and law enforcement officials with endorsement of summary police judgements and brutality in arresting suspects.  (WaPo)

27 July 2017

  • Trump discusses replacing AG Sessions with recess appointment to avoid Senate confirmation requiremnet in order to dismantle Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia investigations.  (Reuters)
  • Trump DoJ pick formerly represented Russian gov’t Alfa Bank.  (MSNBC)
  • Boy Scouts apologise for Trump’s speech at Jamboree.  (NYTimes)

26 July 2017

  • Trump sets military policy by tweeting banning transgender people from serving in the military.  Trump’s tweets seen as a tactic to deflect from Paul Manafort’s closed door testimony with the Senate Judiciary Committee in which he agreed to reveal details of Russian contacts and hand over documents.  (Reuters / NewYorker)
  • Trump unclear on middle east countries, actions and leaders wrongly citing the Lebanese government with fighting Hezbollah in tweets.  (AP)
  • FBI raid of Manafort’s home for documents, event not reported until 9 Aug 2017.  (WaPo)

25 July 2017

  • Trump renews attacks on AG Sessions hoping to remove him in order to appoint new, unrecusable AG to block Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia Collusion investigations which now have scope to obtain Trump’s tax returns.  (WaPo)
  • Paul Manafort turns over notes on June 2016 meeting with Russian lawyer to Senate Intel Comm.  (WaPo)
  • Senate Intel Comm subpoenas Manafort to testify.  (Reuters)

24 July 2017

  • Kushner claims he did not collude with Russians and agrees to give details about 4 separate meetings with Russian officials during Trump campaign.  (WaPo)
  • Trump and WH search for strategy to get rid of AG Sessions in order to block Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia investigation.  (WaPo)
  • New WH Comms Dir says Trump still unconvinced Russia meddled in 2016 election.  (GuardianUK)
  • Trump uses Boy Scout Jamboree for political rant to outcry from parents.  (TIME)

23 July 2017

  • Trump Jr. adds lawyer Karina Lynch with Congressional experience to his legal defense team.  (Reuters)

22 July 2017

  • Trump claims ‘complete power to pardon’ himself, his family and staff along with nonsensical attacks on ‘illegal leaks’ as ‘fake news’.  (WaPo)
  • Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak returns to Moscow ending his tenure.  (Reuters)
  • Congress agrees deal on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea with bill that would limit Trump’s ability to lift sanctions against Russia forcing Trump to either veto the bill or sign sanctions he opposed.  (Reuters)
  • Tony Scaramucci, new WH Comms Director, erases tweet history and publicly apologises to Trump for not previously supporting him.  Trump claims Scaramucci always supported him.  (WaPo)

21 July 2017

  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer resigns in protest as Trump appoints Anthony Scaramucci new Comms Director.  Trump further shakes up his legal team with Kasowitz stepping back while John M. Dowd now leads with a specialism in white collar crime.  (WaPo)
  • Special Counsel Mueller instructs WH not to destroy anything related to Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with Russian spy lawyer Veselnitskaya.  (CNN)
  • US intel intercepted Kislyak’s communications telling Moscow he spoke with AG Sessions about Trump campaign in 2016 contradicting Sessions’ multiple public assurances that he did not.  (WaPo)
  • Trump’s new lead attorney John Dowd agressively severs communication precipitously stating unspecified Trump financial transactions are beyond statue of limitations.  He futher denies any investigations into Trump entities.  (MSNBC)
  • Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump file revised financial disclosures revealing millions more in additional assets and payments than previously reported.  (WSJ)
  • Trump subverts Gov’t Ethics Office leadership protocol after Shaub’s departure by installing lower ranking member instead of de facto Chief of Staff Finlayson.  Trump deliberately avoided required Senate confirmation hearings by making the appointment temporary.  New acting Ethics Office chief is seen as Trump supporter and signed off on Kushner & Ivanka’s revised financial disclosure forms as his first action in office.  (NYTimes / MSNBC)
  • Hawaii Emergency Management Agency prepares for strike from North Korea.  (GuardianUK)
  • Senate Intel Comm cancels scheduled Trump Jr and Manafort closed door testimony and instead send subpoena to head of research company that paid for Steele dossier.  (MSNBC)

20 July 2017

  • Special Counsel expands probe to Trump business transactions including tax returns.  (Bloomberg)
  • Trump has made 836 catalogued false statements since his inauguration in January 2017, an average of 4.6 false claims per day.  (WaPo)
  • Washington Post publishes an interactive database of Trump’s false claims to make fact checking quicker and easier.  (WaPo)
  • 12.5% of Trump voters would now change their vote.  (Reuters/IPSOS)
  • Trump continues to attack Special Counsel Mueller while exploring pardoning powers for himself, family members and aides implicated in criminal conduct.  Trump legal team spokesperson Mark Corallo resigns his position without comment.  (WaPo)
  • Trump’s recent public false statements catalogued, corrected.  (NYTimes)
  • Special Counsel now investigating possible Russian/Ukrainian money laundering by Manafort and its connection to taking on Trump campaign without salary.  (WSJ)

19 July 2017

  • Trump blasts AG Sessions for recusing himself from Russia probe effectively asking for his resignation.  Trump attacks Sessions’ recusal as being “very unfair to the President” meaning it is not favourable to Trump who is under investigation.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump threatens the independence of the Justice Dep’t and FBI.  (MSNBC)
  • Trump ends covert CIA armed support for anti-Assad Syrian rebels in move to please Kremlin.  (Reuters)
  • Trump’s main bank, Deutsche Bank, under investigation for millions in loans to Trump, his relatives and his businesses during campaign.  Special Counsel Mueller seeking info on Trump finances which Trump characterises as “crossing a red line.”  (NYTimes)
  • Trump Jr., Kushner & Manafort called to testify before Senate Intel Comm.  (Reuters)
  • Manafort owed about $17m in Cypriot shell company borrowings from Russian interests when he joined Trump campaign.  (NYTimes)
  • House Democrats ask FBI to review Ivanka Trump’s security clearance forms for undisclosed foreign contacts after husband Kushner, Manafort, Sessions, Flynn and other aides admitted same.  (TheHill)

18 July 2017

  • Trump and Putin held a second previously undisclosed private dinner meeting at G20.  No US State Dep’t or other Americans were present and the contents of the meeting remain undocumented and undisclosed, no official record exists.  (NYTimes)
  • Ike Kaveladze, US based Russian real estate employee is eighth person at Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with Russian gov’t lawyer is identified and name handed to Senate Intel Comm and Special Counsel for investigation.  Kaveladze has long documented involvement with Russian money laundering.  (WaPo / MSNBC)

17 July 2017

  • NY State Attorney General announces plan to sue Fed gov’t if Senate passes Obamacare repeal saying Republican replacement bill suffers from multiple constitutional defects.  (Reuters)
  • NY Dist Attorney’s office subpoenas Chicago bank run by former Trump advisor Steve Calk for documents on $16m loans to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.  (WSJ)
  • Trump overstates number of legislative bills he’s signed in office.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump re-election 2020 campaign fund paying for Trump Jr.’s lawyer for Russian defense before Russia investigations requested Trump Jr. questioning.  (MSNBC)

16 July 2017

  • Trump’s approval rating drops to a new historical low of 36%.  (WaPo)
  • Secret Service contradicts Trump lawyer assertion that they vetted Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with Russian lawyer.  (Reuters)
  • Trump hires veteran Washington lawyer Ty Cobb to his legal defense team.  Kushner’s lawyer Gorelick removes herself from defending him in Russia collusion charges.  (WaPo)

15 July 2017

  • Trump asks Supreme Court to block Muslim Ban ruling against barrin grandparents and other close relatives.  (Reuters)
  • WH releases senstive protected data in emails from people concerned about their data protection in Trump’s Election Integrity Commission.  (WaPo)
  • Trump campaign paid $50k to lawyer now representing Trump Jr. just days before news broke on 11 July of his June 2016 meeting with Russian gov’t operatives seeking to influence election against Clinton.  The payment suggests Trump and WH knew of undisclosed meeting and tried to contain it.  (Reuters)
  • Former Trump campaign manager Manafort filed misleading financial disclosures of receiving $17m from Pro-Russia Ukraine political party, an amount which exceeds the party’s entire possible expenditure.  (NYTimes)

14 July 2017

  • Former Soviet counter intelligence officer attended meeting with Kremlin lawyer and Trump Jr, Kushner and Manafort in June 2016 ostensibly to collude on compromising Clinton material Clinton.  (NBCNews)
  • Trump lawyer Kasowitz threatens stranger, “Watch your back, bitch.”  These and further comments made by Kasowitz may constitute illegal behaviour.  (ProPublica)

13 July 2017

  • Hawiian federal judge limits Trump’s Muslim Ban ruling that grandparents and other relatives cannot be barred from entry.  (WaPo)
  • US demands nations hand over more traveller data or face sanctions.  (Reuters)
  • Trump makes personal and sexist remarks to and about France’s First Lady to her and her husband, President Macron.  (GuardianUK)

12 July 2017

  • Trump arrives in France on invitation of new French President Emmanuel Macron for Bastille Day celebrations.  (GuardianUK)
  • US intel intercepted Russian operatives discussing ways to interfere in US elections to damage Clinton in May 2016, one month before Trump Jr.’s undisclosed meeting with Veselnitskaya.  (McClatchy)
  • Democrats sue Trump campaign for ‘invasion of privacy’ accusing them of conspiring in release of Clinton’s hacked emails.  (NYTimes)
  • House Democrat Brad Sherman of California files first ‘Articles of Impeachment’ against Trump charging him with ‘Obstruction of Justice’ in firing former FBI chief Comey.  (WaPo)
  • US revisits 2015 intercepted communications btwn Russian officials and Trump associates.  US intel rec’d warning from EU intel in spring 2016 that Russian money might be flowing into US election campaign.  (WSJ)
  • VP Mike Pence refuses to answer whether he had any contacts with Russia during campaign.  (MSNBC)

11 July 2017

  • Trump Jr. tweets email exchange with Russian operative leading to meeting he eagerly attended along with Manafort and Kushner in which he expected to receive intel damaging to Clinton from Russian gov’t.  Legal experts believe this crosses a legal line towards charges of conspiracy as the communications clearly document Trump Jr.’s intent to collude with the foreign gov’t to interfere in US elections.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump Jr. changes his account of June 2016 meeting Russian with Russian lawyer 4 times.  (WaPo)
  • Russia’s ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak, recalled to Russia to be replaced by Anatoly Antonov.  (Politico)
  • ACLU sues Trump’s Election Integrity Committee for their intention to hold closed meetings and restrict minutes, communications and other documents from public participation.  (ACLU)

10 July 2017

  • Trump Jr was told in an email the meeting with Kremlin lawyer Veselnitskaya in June 2016 was Russian gov’t effort to hurt Clinton campaign.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with Veselnitskaya violated US campaign finance laws prohibit political candidates and their associates from soliciting or receiving anything of value to benefit their campaign from foreigners or from providing “substantial assistance” to a non-citizen trying to improperly influence a US election.  (HuffPost)
  • Trump Jr. hires lawyer Alan Futerfas to defend him in Trump/Russia investigations.  Futerfas is a specialist in white collar, cyber crime and mob boss defense.  (Reuters)
  • Trump is alone in declaring his trip to G20 a success.  Other world leaders depict US isolation, mockery and conflict.  (WaPo)
  • Factcheck:  Trump’s recent misstatements and outright fabrications in detail.  (AP)
  • WH issues series of apologies after multiple misnomers of Asian leaders and their countries during G20.  (NYTimes)

9 July 2017

  • Following meeting with Putin at G20, Trump proposes forming Cyber-Security Unit with Russia to bipartisan derision from Congress and press.  (Reuters)
  • Trump Jr. says he met with Kremlin laywer in June 2016 expecting damaging intel on Clinton in yet another failure to disclose contact with Russian operatives during the campaign.  Trump Jr. and WH have repeatedly issued blanket denials of such meetings and contacts.  (WaPo)

8 July 2017

  • Trump’s rejection of Paris Climate Accord leaves it isolated at G20.  (Reuters)
  • Trump Jr., Jared Kusher and Paul Manafort met with Kremlin lawyer in June 2016, soon after Trump won nomination, after being promised damaging info on Clinton.  (NYTimes)
  • Russia claims victory after first meeting with Trump at G20.  (NYTimes)
  • US Nat’l Security Agency reports Russian gov’t hackers attacked US nuclear power and other energy business systems.  (WaPo)
  • Trump’s daughter Ivanka takes a place at G20 despite lack of credentials.  (WaPo)

7 July 2017

  • G20 begins amid large-scale, sometimes violent, protests in Hamburg.  World leaders appear to diminish Trump and US position in discussions and bargaining.  Trump concedes full diplomatic meeting with Putiin allowing the Russian president to dictate the terms, attendance, agenda and outcome of their meeting.  (WaPo / MSNBC / Reuters)

6 July 2017

  • Trump visits Poland with Poland’s new right-wing gov’t promising to produce cheering crowds.  (IndependentUK)
  • Trump warns of unspecified ‘severe things’ against NKorea.  (WaPo)
  • 18 states sue WH & Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over delays to student loan relief.  (Reuters)
  • Director of the Gov’t Ethics Office resigns amid clashes with Trump & WH actions.  (WaPo)
  • Trump attacks the US press in nationalistic speech in Warsaw from behind bullet-proof podium then wanders about the stage unclear what to do next.  (TheAtlantic / DailyKos)
  • Forged classified NSA Trump/Russia document passed to selected media outlets in efforts to discredit investigations and reporting.  Investigative methods detail how subversive ‘fake news’ is peddled to undermine otherwise credible news agencies and reporters.  (MSNBC)

4 July 2017

  • North Korea launches another ballisitic missile towards Japan ahead of G20 meeting in Germany this week.  Trump tweets mockery in response.  (AP)
  • Details of Mike Pence’s involvement and denials with former NSA Mike Flynn’s connections to Russia.  (MSNBC)
  • Federal District Court blocks Trump EPA attempt to suspend Obama oil & gas emmissions standards.  (WaPo)
  • Trump supporters mistake Declaration of Independence for propaganda.  (WaPo)

3 July 2017

  • Iran holds ‘Trumpism’ cartoon contest mocking US President.  (AP)

2 July 2017

  • Turmp tweets bizarre mock wrestling video featuring himself fighting with digitally modified opponent with CNN logo in place of head.  Media storm erupts, bipartisan lawmakers denouce Trump for encouraging violence and lowering the dignity of his office. (WaPo)
  • Trump discusses NKorean threat by phone with Japanese and Chinese leaders.  No specific plan or agreement is made or made public.  (Reuters)

1 July

  • Trump begins national holiday weekend with twitter attack on media and campaign style rally at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts shouting, “But I’m President and they’re not.”  (NYTimes)

30 June

  • States defy Trump WH demand to turn over detailed personal voter information.  (Reuters)
  • CBO rescores Republican Trump health care replacement bill as putting 32 million people off insurance.  (MSNBC)

29 June

  • Iran declares end of IS “false caliphate” as they capture ruins of al-Nouri Mosque.  (AP)
  • Trump tweets personal attack at MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski inciting bipartisan outrage online, from media and within Congress.  (AP)
  • Trump’s voter fraud commission demands entire voter registers from all states claiming it will publish detailed voter information online including names, addresses, affiliations, dates of birth, Social Security identifiers.  The demand is met with incredultiy, derision and defiance from state electoral boards.  (WaPo)
  • Trump signals intention to repeal Obama ban on gas and oil drilling in North Atlantic and Arctic.  (WaPo)
  • Republican operative sought hacked Clinton emails implying connection to Mike Flynn.  (WSJ)
  • Trump allies work to undermine and discredit FBI Russia probe.  (MSNBC)
  • House Appropriations Committee supports Representative Barbara Lee’s 16 year long effort to narrow the 2001 Authorisation for the Use of Military Force law enacted after the 9/11 attacks.  (MSNBC)

28 June

  • Controversial Republican ACA replacement healthcare bill is delayed in Senate after setbacks.  (Reuters)
  • Senate Intel Comm to examine Comey’s Trump memos.  (WaPo)
  • Trump interrupts call with Irish PM to patronise female reporter.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump’s empty threats in chronological detail.  (MSNBC)

27 June

  • Jared Kushner hires prominent criminal defense lawyers Abbe Lowell to defend him in Russian inquiries.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump lawyer Sekulow funneled millions of charitable donations to family members.  (GuardianUK)
  • Federal judge stays Iraqi deportations of nationals detained in immigration raids.  (Reuters)
  • NAFTA hearings begin as part of Trump renegotiation efforts.  (Reuters)
  • House overwhelmingly backs NATO mutual defense after Trump threats to pull out.  (Reuters)
  • Trump hotel brand removed from Toronto tower after new owner buys out contract.  (Reuters)
  • Trump appoints hedge fund exec Scaramucci to lead strategy of  US Export-Import Bank.  (Reuters)
  • Fake ‘Time’ magazine cover prominently featuring Trump found in his clubs.  ‘Time’ magazine confirms they are false and demands Trump organisation remove them.  Trump organisation did not respond to questions.  (WaPo)
  • Former Trump campaign manager Manafort finally registers as a foreign agent admitting acceptance of $17m from pro-Russia party.  (DailyKos)

26 June

  • Supreme Court partially lifts block on Trump’s Muslim Ban to allow WH to make arguments deferring final judgement until the autumn.  (NYTimes)
  • Congressional Budget Office reports Republican Healthcare Bill would leave 22 million more Americans uninsured by 2026.  (AP)
  • Trump administration drives global perceptions of America to new lows.  (Reuters)
  • Amy Siskind’s ongoing list of Trump administration’s incursions on democracy gains traction in media.  (WPost / AmySiskind)

25 June

  • Jared Kushner’s company received $285m loan from Deutsche Bank in month before election.  Kushner is currently under special investigation while Deutsche Bank was then settling federal charges for Russian money laundering scheme.  (WaPo)
  • Cyber attack on UK Parliament blocking many MPs from accessing email blamed on Russian hacking.  (GuardianUK)
  • Without any sense of irony, Trump and WH blame Obama for failing to stop them helping Russian election meddling.  (WaPo)

23 June

  • 45th anniversary of Nixon’s ‘Smoking Gun Tape’.  (Watergate)
  • WH continues to ban cameras and audio recordings from press briefings.  CNN sends courtroom sketch artist to document. (WaPo)
  • Details of Obama administration internal awareness of, and reaction to, Russian election meddling emerge.  Sources and granular detail included in this comprehensive report document very high level of classified intel previously unknown.  (WaPo)
  • Bipartisan Congressional inquirey into Jared Kushner’s top level security clearance whose contacts with Russia were not fully disclosed.  (MSNBC)

22 June

  • Obama publishes rebuttal to Republican closed-door political manipulation of ACA. (Facebook)
  • Supreme Court delivers set back to Trump’s ability to strip immigrants granted US citizenship. (Reuters)
  • Trump contradicts himself in threatening fired FBI chief Comey and declares he did not record their conversations.  House Intel Comm had demanded any existing tapes by tomorrow’s deadline.  (TheHill)
  • Trump suggests law enacted in 1996.  (TheHill)
  • WH holds press briefing barring video and live audio recording.  (WaPo)
  • Congressional investigators expand inquires into whether Trump campaign received infomation from Russian voter registration hacking.  (CBS / Time)

21 June

  • Trump holds campaign rally in Iowa claiming, “All we do is win, win, win,” despite multiple federal investigations, legislative and judicial set backs, controversies, staff turmoil and historically low approval ratings.  (Reuters)
  • Trump delivers catalogue of lies, misstatements and exaggerations in Iowa rally speech.  (NYTimes)
  • Number of state election systems attacked by Russia under investigations, details and methods remain undisclosed.  (MSNBC)

20 June

  • AG Sessions hires private lawyer to advise and defend him in Russia investigations. (Reuters)

19 June

  • Brexit talks begin in Brussels without published UK strategy or unified gov’t support following elections which lost Tory majority and significantly weakened PM May’s leadership position.  (GuardianUK)
  • Veteran federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann joins Special Prosecutor Mueller’s team.  Weissmann’s expertise includes prosecuting criminal fraud and turning witnesses. (Reuters)
  • Former WH Counsel Bob Bauer publishes rational for sitting President open to criminal charges.  (Lawfare)
  • Former Trump campaign manager Manafort met with Russian trained Ukranian business associate Konstantine Kilimnik during Manafort’s early involvement in Trump’s campaign.  (WaPo)
  • GOP data leak discloses 198 million detailed voter records leaving them entirely unsecured and available online.  Leaked data released by company was run now heading personnel for Trump administration.  (Gizmodo)

18 June

  • Trump contradicts his own lawyer in saying he is under FBI investigation personally for collusion and obstruction of justice. (Reuters)
  • Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron wins significant Parliamentary majority for his En March party. (Reuters)
  • US aircraft shoots down Syrian military plane over Raqqa.  (WaPo)

16 June

  • VP Mike Pence holds his own PAC fundraiser in anticipation of becoming president and to potentially pay for his personal legal team in Trump/Russia investigations.  Estimated costs of Pence’s legal defense exceed estimates of his current wealth and personal means.  No sitting VP in American history has ever done this.  (MSNBC)
  • Washington Post initiates new ‘Trump Impeachment Index’ comprising key metrics to analyse liklihood of Republican support for removing Trump from office. (WaPo)

15 June

  • Researcher finds 6.7 million Georgia voter records exposed and unprotected online leaving access open to hackers using malware and rigging. (AP)
  • US signsa $12bn deal to supply dozens of F-15 jets to Qatar despite Trump’s recent public complaints of Qatar’s “high-level funding” of terrorism. (GuardianUK)
  • VP Pence retains outside legal counsel to defend him in Trump/Russia investigations. (WaPo)
  • Jared Kushner’s finances and businesses come under investigations by Special Counsel Rubert Mueller.  (WaPo)
  • Australian PM mocks Trump’s exaggerations during media conference. (WaPo)

14 June

  • Senate votes overwhelmingly to increase sanctions against Russia for 2016 election meddling and curtain Trump’s ability to relieve or lift sanctions going forward. (Reuters)
  • Trump now under criminal investigation for obstruction of justice in office by firing of former FBI Dir Comey. (WaPo)
  • Dep AG Rosenstein a witness in Special Counsel Muller’s investigation into Trump/Russia collusion and firing of former FBI Dir Comey necessitating Rosenstein’s recusal and implicating Rachel Brand will now take oversight of investigations. (MSNBC)
  • There are now 5 active and ongoing federal investigations into Trump. (WaPo)
  • Trump private real estate sales to secretive shell companies which hide buyers’ real identities found to have increased from 4% to 70% over 12 months.  (USAToday)
  • US Fed Bank raises interest rates from 1% to 1.25%. (NYTimes)
  • Tim Farron resigns as UK Lib Dem party.  (GuardianUK)

13 June

  • Russian election hackers targeted far more states in much wider attack than previously known.  (Bloomberg)
  • Congressional Democrats file law suit en mass against Trump for Constitutional violations of emoluments clause by taking gifts and benefits from foreign entities. (WaPo)
  • AG Sessions testifies before Senate Intel Comm but shields his responses behind ‘Executive Privilege’ conveying very little information beyond his strategy of belligerent Trump-style attitude to the process. (GuardianUK)
  • Trump disapproval rating hits new daily high of 60% in latest Gallup poll. (CNBC)

12 June

  • Appeals court upholds block against Trump’s Muslim Ban.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump demands staged praise in first cabinet meeting in dual effort to strengthen self-regard while overstating personal tremendousness for media.  Lawmakers and Twitterati respond with mockery.  (WaPo)
  • Democrat Rep Quigley introduces #Covfefe bill to archive Trump’s tweets in Presidential Records Act. (Reuters)
  • Trump’s approval rating drops to new low of 34%. (Quinnipiac)

11 June

  • Washington, D.C and Maryland to become the first two states to sue Trump for Constitutional breach and corruption charges of taking foreign payments relating to Trump hotels. This  historically unprecedented legal action could lead to demands for Trump’s personal tax returns through the discovery process.  (WaPo)

10 June

  • Trump appears to reverse position on quitting NATO by ‘commiting’ to Article 5 collective defense clause while simoultaneously contradicting VP Pence.  Trump’s new position supporting NATO is met with international scepticism an another empty flip-flop from an inexperienced president who neither understands the meaning or context of the agreement. (Reuters)
  • UK PM May refuses to stand down after losing majority and creates deal with NIre DUP to form a government.  Many Britons and int’l community wonder who are DUP and what is their agenda. (GuardianUK)

9 June

  • UK PM May’s gamble to secure extended control backfires as Snap Election results in hung Parliament.  Twickenham Lib Dem and former Bus Sec Vince Cable returns to Parliament.  (GuardianUK)

8 June

  • Fired FBI Dir James Comey testifys in Senate revealing numerous lies Trump told, his efforts to defame Comey and that Trump fired him to undermine investigations into Mike Flynn. (Reuters)
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan leads Republican roll-back of Dodd-Frank financial safeguards put in place under Obama in response to financial crisis of 2008. (WaPo)

7 June

  • Filmmaker Michael Moore launches ‘Trumpileaks’ website for wistleblowers. (Reuters)
  • Two top intel directors refuse to answer Senate questions on conversations with Trump. (Reuters)
  • Former Nat’l Intel Dir James Clapper says Watergate pales in comparison to Trump/Russia investigations. (Reuters)
  • In anticipation of personal attacks as Trump threatens to tweet during testimony, fired FBI Dir James Comey releases prepared written statement 24 hours in advance of live hearing. Comey’s statements directly contradict many of Trump’s previous denials and reinforcing case against Trump for obstruction of justice. Four key points:  (Reuters) / MSNBC)
    • Comey briefed Trump personally on ‘salacious’ allegations against him,
    • Trump implied job threat to Comey and demanded ‘loyalty’,
    • Trump openly asked Comey to drop Mike Flynn investigations,
    • Trump asked Comey to publicly exonerate him.
  • Top secret US intel leaked docs reveal Russian election hacking targeted state officials in charge of polling. (Reuters)
  • Trump names BP oil exec to top DoJ post amid protest from environment groups. (Reuters)
  • Hawaii is first state to enact Paris Climate Accord regulations in wake of Trump federal withdrawl from agreement amid international agreement. (Reuters)
  • Fired FBI Dir James Comey’s advance written testimony, read in full. (Reuters)
  • Comey describes pressure from Trump’s to ‘lift cloud’ of Russia investigations. (NYTimes)

6 June

  • Top US diplomat in China quits over Trump’s withdrawl from Paris Climat Accord. (Reuters)
  • Trump ditches WH ‘War Room’ to combat Russia investigations as plan descends into in-fighting and staff paralysis. (Reuters)
  • In response to Trump hostility, Mexico to cut sugar exports to US. (Reuters)
  • Free Speech Institute demands Trump unblock Twitter users as practice violates Constitutional First Amendment. (Reuters)
  • Top WH intel directors Dan Coates and Mike Rogers refuse to answer Senate hearing questions on conversations with Trump on Russia investigatinos giving no legal basis for refusal despite taking oath to do so. (MSNBC)

5 June

  • Trump undercuts his own defense of Muslim Travel Ban by attacking DoJ. (Reuters)
  • Former NYC Mayor billionaire Michael Bloomberg pledges to uphold Paris Climate Accord in statement to UN. (Reuters)
  • Trump introduces new plan to privatise air traffic control. (Reuters)
  • Trump renews criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan after British gov’t and public support his handling of Borough Market attacks. (Reuters)

4 June

  • Deutsche Bank ignores Congressional requests relating to Trump/Russia investigations. (Reuters)
  • International criticism for Trump’s tweets on London Mayor Sadiq Khan after Borough Market attack. (Reuters)

3 June

  • Trump moves to keep CIA ‘Torture Report’ secret. (Reuters)
  • London Borough Market Attack. (Wikipedia)

2 June

  • MIT says Trump doesn’t understand climate research. (Reuters)
  • FBI probe expands to examine Mike Flynn’s ties with Turkey. (Reuters)

1 June

  • Trump again tries to influence Congressional and DoJ/FBI Russia investigations by urging them to interview Carter Page and attacking the process as politically motivated by Democrats. (Reuters)
  • Trump pulls US out of Paris Climate Accord aiming to force a renegotiation.  France, Italy and Germany say this will not be done. (Reuters)
  • Nigel Farage a ‘Person of Interest’ in FBI Trump Russia investigations. (Reuters)

31 May

  • Security concerns over Trump breaking communications protocol by giving his personal cell phone number to other world leaders.  (AP)
  • Trump tweets incoherent “covfefe” at 12:06am later deleted at 05:48am after becoming a worldwide joke.  Trump may havae been interrupted or distracted by bomb blast in Kabul: 08:25 explosion => 11:55pm Washington DC, Trump #covfefe tweet 12:06am, 11 minutes later. (WaPo / Twitter)

30 May

  • Trump seeks to expand his own executive powers and loosen Senate rules by calling to abolish the filibuster saying it would help his own agenda to pass, “fast and easy.” (TheHill)
  • Mike Dubke resigned as WH Comms Director on 18 May after three months in the post.  This is hidden from journalists during Trump’s first overseas trip. (Axios)
  • Trump believes his first overseas trip was a success boasting that he “hit a home run” contradicting numerous reviews in European press and specific comments from french and german leaders. (MSNBC)
  • Mike Flynn agrees to turn over some documents subpoenaed by the Senate Intel Comm. (Reuters)
  • Congressional Trump Russia investigations expand to include Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen. Cohen refuses to cooperate.  (ABCNews / NYTimes)

29 May

  • NKorea launches another ballistic missile and promises of “bigger gift package” and SKorea joins military drills with US over Korean peninsula. (Reuters)
  • Federal and Congressional investigators begin scrutiny of Kushner motives in trying to establish ‘back channel’ to Putin and meeting with Russian banker and close Putin associate Sergey Gorkov whose institution remains under US sanctions. (NYTimes)

28 May

  • Following Trump’s first overseas trip, German Chancellor Merkel says Europe must become self-reliant as dependence on traditional non-European allies cannot be relied upon anymore. (WaPo)
  • 8th graders on school trip to Washington refuse to be photographed with House Speaker Paul Ryan calling him “a man who puts his party before his country.” (WaPo)

27 May

  • Kushner had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy. (Reuters)
  • Senate Intel Comm requests Trump campaign all docs including memos, emails and phone records as far back as June 2015. (WaPo)
  • Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who has ties to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, offers to testify to Congressional investigative committees in exchange for US immunity. (Reuters)
  • Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin to shield communication from US interception and monitoring. (WaPo)

26 May

  • Speaking at a conference in Houston, former Republican House Speaker John Boehner says describesTrump’s time in office so far as a “complete disaster.” (AP)
  • Following his first trip abroad, German newspaper Der Spiegel describes Trump as “unfit to be president of the United States. He does not possess the requisite intellect and does not understand the significance of the office he holds nor the tasks associated with it.” (Der Spiegel)

25 May

  • Appeals court refuses to lift bar against Trump’s Muslim Ban in 10-3 ruling issuing 205 page opinion describing “context drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination.” (NYTimes)
  • Trump shoves Montenegro PM out of the way to be in front of photo op as he attends first NATO meeting.  (AP)
  • Trump declines to reaffirm commitment to NATO and angrily scolds NATO leaders for more funding offending and alienating traditional allies.  (WaPo)
  • Trump son-in-law and top WH adviser Jared Kushner now ‘person of interest’ in FBI for Russian election meddling. (WaPo)
  • Montana Republican Gianforte wins Senate special election despite assault charge. (Reuters)
  • Bipartisan Senators introduce legislation to block Trump arms deal to Saudi Arabia. (Reuters)
  • DoJ/FBI withholds Comey memos to House Oversight Comm until release approved by newly appointed Special Counsel Mueller. (MSNBC)
  • Rachel Maddow details extensive catalogue of grounds for criminal investigation of Trump. (MSNBC)

24 May

  • Philippine transcript of Trump’s call with Duterte reveals Trump disclosed highly classified intel locations of two nuclear submarines in Korean waters in addition to praising Duterte’s aggressive anti-drug actions including killing thousands of Philippine citizens. (MSNBC)
  • CBO report reveals GOP healthcare bill would push 23 million people off insurance directly contradicting many promises made by republicans in promoting the bill. (WaPo)
  • Montana Republican Gianforte arrested for assaulting reporter.  Sheriff, who declines to make inquiries, is donor to the candidate in tomorrow’s special election.  (GuardianUK)
  • Gianforte eventually charged with misdameanor assault. (BozemanDailyChronicle)
  • WH budget chief Mulvaney double counts $2 trillion in ‘math error’. (TheAtlantic)
  • AG Sessions omitted meetings with Russian officials on security clearance declaration form. (AP)

23 May

  • WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon sent home early from Trump’s foreign trip. (MSNBC)
  • Trump hires private lawyer to defend him in Russia collusion investigations. This lawyer also represents Russian state bank Sberbank. (WaPo)
  • Senate Intel Comm issues new round of subpoenas to Mike Flynn’s businesses.  (Reuters)
  • Former CIA Director Brennan appears before House Intel Comm over Trump Russia campaign collusion testifying he knew of significant cause for investigations. (MSNBC)
  • House Fin Svcs Comm requests Trump account data from Deutsche Bank relating to Russian links. (Reuters / MSNBC)
  • Trump tells Duterte he has sent two nuclear submarines to Korean waters while Philippine uprisings reach new levels.  Duterte declares, “If I think you should die, you will die,” enacting martial law.   (Reuters / Reuters)
  • House Intel Comm expands subpoenas to Mike Flynn who has declined to testify involking the fifth. (Reuters)
  • Trump reneges on promise to donate profits from foreign nationals staying in Trump properties.  No tracking done. (MSNBC)
  • Pope Francis calls Trump fat. (AP)

22 May

  • WH blocks Ethics Comm inquiry into lobbyists now working on WH staff. (NYTimes)
  • While in Israel on state visit, and without reference to existing policy, background, advisors or experts, Trump proposes sale of half of American strategic oil reserves even as OPEC leaders announces production cutbacks as market prices slide. (Reuters)
  • Mike Flynn pleads the fifth and refuses to comply with Senate Intel Comm subpoena. (WaPo)
  • Trump requested top intel chiefs in March to publicly deny Trump collusion with Russia. (WaPo)

21 May

  • Trump repeatedly urges Arab and Muslim leaders to “drive out” islamist extremists without indicating whence they should be driven. (Reuters)
  • Iran’s foreign minister sharply criticises Trump arms trade with Saudi’s. (Reuters)
  • Notre Dame graduates walk out in protest of VP Mike Pence’s commencement speech after faculty and student petition ND’s President not to invite Trump. (WaPo)
  • Israe’s Prime Minister Netanyahu orders ministers to attend Trump arrival reception after discovering many intended to boycott. (GuardianUK)

20 May

  • Trump becomes arms dealer to Saudi Arabia with ‘memoranda of understanding’ in first overseas trip. (WaPo)
  • Comey to testify in open Senate Intel Comm hearing. (NYTimes)
  • Acting AG Rosenstein denies Comey requested more resources for FBI Trump Russia investigations in days before being fired by Trump.  This claim directly contradicts multiple statements in confirmed news reports from top aides.  (MSNBC)

19 May

  • WH aide reveals that Trump told Russians during closed Oval Office meeting that firing “crazy, not job” Comey “eased great pressure” from FBI investigations.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump approval rating at lowest point to date at 38%.  Republican disapproval slips to 16% down from 23% due to mishandling of classified information and meddling in FBI investigations. (Reuters)
  • WH tries to undermine Special Counsel investigations. (Reuters)
  • Trump embarks on first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican while investigations in Washington expand to include unnamed top WH aide.  (Reuters)
  • Practically entire WH staff join Trump on first foreign tour. (MSNBC)

18 May

  • Flynn announces intent to refuse Senate subpoena for documents on Russian campaign meddling on grounds of self-incrimination. (AP)
  • Trump campaign had multiple undisclosed contacts with top Russian officials contradicting WH aides who in January denied any contact with Russia during the campaign. (Reuters)
  • Trump distances himself from his own campaign, transition and WH staff denying collusion but claiming he, “can only speak for himself,” implicating staff may have withheld information from him thereby excusing him from responsibility. (GuardianUK)
  • Trump denies he pressured Comey to drop Flynn Russia investigation, claims appointing Special Counsel is “biggest witch hunt of all time,” contradicting WH statements welcoming Special Counsel.  (Reuters)
  • Comey kept detailed memos on inappropriate contact and pressure from Trump and WH top aides in weeks after inauguration.  Comey rebuffed Trump’s attemps at creating personal friendship seeking loyalty from the FBI chief.  Comey instructed Trump in proper contacts with FBI through DoJ and made copies of these memos which he distributed to top staff to initial and date as security against possibility of future investigations. (NYTimes)
  • Mike Pence sets up Leadership Fundraising PAC in anticipation of becoming president. (DailyKos)
  • Mike Dubke resigns as WH Comms Director after three months in the post. This is hidden from the press during Trump’s first overseas trip but announced on 30 May.  (Axios)

17 May

  • DoJ abruptly appoints Special Counsel, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, to lead Trump Russia investigations. Trump and WH staff given less than half hour notice preventing their interference. (AP)
  • According to Senate rules, Trump can still choose to fire newly appointed Special Counsel Mueller which analysts consider would bring down the gov’t. (MSNBC)
  • Senate Judiciary Comm requests Comey’s memoranda. (ABC)
  • Senate Intel Comm invites Comey to testify again. (WaPo)
  • Trump offers advice on leadership in speech to graduating class at Coast Guard Academy claiming, “with great surety,” that no politician in history has been treated more unfairly than himself and to, “put your head down and fight, fight, fight,” when facing adversity. (WaPo)
  • WPost begins minutely update on Congressional demands for investigations into Sessions, demands for Trump tapes, Comey’s memoranda, independent probe into Flynn, calls for impeachment, Nixon comparisons and more. (WaPo)
  • Increasing number of Republicans demand independent probe into Trump Russia while mentioning impeachment on charges of obstruction of justice following Comey’s revealed memo. (Reuters)
  • Flynn informed WH Counsel McGhan on 4 January 2017 he is secretly working as foreign agent for Turkey and is under DoJ investigation.  Trump appointes Flynn NSA anyway giving him  access to full state secrets under highest intel clearance.  Investigations increase with specialist espionage prosecutor Brandon Van Grack. (NYTimes)
  • Putin offers Congress a purported transcript of Trump’s closed Oval Office meeting with top Russian officials. (Retuers)
  • House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told colleagues on 15 June 2016 he believes Trump taking payments from Putin.  He now claims his recorded comments were intended to be a joke though House Speaker Paul Ryan who was present swore listeners to secrecy at the time.  (WaPo)
  • Erdogan’s bodyguards attack American protesters in Washington during his visit with Trump. (GuardianUK)
  • Wall Street tumbles on WH uncertainty and Trump controversies. (Reuters)

16 May

  • Trump defends sharing classified intel w/ Russians as his prerogative. (WaPo)
  • Classified intel Trump shared with Russians in Oval Office meeting originated from Israel. (NYTimes)
  • Fired FBI Director Comey kept detailed memos of all communications with ‘key individuals’ which include conversation in which Trump pressured Comey to drop counterintelligence investigations into fired NSA Flynn.  Republican Chair of the House Oversight Comm Jason Chaffetz demands FBI turn over all “memoranda, notes, summaries and recordings” of discussions between Mr. Trump and Mr. Comey. (NYTimes)
  • Federal investigators subpoena former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s financial records regarding $3.5 million loan. (MSNBC)
  • Senate Maj Leader Mitch McConnell tries to placate Democrats by offering, possibly ironically, fired FBI Director Comey’s job to thwarted Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch who isn’t interested. (Reuters)
  • Erdogan visits WH. (Reuters)
  • Financial markets fall due to Trump uncertainty. (Reuters)

15 May

  • Following Comey’s dismissal, Trump reveals classified intel to top Russian officials in Oval Office closed meeting. (WaPo)
  • UAE Crown Prince ‘MBZ’ meets Trump in WH photo op.  ‘MBZ’ facilitated and hosted back channel meeting between Putin and Trump emissaries in the Seychelles in January. (MSNBC)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer refuses to answer questions for Trump Oval Office secret tapes of Comey conversations. (NPR)
  • Philippine lawmakers begin impeachment hearings against Duterte. (Reuters)

14 May

  • Republicans and Democrats demand Trump’s tapes of recorded conversations while Democrats continue to call for Special Prosecutor to lead Trump Russia investigations. (WaPo)
  • WH eliminates climate change data and language across WH and gov’t agency websites. (GuardianUK)
  • WH obscures gov’t agency data related to accountability and transparency. (WaPo)

13 May

  • NKorea fires ballistic missile to test if it can carry nuclear warhead.  The missile crashed into the Sea of Japan near the Russian coast.  (Reuters)

12 May

  • Trump threatens Comey with vague tweet referring to ‘tapes’ [unexplained single quotes his] of unspecified conversations. Legal analysts say this may be construed as intimidating a witness, another federal crime compounded with obstruction of justice in firing Comey. (WaPo / Reuters)
  • Trump threatens to stop WH press briefings following his flat contradiction of his own communications staff in Comey firing. (WaPo)
  • Senate Intel Comm VChair Dem. Mark Warner announces Comey will not appear before committee as scheduled for 16 May.  No reason given. (TheHill)
  • Treasury Financial Crimes Unit to assist in Senate Trump Russia investigations. (Reuters)
  • Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, the law firm Trump hired to defend him on Russia collusion allegations, won Russia Law Firm of the Year award in 2016. (Fortune)

11 May

  • New acting FBI chief McCabe testifies before Senate Intel Comm in place of ousted Director Comey: (WaPo)
    • Refuses to say if Trump is under investigation,
    • directly contradicts Trump’s claims Comey had lost the confidence of rank-and-file employees,
    • Praised Comey as leader of FBI,
    • promises to inform Senate Intel Comm if WH impedes or interferes with investigations.
  • Trump claims Comey told him three times he was not under investigation. (WaPo)
  • Trump admits during televised interview he fired Comey due to FBI investigations into Russia campaign collusion. Trump’s explantion of Comey firing as related to Russian investigations flatly contradicts his own, VP Pence’s and WH press statements. (Reuters / WaPo)
  • Intel officials warn allowing Russian press and photographer into Oval Office, a move the Obama WH refused for years, breached security measures.  WH replies, “They tricked us.” (MSNBC)
  • In participating in Comey’s firing after recusing himself, AG Jeff Session’s may have violated ethics regulations, his law license may be in peril with possibility of impeachment proceedings. (WaPo)
  • Paul Manafort never registered as a foreign agent with the US gov’t contrary to his claims and published reports. DoJ refuses to say whether AG Sessions is recused on Russia investigations and specifically Manafort. (MSNBC)
  • Bookmakers raise the odds of a Trump impeachment during his term as president to 60% in favour. (Politico)

10 May

  • Trump meets with Russian Foreign Ministre Lavrov in closed Oval Office session barring American press but open to Russian press and official photographer.  Lavrov pokes fun at American press while Sec State Tillerson maintains silence. (NYTimes)
  • Grand Jury subpoenas Mike Flynn’s business associates’ transaction records. (CNN)
  • Senate Intel Comm subpoenas Mike Flynn’s records. (NYTimes)
  • Senate Intel Comm invites ousted FBI Director Comey to testify in closed session 16 May. (TheHill)
  • Comey has recently requested more resources to pursue investigation into Trump’s ties to Russian oligarchs. (WaPo)
  • Comey had refused to allow Trump aides preview of his 3 May Senate testimony. (Reuters)
  • New acting FBI Director McCabe compromised independence and currently under investigation himself.  McCabe is appointed to lead Trump Russia investigations. (MSNBC)
  • WH gives press credentials to far-right American activist who helped amplify hack against French president Macron. (Reuters)
  • Graduates at Florida university turn their backs on commencement speaker Betsy De Vos. (Reuters)
  • Trump approval ratings tumble to new all-time low of 35% with disapproval at 58%.  (Quinnipiac)

9 May

  • FBI Director Comey gets key details of his own testimony wrong damaging credibility of his and others’ statements. (WaPo)
  • Trump fires FBI Director James Comey:  (WaPo / AP / Reuters)
    • in the midst investigations into his links to Russian meddling in the 2016 election and on the hiring Mike Flynn as NSA.
    • without contacting Comey himself who was speaking at an FBI event while the news broke on tv screens behind him.  Those present thought at first it was a prank.
    • Though Trump made no mention of Clinton, claims firing follows AG Jeff Sessions’ and Dep AG Rosenstein’s recommendation of Comey’s “atrocities” in email investigation into Clinton’s emails’ last July which were “hurting morale” at the dep’t though Sessions has recused himself from all Trump campaign/election/Russia investigations.
    • Trump continues attacks on Comey for being “too easy” on Clinton.
    • Firing Comey is seen by critics as political thwarting of FBI investigations which have direct damaging effect on Trump’s legitimacy as president.
    • Comey was due to continue testimony in Senate hearings on Thursday which is now cancelled.
  • Trump hires private lawyer to defend him against Russian collusion charges. (NBC)
  • Senate Intel Comm requests documents on Trump and associates’ business ties in Russia from Financial Crimes Unit of US Treasury. (MSNBC)
  • Trump’s campaign statements disappear from website concurrent to Federal Judicial Constitutional review of Muslim Ban based on those statements. (WaPo)

8 May

  • After unexplained delays, former Acting AG Sally Yates testifies before Senate that she warned Trump and WH Counsel McGhan of NSA Mike Flynn’s conversations with Russian ambassador on lifting sanctions which led to Flynn being fired. Yates’ testimony directly contradicts WH claims.  (WaPo)
  • Republicans try to derail Yates’ Senate testimony with ancillary questions insinuating classified leaks came from Yates’ office.  Trump contributes with tweets which may constitute criminal intimidation. (MSNBC)
  • In apparent effort to deflect news media from Yates’ Senate testimony, WH announces restarting war in Afghanistan. (MSNBC)
  • Obama personally warned Trump on 10 November 2016, less than 24 hours after the presidential election ended, against hiring Mike Flynn. (NBC)
  • Trump’s revised Muslim Ban is reviewed in Federal Court who consider whether Trump’s anti-Muslim comments during campaign undermine Constitutionality of ban. No decision yet from judges. (AP)
  • Following an unanswered FOI request in March, ACLU sues WH for documents on botched Yemeni raid which killed Navy Seal Owens. (TheIntercept)
  • Senate majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell excludes women from panel to draft health care bill detail. (NYTimes)
  • EPA chief and climate denier Scott Pruitt fires half of key scientific advisers and over 200 advisory panels. (Reuters)
  • Leading economists agree Trump is wrong to claim his proposed tax cuts would stimulate the economy enough to cancel out the effect on total tax revenue. (WaPo)
  • Actual costs of Trump travel contradict and exceed Trump and WH claims. (AP)

7 May

  • Macron wins French presidency, financial markets rebound.  (Reuters)
  • President Obama accepts ‘Profile in Courage’ award. (YouTube)
  • Reporters barred from Kushner family sales pitch events in China seeking funding for NJ luxury property development in exchange for EB-5 US imiigration visa. (Reuters)

6 May

  • Jared Kushner’s family pitching $500K “investment” immigration visas to rich Chinese. (TheHill)
  • US far-right activists propel French election hacking. (Reuters)
  • Far-right ‘Freedom Caucus’ Republican Raúl Labrador of Idaho claims “nobody dies because they don’t have access to health care,” to boos among his constituents. (WaPo)

5 May

  • Weeks after neo-fascist Le Pen openly meets with Putin, Russia hackers release flood of French presidential candidate Macron’s emails in identical attack to 2016 US election interference.  French election officials investigate during media blackout in final hours of election.  (AP)
  • Pentagon to lease Trump Tower apartment escalating furore over Trump’s self-dealing in WH.  (Reuters)
  • Trump and WH to push through billions of $ in arms sales to Saudi Arabia. (Reuters)
  • Mark Green, Trump’s third pick for Army Sec, withdraws due to bigotry based on his avowed “christian values.”  (Reuters)
  • In an apparent attempt to protect themselves from incrimination, WH aides contact reporters to claim fired NSA Mike Flynn was warned by Trump transition team about communication with Russian ambassador but did so anyway. (WaPo)
  • State Dep’t deletes promotional Tweet for Trump’s daughter’s new book. (NPR)
  • Trump makes 33rd tax-payer visit to his own branded resort property for the 14th week in a row in continuing defiance of the Constitutional Emoluments Clause. (WaPo)

4 May

  • Trump plans first overseas visit to Isreal, Vatican and Saudi Arabia. (NYTimes)
  • Obama endorses Macron in French elections over far-right Le Pen. (Youtube)
  • Scoring a political point, House Republicans pass health care bill which includes contentious pre-existing conditions and exemptions for Congress.  The bill now faces opposition in a Republican held Senate. (Reuters)
  • Polls show health care bill opposed by wide majority of Americans. (WaPo)
  • House Republicans passes controversial bill rolling back banking regulations put in place in response to the 2008 financial crash.  The bill was pushed through without any supporting Democrats and delivers a plan overturning Trump’s campaign promises.  (Reuters / WaPo)
  • Showing rare unity, hospitals, doctors and insurers criticize health care bill. (NYTimes)
  • Trump and House Republicans issue press release rife with misleading claims and stage high profile celebration on WH Rose Garden lawn despite bill passage having no authority without Senate approval which looks unlikely. (MSNBC / DailyKos)
  • Many House Republicans voted in favour of publicly opposed health care bill without having read the bill itself. (MSNBC)
  • Trump signs order allowing churches to engage in political activity. (AP)

3 May

  • FBI Director Comey testifies in open hearing before Senate Judiciary Committee.  Full transcript. (WaPo)
  • In Senate Intel hearing, Comey justifies announcing new Clinton email investigation as one of only two options available while Senate ranking members dispute and question his decision making. (AP)
  • Bipartisan agreement among bordering states opposes Trump’s Mexican Wall. (NPR)
  • In third attempt to force repeal of Obamacare, Republicans exempt their own insurance from replacement bill. (Vox)
  • Trump wrongly claims replacement health care bill would cover pre-existing conditions, among which Republicans would include sexual assault and rape. (BusinessInsider)
  • Republican Mo Brooks of the Republican far-right ‘Freedom Caucus’ claims people with pre-existing health conditions have not lived “good lives” and deserve to pay more for their insurance. (CNN)
  • Trump Senior Aide Bannon’s to-do list incidentally published by visiting rabbi on Twitter revealing Bannon’s unvarnished agenda. (WaPo)
  • With no job description, gov’t or policy experience and an unclear role without apparent limits, Trump’s daughter regularly calls cabinet members and senior policy aides to assert her own undefined agenda. (MSNBC)

2 May

  • Trump calls for gov’t shut down in September to gain Republican wish list. (WaPo)
  • Former top intelligence leaders James Clapper and Mike Rogers say Russian hacking interference “wildly successful” in disrupting elections and warn it may continue. (Reuters)
  • Trump talks with Putin about Syria in scheduled call from Oval Office. Putin asks Trump to host Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador in Oval Office visit to which Trump agrees. (Reuters / MSNBC)
  • WH budget chief Mick Mulvaney in disarray communicating with reporters in nationally televised live conference call. (MSNBC)
  • WH Press Sec walks out of daily press briefing without finishing. (MSNBC)
  • Trump and daughter Ivanka continue aggressive marketing for luxury property developments in Phillippines in escalating conflict with Phillippine President Duterte. (WaPo)
  • Secret Service spend additional $65,000 to go skiing with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in special protection detail. (CBS)
  • FOI request shows Nat’l Park Svc Chief Info Security Officer saying Trump was personally and directly involved in trying to identify inauguration photographer documenting smaller crowds than Trump claimed. (CBS)
  • Entire Senate Intel Comm bussed to CIA HQ Langley for classified briefing on Russia hacking. (MSNBC)
  • Mysterious rash of 38 prominent Russian unsolved murders or suspicious deaths, including 10 high-profile Putin critics, continuing trend since the beginning of 2014.  Former FBI analyst advised in February that Congress “follow the trail of dead Russians” to help understand Putin’s intention and actions in US election interference. (USAToday)

1 May

  • Senior Trump advisor and far-right Breitbart contributor, Sebastian Gorka hired by Steve Bannon, to quit WH for failed national security clearance. (BusinessInsider)
  • Trump repeats his unfounded wiretapping accusations against Obama, an impeachable federal offense, as opinions abruptly ending interview saying he, “doesn’t stand by anything.” (NYTimes)
  • US issues travel alert for all of Europe citing risk of terrorist attacks. (Reuters)
  • Trump demonstrates astonishing historical ignorance questioning the causes and events leading up to American Civil War citing President Andrew Jackson’s who died sixteen years before the war broke out, wonders why “people” don’t ask why the Civil War occurred. (Reuters / WaPo)
  • Under Republican control of gov’t, Democrats reveal successful strategy to capitalise on divisions between GOP factions and Trump. Congressional Republicans and Democrats alike ignore Trump’s demand for cuts across many well-liked domestic programmes. (AP)
  • Reversing his recent views of a “major, major conflict” with NKorea and expanding his support for global dictators, Trump expresses sympathy for President Kim Jong-Un praising him as, “a smart cookie,” adding he would be “honoured” to meet with him in direct contradiction with clear statements on State Dep’t.   (WaPo / WaPo)
  • Trump reverses his position on China falsely claiming they stopped currency manipulation when he won US presidency. (AP)
  • WH inexplicably pressures Argentina into abandoning honours for former President Carter. (BuenosAiresHerald)
  • Trump 2020 Re-election campaign forced to remove ad rife with falsehoods due to violations of gov’t ban on politicising the military. (DailyKos)
  • New evidence emerges detailing collusion and corruption in campaign funding and hiring with former Washington state Republican senator Don Benton. (MSNBC)
  • Trump appears confused on content and details of third Republican attempt to repeal Obamacare. (MSNBC)
  • Trump’s newly appointed far-right anti-abortionist crusader and HHS chief, Charmaine Yoest, has been deleting reactionary far-right content from her website. (MemoryHole2)

30 April

  • Congressional bipartisan spending bill established to avert gov’t shut down includes big military increase but omits funding for Trump’s Mexican wall.  To reach agreement Trump also concedes threats to stop ACA Cost-Sharing Repayments. Bill awaits approval by both House and Senate.  (Reuters / NPR)
  • Trump’s historically fact challenged administration checked: (WaPo)
    • 488 false or misleading claims made by the president. That’s an average of 4.9 claims a day.
    • 10 days without a single false claim. On six of those days, the president golfed at a Trump property.
    • 4 days with 20 or more false claims. (Feb. 16, Feb. 28, March 20 and April 21.)
    • 19 false claims on April 29, his 100th day, not including his interview with “Face the Nation,” which aired April 30.
  • Trump faces historically low approval ratings while proclaiming 1 May will be National Loyalty Day’ and blaming Constitution for setbacks and conflicts. (GuardianUK)

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