Timeline of #RealFacts during the Trump Administration #FactCheckertimeline

In retrospect, much of the detail and context may be lost as we struggle to make sense of what is happening within the Trump Administration and its impact on America and the rest of the world.  Under the current cascade of political events my aim is to establish a clear, concise and orderly timeline record.  Corrections and additions citing reputable sources are much appreciated.

21 September 2017

  • North Korea threatens Trump and U.S. in retaliation for Trump’s incendiary U.N. debut speech.  (AP)
  • Facebook turns over documents of thousands of Russian ads to Congressional probe.  (WaPo)
  • Trump hands out high level positions to unqualified staff as campaign rewards.  (Politico)

20 September 2017

  • Int’l cryptographers force NSA to backtrack on data encryption technique due to distrust among allies. (Reuters)
  • Twitter to meet with Senate Intel Comm on Russian use of platform during 2016 election.  (Reuters)
  • California sues Trump WH to stop Mexican wall over environmental impact.  (Reuters)
  • Manafort offered to brief Kremlin billionaire on 2016 U.S. election.  (WaPo)
  • Special Counsel Mueller asserts control over Russia probe through sweeping request for documents from WH including Trump’s own actions and underlying motives.  (WaPo / NYTimes)
  • Tracking the path from Manafort’s pro-Putin work in Ukraine to Special Counsel Mueller’s Trump Russia probe.  (MSNBC)
  • Manafort was working for Kurdish referendum opposed by U.S. (NYTimes)

19 September 2017

  • Trump uses debut speech at U.N. to threaten North Korea with “total destruction” to the dismay of international community, global leaders and foreign analysts.  (WaPo)
  • Trump revealed to be using his 2020 re-election campaign fund as well as RNC to pay for legal defense of himself, his family members and staff in Russia investigations.  (Reuters)
  • Special Counsel Mueller interviews Dep AG Rosenstein on Comey firing.  (Reuters)

18 September 2017

  • Senate ramps up military spending with approval of $700b defense bill.  (Reuters)
  • Paul Manafort’s was wiretapped by U.S. investigators before and after 2016 election and notified he would be indicted.  (CNN)

17 September 2017

  • Emmy awards take aim at Trump.  (YouTube)

16 September 2017

  • Bipartisan criticism of Trump’s video tweet of himself hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball in astonishingly juvenile tantrum on the publication of her new book, ‘What Happened’ on the 2016 election.  (HuffPost)
  • Trump inauguration committee still cannot account for tens of millions in excess funding.  (AP)

15 September 2017

  • Despite having recused himself from all Russian matters, House Intel Comm Republican Devin Nunes sends series of subpoena’s to AG and FBI for documents on Russia investigations.  (MSNBC)

14 September 2017

  • North Korea launches another missile toward Japan.  (AP)
  • U.N. Security Council to meet on request of U.S. and Japan after latest North Korean missile launch.  (Reuters)

13 September 2017

  • Congress reasserts its control over war measures in rejecting Republican repeal of Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) bill passed in 2001 and 2002 after the 911 bombings.  (Reuters)
  • WH makes another attempts to deflect Trump Russia inquiries by attacking former FBI Director Comey with maliciously false statements and admittedly unsubstantiated claims.  (Lawfare)
  • Further Flynn evidence of omitting foreign contacts off security clearance statements by concealing trips to middle east for Russian-backed nuclear power plant deal as well as Israeli and Egyptian officials.  (AP)

12 September 2017

  • Blatant pro-Putin ballot box stuffing, collusion and cover-up witnessed in Russian regional elections.  (Reuters)
  • Summary of obfuscation, false denials, misdirections, cover-ups and excuses of Trump and WH to avoid and derail Russia investigations. (MSNBC)

11 September 2017

  • Despite pledges to cease business with foreign governments while in office, Trump hires Chinese state company for Dubai hotel project.  (CNBC)
  • U.N. Security Council passes new sanctions against North Korea in response to recent nuclear test.  (AP)
  • Russia undercuts U.N. sanctions on North Korea sending fuel and supplies.  (WaPo)
  • FBI investigates Russian news agency Sputnik for operating in the U.S. as undeclared propaganda arm of Kremlin.  (DailyBeast)
  • Russian politician brags on tv that U.S. intel slept through Russian election of Trump to presidency.  (MSNBC)

10 September 2017

  • House Republicans conspicuously deny attempt to oust Speaker Paul Ryan.  (Reuters)
  • WH offers faulty arguments to Special Counsel investigations into Trump’s obstruction of justice in firing of former FBI Director Comey.  (Lawfare)

9 September 2017

  • Senate Appropriations Committee rejects Trump’s ‘doctrine of retreat’ by unanimously voting for State Dep’t and foreign ops expanded funding. (Reuters)
  • Trump undermines U.S. law enforcement by hosting Malaysian Prime Minister at WH while corruption and money laundering investigations are still ongoing.  (NYTimes)

8 September 2017

  • Special Counsel Mueller notifies WH list of six Trump aides to be questioned on Russian campaign meddling.  (WaPo)
  • American press excluded from Trump’s first meeting with new Russian ambassador to the U.S.  Event omitted from WH public schedule but covered in Russian state press.  (Reuters / MSNBC)

7 September 2017

  • Trump Jr. testifies for 5 hours before Senate Judiciary investigation sticking to his prepared statement that the 9 June meeting with Russian lawyer to receive ‘kompromat’ on Clinton was ‘inconsequential’ adding he did not recall or was unaware of Trump’s role in drafting a misleading memo on the meeting.  Further testimony is expected.  (WaPo)

6 September 2017

  • Trump flips his support from GOP to Democrats under fiscal pressures and emergency funding for hurricane recovery in Texas. (WaPo)
  • After repeated denials, Facebook admits accepting $100K for 3,000 ads from 470 Russian ‘troll farm’ accounts in violation of Facebook’s own user policies and in concerted effort to interfere in U.S. 2016 presidential election.  (WaPo / Facebook)

5 September 2017

  • Russian president Putin warns of global catastrophe as North Korea prepares another ICBM launch.  (Reuters)
  • Trump scraps ‘Dreamer’ programme protecting young people brought into U.S. illegally as children amid national protests.  (Reuters)
  • Rebpulican faction on House Intel Comm issues subverts established working protocol with subpoenas to DoJ and FBI in effort to discredit sources on Steele Dossier.  (MSNBC)

4 September 2017

  • South Korea reports of further North Korean missile movements.  (Reuters)

3 September 2017

  • Trump rebukes South Korea for North Korea H-bomb test.  (Reuters)

2 September 2017

  • North Korea causes earthquake testing hydrogen bomb it claims can be fitted to ICBM in new threat to U.S. and allies.  (Reuters)
  • Dep’t of Justice confirms Trump’s claims of wiretapping by Obama are false.  (Reuters)

1 September 2017

  • Special Counsel Mueller examines early draft of Trump letter following firing of FBI Director Comey in effort to determine whether Trump engaged in obstruction of justice.  (NYTimes)

31 August 2017

  • Special Counsel Mueller teams up with IRS Criminal Investigations unit in Trump Russia probe.  (DailyBeast)
  • Trump lawyers try to dissuade Special Counsel Mueller from indicting Trump on Obstruction of Justice charges.  (WSJ)

30 August 2017

  • Special Counsel Bob Mueller issues subpoenas to Paul Manafort’s former lawyer and spokesperson seeking documents and testimony. (CNN)
  • Trump contacts Senate Intel Comm Grassley in thinly veiled attempt to influence outcome of Trump Jr. upcoming testimony by pledging support for Grassley’s favoured ethanol bill.  (WaPo)
  • Special Counsel Mueller partners with NY AG Eric Schneiderman on probe into Manafort’s finances in strategy to block Trump’s pardoning power which does not extend to state crimes.  (Politico)

29 August 2017

  • North Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan’s north Hokkaido island.  (Reuters)
  • Trump signs order directing surplus of military grade equipment and weapons for use by local police departments.  (AP)
  • Pew research poll shows only 16% of Americans ‘like’ the way Trump conducts himself as president.  (PewResearch)
  • Visiting flood stricken Texas, Trump praises agencies whose funding he has proposed cutting.  (WaPo)

28 August 2017

  • Trump exec asked Putin aide for help on real estate deal during U.S. elections.  (WaPo)
  • Trump says he announced pardon of Arpaio during Hurricane Harvey disaster in order to, “get higher ratings.”  (NYTimes)

27 August 2017

  • Sec of State Rex Tillerson distances himself from Trump saying, “The President speaks for himself,” on violence in Charlottesville.  (AP)

26 August 2017

  • Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan says Trump was wrong to pardon Arpaio.  (Reuters)
  • Trump’s Arpaio pardon undermines Justice Dep’t and lawful appeal process.  (Lawfare)

25 August 2017

  • Trump pardons convicted ex-Sheriff Arpaio using Hurricane Harvey to mask announcement.  (WaPo)
  • Special Counsel Mueller issues grand jury subpoenas to lobbying firms linked to Manafort.  (TheHill)
  • Trump signs memo directing military ban on transgender service.  (NPR)
  • Controversial Trump aide and Bannon ally Sebastian Gorka abruptly quits WH.  (AP)
  • North Korea launches three short range missiles into sea off north east coast.  (WaPo)

24 August 2017

  • Trump falls further in national polling.  (WaPo)
  • Trump WH imposes sweeping sanctions against Venezuela.  (AP)

23 August 2017

  • Congressional Republicans rebuke Trump for threatening to shut down gov’t in bid to force Mexican wall funding.  (Reuters)
  • Science envoy and renewable energy expert, Daniel Kammen, resigns in scathing open letter to Trump containing impeachment message.  (WaPo)

22 August 2017

  • Despite requests from local authorities, police and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton to skip rally due to anti-Trump protests, Trump gives campaign speech in Phoenix excusing his defense of white nationalists at Charlottesville, suggesting pardon for convicted former Sheriff Arpaio and threatening gov’t shut down to force through Mexican wall funding, attacking Sen Majority Leader McConnell for not defending him against Russia probe.  (Reuters)
  • Trump may be guilty of obstruction of justice in pressuring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to drop Senate Intel Comm Russia probe.  (NYTimes)

21 August 2017

  • Trump commits unspecified increase in troops to Afghanistan war reversing his earlier campaign promise to withdraw and prolonging the longest war in American history.  (Reuters)
  • NKorean shipments to Syrian arms agency intercepted.  (Reuters)
  • Trump ignores public health warnings and stares directly at solar eclipse drawing criticism for setting poor example and undermining safety professionals.  (GuardianUK)
  • Phoenix local authorities, police and Mayor Greg Stanton ask Trump to skip campaign rally in anticipation of mass protests after his remarks about Charlottesville.  (CBS)

20 August

  • Trump controversies impact bookings at Trump hotels and enterprise.  (NYTimes)

19 August 2017

  • A day after Trump’s Arts & Humanities Council collapses with all members resigning en masse, Trump to skip traditional annual Kennedy Center Honors.  (NYTimes)
  • Kennedy Center thanks Trump for not attending annual honors event.  (TheHill)
  • Organisers of far right rally in Boston end event early after tens of thousands of anti-nazi protesters march against them.  (BostonGlobe)
  • Trump attacks anti-hate protesters as ‘anti-police agitators’.  (GuardianUK)
  • Thousands of anti-hate protesters demonstrate in cities around the U.S.  (NYTimes)

18 August 2017

  • Under pressure to back peddle from his support for white supremacists at Charlottesville, Trump fires WH chief strategist Steve Bannon.  (Reuters)
  • Trump’s entire Arts & Humanities Council resigns in protest effectively disbanding the agency.  (WaPo)
  • Trump advisor Carl Icahn quits after failing to push through regulations which would favour his own business interests.  (NYTimes)
  • Huge turn over in Trump’s WH staff in historically short timescale.  Timeline of firings, departures and withdrawn nominations.  (WaPo)

17 August 2017

  • Suspected Islamist terrorist drives van into crowds in Barcelona killing 13 and injuring dozens in latest vehicular homicide attack.  (Reuters)
  • Trump recommends bogus Pershing story of bullets dipped in pig’s blood to shoot terrorists following attack at Barcelona.  (WaPo)
  • Trump defends Confederate monuments in latest Charlottesville remarks to stinging rebukes from lawmakers, U.S. allies and corporate leaders.  (Reuters)
  • WH chief strategist Steve Bannon gives controversial interview to American Prospect magazine in which he slams Republicans and Democrats while contradicting Trump on North Korea. (HuffPost)

16 August 2017

  • Trump dissolves two corporate advisory groups after exodos of member executives in protest over Trump’s remarks on Charlottesville violence. (AP)
  • Trump’s comments on neo-Nazis and white supremacy draw international condemnation.  (Reuters)
  • Ukraine malware expert with ties to Russian 2016 hacking of DNC emails emerges to be interviewed by the FBI.  (NYTimes)
  • Russian cyber experts continue helping Trump by feeding manipulated media into US internet sites.  (MSNBC)

15 August 2017

  • Trump retweets image of train running over journalist.  (WaPo)
  • Trump returns to initial Charlottesville remarks defending and politically empowering white supremacists and the far right.  (Reuters)
  • KKK leader David Duke thanks Trump for his support of Charlottesville rally.  (TheHill)

14 August 2017

  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel denounces new-Nazi violence at Charlottesville.  (NYTimes)
  • Member CEO’s of Trump’s American Manufacturing Council resign in protest of Trump’s statements on Charottesville violence.  (Reuters)
  • Twitter campaign tracks identity of participants in Charlottesville violence.  (WaPo)
  • White supremacist groups applaud Trump’s response to Charlottesville violence.  (HuffPost)
  • California sues WH Trump administration over ‘Sanctuary City’ funding blocks.  (NYTimes)
  • Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow threatens Mueller investigations if they look into certain Trump financial transactions.  (NewYorker)
  • Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos’ emails reveal repeated efforts to liaise with Russian leadership early in the campaign.  (WaPo)

13 August 2017

  • Trump releases first 2020 re-election campaign ad. (Reuters)
  • Trump under fire for statements in response to violence at Charlottesville. (AP)
  • Anti-Trump protests held after deadly violence at Charlottesville rally. (TheHill)
  • White supremacist rally turns into deadly violence with 3 dead, 19 injured. (WaPo)

12 August 2017

  • Trump threatens military action in Venezuela.  (Reuters)
  • Armed violence breaks out at white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.  (WaPo)

11 August 2017

  • Trump escalates incendiary war of words with North Korea.  (WaPo)

10 August 2017

  • Trump had no prepared response to North Korean threat to bomb Guam.  His incendiary remarks alarmed his own staff and directly contradicted Sec State Tillerson, NSA and military advisors.  (Reuters)
  • Trump falsely takes credit for overstated claim of powerful US nuclear arsenal.  (AP)
  • Trump administration directly contradict accepted science reports on climate change while demonstrating lack of understanding of basic precepts.  (AP)
  • WH announce Trump’s threats of nuclear war with North Korea should not be taken seriously saying Trump was “just in a bellicose mood.”  (MSNBC)
  • Trump puts legal allies with scandal-laden backgrounds forward as leading US prosecutors.  (MSNBC)
  • Paul Manafort drops legal team engaging former counsel to represent him in Trump/Russia investigations.  (Reuters)
  • Investigative journalists suggest Trump’s escalation of verbal attacks on North Korea are a distraction ploy to misdirect attention from accelerating Trump / Russia probe.  (MSNBC)
  • Special Counsel Mueller’s Washington Grand Jury subpoenas Manafort account and transaction details from global banks.  (Bloomberg)

9 August 2017

  • Trump campaign turns over thousands of documents to Senate Intel Comm on Trump Russia investigations.  (Bloomberg)
  • Journalists report pre-dawn armed FBI raid on 26 July of Manafort’s home for documents the day after he met voluntarily with Senate Intel Comm.  (WaPo)

8 August 2017

  • North Korea threatens missile strike against US territory of Guam.  Trump replies with bellicose counter threat of ‘fire and fury’.  (Reuters)
  • Republican staffers and former David Nunes aides from House Intel Comm secretly arrive unannounced at former MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s solicitor’s office in London causing alarm among investigators.  (GuardianUK)
  • Review of Trump’s second 100 days in office:  30 April – 7 August 2017.  (WaPo)


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