Timeline 100 Days

Trump 100 Days timeline of #RealFacts during the Trump Administration #FactCheckerTrump 100 Days

Trump 100 days: In retrospect, much of the detail and context may be lost as we struggle to make sense of what is happening within the Trump Administration and its impact on America and the rest of the world.  Under the current cascade of political events my aim is to establish a clear, concise and orderly timeline record.  Corrections and additions citing reputable sources are much appreciated.

See ‘TIMELINE’ for events going forward

29 April:  100 Days

  • Financial markets demonstrate inverse relationship to Trump favouritism with industries supported by Trump lagging behind growth figures. (Reuters)
  • Climate change protests mark Trump’s 100th day in office. (Reuters)
  • Trump holds campaign-style rally to celebrate 100 days in office claiming unqualified, sweeping success with promises kept while blaming Democrats and media for perceived difficulties. (Reuters)
  • Trump invites Phillipines dictator Duterte for WH state visit. State Dep’t and National Security Council unaware of invitation or plans for visit. (GuardianUS)

28 April

  • Sec of State Tillerson tells UN threat of NKorean attack on SKorea and/or Japan is real and to fully implement UN sanctions and downgrade or suspend diplomatic relations. (Reuters)
  • Trump has made at least 452 false or misleading claims since taking office. (WPostFactchecker)
  • House approves one week spending deal delaying gov’t shut down. (WPost)
  • NKorea launches failed ballisitic missile in defiance of international pressure. (Reuters)
  • Conservative trade experts and tax economists warn Trump’s faulty math may represent 10-fold error in economic outlook and impact calling his one page ‘tax plan’ two-dimensional.  (Reuters)
  • Federal economists report slowed growth accompanying Trump’s first 100 days. (WPost)
  • Trump appoints anti-abortion advocate to lead HHS.  (GuardianUK)
  • Trump pledges support to NRA pro-gun advocates and refers to Democratic rival Elizabeth Warren using racial slurs. (NYTimes)
  • EPA removes climate change issues from their website. (WPost)
  • Trump campaign and transition did vett Flynn specifically for NSA role but hired him despite their awareness of Flynn’s ties to Turkey. (MSNBC)
  • Trump has fewest nominations and appointments with hightest staff turnover who did not survive the first 100 days. (WPost)

27 April

  • House Republicans introduce one week spending extension to avoid government shut-down.  Trump backs away from budget hostage taking threat to gain funding for Mexican Wall.  (WPost)
  • Despite controlling Congress, House Republicans for the second time lack the votes to repeal the ACA in face of gov’t shut down threat. (WPost)
  • Trump reverses position on pulling out of NAFTA.  (WPost)
  • Pentagon begins investigation into foreign payments to fired NSA Mike Flynn. (WPost)
  • Trump Reuters interview:
    • announces chance of “major, major conflict”
    • changes approach to NKorea military escalation switching focus to diplomacy, tries to persuade China to intervene. (Reuters)
    • presidency is harder than he thought, misses his old life.  Interrupts discussion of China to pass out what he said was a map of 2016 Electoral College votes.  (Reuters)
    • Trump shows indifference to threat of gov’t shut down and blames Democrats. (Reuters)
  • Trump Inaugural Committee admits FEC donor filing riddled with errors, including many which appear to be jokes, calling them “technical glitches”.  Committee promises amended filing forthcoming. (HPost)

26 April

  • Public pension funds in at least 7 states are significantly invested in hotel management companies which directly benefit Trump in violation of the Constitutional Emoluments Clause.  (Reuters)
  • Trump orders Interior Secretary Zinke to review of National Monuments with a view toward opening publically protected lands to development, drilling and mining. (Reuters)
  • San Francisco federal judge Orrick blocks Trump’s threat to withhold funding from ‘Sanctuary Cities’.  Federal courts called Trump’s threats unconstitutional.  (NYTimes / ACLU)
  • Significant, and sometimes bizarre, errors identified by crowd-sourced investigation into Trump’s inauguration donors list.  WH says it will “look into it.” (WPost)
  • Of 556 key posts requiring Senate confirmation, Trump has only filled 23 positions.  With 23 formally nominated and 40 more awaiting nomination, this leaves 470 positions completely unaddressed. (WPostTracker)
  • Poll shows majority of registered voters do not believe Trump should have appointed his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband to WH positions. (WP/ABC)
  • Trump escalates potential trade war with Canada and prepares to withdraw from NAFTA. (Politico / CBC)
  • Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Trump Russia collusion appears to avoid progress having requested no staff, no documents, no records, no hearings, no interviews to date. (MSNBC)
  • Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein confirmed by Senate to replace AG Sessions in overseeing Trump Russia investigations.  Sessions was forced into recusing himself after undisclosed ties to Russia. (CNN)
  • Former NSA Mike Flynn Turkish lobbying payments originate from Russia. (Politico)
  • Trump issues one page ‘tax plan’ promising big tax cuts for businesses which would largely benefit himself and his own businesses.  The alleged plan contains no detail and no logistical funding strategy. (AP)
  • House Oversight Committee announces possible supboena of WH documents relating to former NSA Mike Flynn. (MSNBC)
  • UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights notifies WH that repealing Obamacare/ACA without adequate replacement would violate several international conventions to which the US is bound.  (WPost)
  • Trump’s FCC chief Ajit Pai begins rollback of internet neutrality regulations. (NPR)
  • Trump son-in-law Kushner linked to corruption through secret financial backers, with over $100 million in real estate loans, opening him to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (NYTimes)
  • Sec State delivers WH briefing to all Senators bussed into WH special-ops security rigged room.  Senators summarise briefing as underwhelming saying there wasn’t any new material of note during briefing.  No strategy or further details were presented.  Trump’s motive in summoning entire Senate to WH for elaborately staged briefing with regular secure venues available while so many key State Dep’t positions yet unfilled remains unexplained. (MSNBC)

25 April

  • WH refuses to provide any documents to House Oversight Committee request for Flynn documents regarding his travel and communications with Russia.  Committee leaders say they see no clear evidence that Flynn complied with laws. (CNN)
  • German Chancellor Merkel has to explain fundamental basics of Europe to Trump on her recent visit to WH, reports a German official.  Eleven times during her visit Trump asked Merkel if he could “do a deal with Germany,” which Merkel declined explaining he would have to approach the EU. (IndependentUK)
  • US Treasury sanctions Syrian gov’t agency ‘Scientific Study and Research Centre’ employees under claims it is involved with developing and producing chemical weapons. (Reuters)
  • Trump’s threat to end Obamacare by stopping Cost-Sharing Reduction (CSR) payments to health insurers would increase gov’t costs by $2.3 billion by 2018.  (KaiserFoundation / Reuters)
  • With no defined position other than being Trump’s daughter and informal adviser, Ivanka Trump attends G20 on women entrepreneurs.  Sitting with German Chancellor Merkel and to IMF head Christine Legarde, Ivanka is booed by audience during her description of her father as “a tremendous champion of supporting families.”  (Reuters / WPost)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer claims Trump has, “rebuilt America’s standing in the world,” ahead his first 100 days in office. (WH)
  • Japan warns its citizens they will have about 10 minutes to prepare if NKorea launches missile.  (WPost)

24 April

  • Obama’s first public appearance since leaving office in Chicago where he leads a youth in politics panel with a series of questions framing the problems and future of civilian engagement across the political spectrum.  (Politico)
  • Trump and WH further complicate ethics conflicts with State Dep’t and two US embassies promoting Trump’s private Mar-a-Lago resort. (Politico)
  • Trump invites ambassadors from UN Security Council countries to WH lunch.  State Dep’t and Sec of State Tillerson conspicuously absent. (WH / MSNBC)
  • Senate investigation into Russian interference in Trump campaign is comparatively under resourced and under funded. (Reuters)
  • Trump’s sons seek to expand family brand in US leveraging company profile on their father’s presidency.  (AP)
  • Trump’s growing anxiety over 100 day mark increasingly apparent in interviews during which he talks repeatedly about tv viewer ratings, his new-found ability to simply ignore covers he finds “unpleasant” and repeats several unfounded claims.  (AP / WPost)
  • Trump approaches 100 day mark with historically low approval rating.  (fivethirtyeight)
  • David Remnick summarises Trump’s first 100 days. (NewYorker)
  • Trump summons the entire Senate to WH briefing on NKorea. (GuardianUK)
  • French presidential candidate Macron fends off Russian cyber attack. (WSJ)

23 April

  • Obama announces return to public life with event in Chicago.  Schedule of appearances include receiving the JFK Profile Courage Award, meeting with German Chancellor Merkel and other Democratic (Reuters)
  • AG Sessions and DoJ ends charter for National Commission on Forensic Science casting the reform and future of forensic science in law applications into doubt. (DoJ)

22 April

  • Signalling support of the NRA, Trump removes Surgeon General and gun control advocate Dr Vivek Murthy.  (GuardianUS)

21 April

  • House Intelligence Committee sends requests to FBI, NSA and Obama administration officials to appear at Trump Russia campaign collusion hearings. (Reuters)
  • Trump claims Democrats are trying to ‘steal’ Georgia House seat in special election by Jon Ossoff standing for election.  (DailyKos)
  • Trump Tweets endorsement of far-right nationalist Marine Le Pen in French presidential elections. (WPost)
  • Treasury Sec Mnuchin denies sanctions waiver to Exxon to restart operations in Russia.  Mnuchin says decision comes from Trump. (Reuters)
  • House Intel Comm asks former acting AG Sally Yates, FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers to testify in public hearing on Trump campaign Russia collusion. (TheHill)
  • Trump claims “Pavarotti is a great friend of mine.”  The singer died ten years ago and his family respond by telling Trump to “stop lying.” (IndependentUK)
  • House Oversight Committee queries Trump’s compliance with Constitutional Emoluments Clause demanding documents showing Trump keeping pledge to donate all profits from foreign government payments to US Treasury. (NPR)
  • Dep’t of Homeland Security inspector general opens investigation into abuse of power in case which sought to force Twitter into revealing anonymous anti-Trump account identity. (Reuters)
  • Sales of Trump luxury real estate sales to foreign gov’ts and shell companies expands since inauguration raising further questions with perceived and real conflicts of interest and Constitutional Emoluments Clause. (USAToday)

20 April

  • Russian think-tank run by Putin appointees drew up plan to manipulate US election to favour Trump and undermine Clinton. (Reuters)
  • NKorea warns of pre-emptive strike that will, “wipe out US imperialists’ invasion forces in South Korea and its surrounding areas and US mainland and reduce them to ashes.” (Reuters)
  • Trump announces meeting with Pope before it is finalised. (GuardianUK)
  • AG Sessions dismisses Hawaiian Federal Judge blocking Trump’s Muslim Ban as a “a judge sitting on an island in the Pacific” causing immediate backlash on social and established media communities.  (WPost)
  • Trump threatens to hold federal repayments on Obamacare hostage unless Democrats agree to repeal ACA. (NYTimes)
  • Trump throws weeks of bipartisan negotiating on federal budget into turmoil with new demands for funding Mexican Wall.  Current US federal budget set to expire 28 April. (WPost)
  • Mary McCord, a key Justice official leading DoJ investigation of Trump campaign collusion with Russia, inexplicably announces sudden departure leaving position open for AG Sessions’ appointment of political operative rather than Senate confirmed candidate.  AG Sessions was forced into recusing himself from Russia collusion investigations when undisclosed meetings with Russian operatives emerged after Senate confirmation.  (Politico)

19 April

  • UK Parliament votes to back snap election called by PM May for 8 June. (Reuters)
  • Education Secretary Besty De Vos’ brother, Eric Prince, helped Breitbart invent anti-Clinton fake news during Trump’s campaign, secretly participated in the transition and met with Putin’s officials in Seychelles as Trump’s envoy.  WH denies any connection with Eric Prince. (MSNBC)
  • Exxon applies to State Dep’t, now led by former Exxon CEO Sec State Rex Tillerson, waiver from US sanctions against Russia to free up operations.  Tillerson still holds millions in shares and contracts in Exxon. It remains unclear why Rex Tillerson was appointed Sec State as Trump had never met him before appointment. (MSNBC)
  • American Oversight, a group of lawyers, files suit demanding the Justice Dep’t product evidence to prove or disprove Trump’s wiretapping accusation Tweets against Obama. (NPR)
  • Trump hosts Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock at WH dinner used to mock Hillary Clinton on social media. (GuardianUK)
  • Trump claims “No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days,” in denial of abundance of historical facts provided by multiple news agencies producing immediate evidence.  (AP)
  • Trump Inaugural Committee raised $107 million in funding for which no public accounting has been offered raising questions of links to presidential access. This amount is more than twice that of Obama’s first inauguration which was the largest event ever in the history of Washington DC, though Trump’s inauguration was much smaller event. Documents emerge showing Venezuala gov’t officials and state run oil company donating huge sums to Trump’s inaugural fund while gaining access to top US National Security officials. (IndependentUK / MSNBC)

18 April

  • US Navy airstrike group apparently NOT heading towards the NKorean peninsula but is in fact 3000 miles away heading south toward Australia directly contradicting claims from the WH, Defense Secretary Mattis and NSA that the USS Carl Vincent pulled out of ‘military exercises’ and changed course.  Questions whether the WH, Defense and NSA either deliberately lied or were simply incompetent, i.e. “stupid or nefarious”.  (TheAtlantic)
  • With Tories at a 50% approval rating, UK PM May calls for snap election setting date for 8 June in u-turn from previous opposition to early elections. (GuardianUK)
  • UK PM May calls Trump to discuss UK snap elections. WH wrongly calls UK election a ‘special’ election confusing it with the ‘Special Election’ currently underway in Georgia’s 6th District. (MSNBC)
  • Council for Europe observer mission reports irregularities in Turkish referendum with suspicion of vote manipulation of up to 2.5 million ballots. (Reuters)
  • Turkish leading opposition party demands annulment and recount of referendum result consolidating Erdogan’s powers citing irregularities observed during vote. (IndependentUK)
  • Lawsuit against Trump based on violations of constitutional ‘Emoluments Clause’ expands to include two more plaintiffs in Trump enterprise competition. (Reuters)

17 April

  • Trump calls Erdogan to ‘congratulate’ him on his victory consolidating his autocratic grip on power with comments distinctly at odds from those of the US State Dep’t. (GuardianUK)
  • Trump tweets tens of thousands of protesters demanding release of his tax returns were paid to protest. (WPost)
  • Trump calls USS Navy airstrike group allegedly heading toward NKorean peninsula “an Armada”. (IndependentUK)
  • Gallup poll shows majority no longer believe Trump will keep his promises down to 45% down from 62% in February. (Gallup)

16 April

  • WH reasons for dropping gigantic bomb on Afghanistan remain unclear with silence on the US goals in the region. (MSNBC)
  • Turkish President Erdogan claims victory in contested referendum broadly consolidating his autocratic rule amid criticism of election manipulation. (Reuters)

15 April

  • Tens of thousands of protesters demonstrate across US cities demanding Trump release his tax returns. (WPost)
  • Trump says he can’t be sued for inciting violence at his campaign rallies because he won the election. (WPost)
  • Trump continues to quietly populate WH and key Federal agencies with lobbyists, lawyers and consultants to craft new policies for the same industries in which they recently earned a paycheck leading to numerous ethics conflicts. (ProPublica)
  • NKorea launches missile which explodes almost immediately after firing. (Reuters)

14 April

  • Trump spends another weekend in Florida playing golf while tensions mount with NKorea.  Trumps trips to Florida since his inauguration have already outstripped his predecessor costing taxpayers an estimated $20 million. (IndependentUK)
  • NKorea stages giant military parade featuring array of new weapons. (Reuters)
  • Real CentCom strongly disavows alleged spokesperson giving ‘unauthorized and inappropriate’ comments on why Trump bombed Afghanistan.  (TheHill)
  • Trump reverses himself on a number of key issues this week. (MSNBC)
  • Trump declares he will get rid of most of the world’s problems and, “there won’t be fear of anybody.” (MSNBC)
  • WH announces it will keep visitor logs secret in departure from Obama transparency policies. (NYTimes)

13 April

  • Confirmation of Ukrainian ledger payments to Paul Manafort’s consultancy from pro-Russia political party. (AP)
  • Arizona House Representative, Democrat Raúl M. Grijalva, blocks progress on Trump’s Mexican wall by joining the Center for Biological Diversity’s federal court demand for environmental impact study which could delay construction for years. (GuardianUS)
  • Russia blocks UN Security Council Resolution condemning Syria chemical attack. (NYTimes)
  • Without Congressional authorisation, Trump sends largest nonnuclear bomb costing $16 million dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan near Pakistani border killing 36.  The reason remains unclear. (NYTimes)
  • Assad tells French press gas attack reporting is entirely fabricated. (GuardianUK)
  • NKorea accuses Trump of provocation. (WPost)
  • Trump signs bill allowing states to withhold funding from family planning clinics. (NPR)
  • UK GCHQ reported Trump’s campaign links to Russian intelligence operatives to US intel agencies as early as 2015. (GuardianUK)
  • Alleged CentCom spokesman gives bizarre comments on why Trump bombed Afghanistan. (TheHill)

12 April

  • Japanese warships join US Navy fleet heading toward Korean peninsula. (GuardianUS)
  • UN Security Council convenes emergency session to discuss Assad’s gas attacks and US missile strikes. (Reuters)
  • Trump gives bizarre, rambling interview with Fox Business News in which he repeats numerous false claims, takes credit for Obama-era achievements, contradicts himself and reverses his positions on key issues including healthcare, tax reform and NATO and other policies, appears to threaten FBI Director James Comey’s job and brags about launching strikes against Syria while enjoying dessert with China’s president Xi. Washington Post provides #factchecking. (WPost)
  • Trump says, “we’re not going into Syria,” though the US military has been in Syria for some time. (MSNBC)
  • Trump orchestrates PR distancing from Putin and Russia and reverses claims that NATO is obsolete.  (GuardianUS)
  • Trump changes course again saying Obamacare repeal will precede tax reform. (WPost)
  • Sacked Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort created shell company on the day he left which quickly received millions from Trump’s lenders. (NYTimes)
  • Paul Manafort retroactively registers as foreign agent.  (NYTimes)
  • EPA chief Scott Pruitt proposes cuts to dep’t to fund personal security guard. (WPost)

11 April

  • FBI got FISA court order in summer 2016 to secretly monitor Trump campaign aide Carter Page from judge convinced Page had links to Russian election meddling.  FISA warrant was renewed at least once and are considered to be the highest classified level. (WPost)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer draws public outcry after saying Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons against ‘his own people’ though he did send them to ‘Holocaust Centres’.  Spicer later apologises. (WPost)
  • US accuses Russia of cover up on Syria gas attacks to shield Assad. (Reuters)
  • Trump changes policy on Syria five times in two weeks leading to speculation and confusion in the US and among international communities. (GuardianUS)
  • Trump distances himself from Steve Bannon after removing him from NSC. (WPost)
  • NKorea threatens US with counteractions after US Navy strike vessels move toward Korean peninsula. (NPR)
  • California continues to defy WH threats to withhold billions in funding from ‘Sanctuary Cities’ with bill to prevent local and state law enforcement agencies from helping the federal government deport undocumented immigrants. (WPost)
  • Eric Trump tells reporter his sister influenced Trump to take retaliatory military action against Assad for chemical weapons attack. (Telegraph)
  • Just before flying to Moscow to meet with Putin over Assad gas attacks, US Sec of State Tillerson rhetorically asks press, “Why should American taxpayers care about Ukraine?” signalling contradictory positions regarding Russia’s expansionist foreign agenda. (TheHill)

10 April

  • Neil Gorsuch is sworn into office on Supreme Court as Republicans overturn filibuster to force his confirmation. (NYTimes)
  • Trump uses Syrian missile strike as political fundraiser. Organisers take the page down after online outrage. (GreatAmericaPAC)
  • Trump remains silent on new official policy on Syria leaving many in US and international communities uncertain. (NYTimes)
  • Criminal spammer Peter Levashov, aka Servera, linked to Putin – Trump campaign hacking is arrested in Spain on request of FBI. (NYTimes)
  • Trump WH quietly drops latest tax reform plan in face of calls to release his own taxes. (AP)
  • US intel concludes Russia knew in advance of Assad’s chemical weapons attack citing a Russian drone operated flying over a hospital as victims rushed for treatment followed by Russian fighter jet bombing the hospital in an attempt to cover up chemical weapons. (AP)

9 April

  • ISIS launches two suicide attacks on US-backed Syrian rebels near the border with Iraq leaving at least 12 dead and many wounded. (Reuters)
  • Russia warns of ‘serious consequences’ from US airstrikes against Syria. (Reuters)
  • US Navy strike group moves toward Korean peninsula amid concerns of NKorean advancing weapons programme and nuclear ambitions. (Reuters)
  • Russia establish new compound in Nicaragua in view of US embassy furthering recent increased military presence in Central America. (WPost)
  • ISIS attacks US base at al-Tanf on Syrian, Iraq, Jordan border in retaliation for US missile strike on Syrian air base. (MSNBC)

8 April

  • Trump defends Syria strike in letter to Congress amid rising criticism of erratic policy and impulsive actions.  (Reuters)
  • MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell describes possible collusion between Trump, Russia and Assad as Trump’s lack of credible foreign policy and sudden u-turns result in his attack on Syria. (MSNBC)

7 April

  • Trump launches unauthorised airstrikes against Syria in retaliation for Assad’s gas attack on Syrian civilians. The actions, decided over less than 48 hours of deliberations, instantly upend previous foreign policy on Syria leaving international and US communities confused and anxious as to implications, foreign policy and possible further actions.  US position now bombed both Assad gov’t forces as well as  (Reuters)
  • WH releases PR photo of make shift ‘Situation Room’ from Trump’s resort in Florida to show decision making action on Syria airstrikes.  Image includes odd group among decision makers including Treasury Sec Mnuchin, Commerce Sec Ross, son-in-law Kushner, Press Sec Spicer, Steve Bannon of Breitbart and Economic Adviser Cohn.  Conspicuously absent are the Director of Nat’l Intelligence, CIA Director or any military. (CNN / MSNBC)
  • House minority leader Adam Schiff questions the legality of Trump’s unauthorised attacks on Syria. (MSNBC)
  • House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi requests House be recalled to debate constitutionality of Trump’s attack on Syria. (DailyKos)
  • Republican controlled Senate confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court. (WPost)
  • Dep’t of Homeland Security withdraws demand that Twitter hand over identity of anti-Trump account Alt_USCIS after media criticism of 1st Amendment rights, freedom of speech. (WPost)

6 April

  • Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell changes rules invoking ‘nuclear option’ to force confirmation of Gorsuch. (WPost)
  • Head of House Intel Comm Devin Nunes steps down from Trump-Russia investigations saying “leftwing activists” had filed lawsuits against him prompting his absence while he addresses them. (GuardianUK)
  • House Ethics Committee has said it will investigate whether Devin Nunes acted illegally in revealing classified information. (WPost)
  • Democrats block Gorsuch confirmation from advancing. (WPost)
  • Twitter files lawsuit in federal court to block US Gov’t demand for identity behind anti-Trump Alt_USCIS account. (Reuters)
  • Newly appointed FCC chair Ajit Pai begins repeal of Obama net neutrality regulations. (Reuters)
  • Jared Kushner omits significant foreign contacts from top security clearance disclosure. (NYTimes)
  • CIA had evidence of Trump campaign links to Russia earlier than believed with former CIA director John O. Brennan holding urgent, individual briefings for eight top members of Congress. (NYTimes)
  • Republican Mike Conaway will replace Devin Nunes on the House Intelligence Committee after Nunes announced ‘temporary’ departure to respond to ethics inquiry into whether he revealed classified information in telling press he reviewed secret FISA warrants given to him by the WH. (NPR)
  • Eleven weeks into office, Trump claims “we’ve had one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency,” to reporters on Air Force One prompting widespread mockery and dissent online and in the media. (BusInsider)
  • Ivanka Trump’s company wins provisional approval for three new trademarks in China, giving it monopoly rights to sell branded items in world’s second-largest economy, on the same night she and her husband, Jared Kushner, sit next to President Xi of China at dinner at Mar-a-Lago. (AP)

5 April

  • Trump removes Steve Bannon from NSC. Nat’l Security Director and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are both restored to NSC the likely result of McMaster’s influence. (Reuters)
  • WH attributes Bannon’s removal from NSC to departure of Flynn despite that occurring 51 days earlier.  (MSNBC)
  • Trump defends Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly amidst multiple sexual harassment lawsuits despite having declared April 2017 “National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month” on April Fools’ Day.  (NBCNews)
  • Trump makes unsubstantiated accusation against former Obama security adviser Susan Rice. (Reuters)
  • Trump’s personal body guard participates in delegation to Iraq (wearing sportswear) with Jared Kushner. Thousands of US forces are currently in Iraq fighting ISIS. (MSNBC)
  • National Security Council website crashes. (WHwebsite)
  • Coalition of states and regional municipalities challenging Trump over delays to energy standards grows to 17. (GuardianUK)
  • Senators Schatz, Markey and Whitehouse send letter to EPA head Pruitt challenging his gutting of current EPA regulations as ignoring science and the American people.  EPA will not answer any questions. (MSNBC)
  • Pentagon officials stymied over Trump’s lack of clear position on Syria in aftermath of Assad’s gas attacks on his own civilians.  (BuzzFeed)
  • State Dep’t has only one Senate confirmed position filled, that of Sec of State Tillerson.  Of the 553 key positions which require Senate confirmation, Trump has so far only filled 22 while 24 are still awaiting confirmation and 486 have no nominee. (WPost)

4 April

  • Trump blames Obama for Assad’s gas attack on Syrian civilians despite vociferous 2013 tweeting Obama to not attack Syria in response to similar attacks. Congress ignored Obama’s request to authorise military action in Syria in 2013. (DailyKos / Reuters / MSNBC)
  • Sec of State Rex Tillerson remains silent after Assad gas attack on Syrians ignoring press questions saying only he’s, “not a press access person.”  Further comments say he thinks the “long term future of Assad will be determined by the Syrian people,” indicating support of the Russian position on Syria. (GuardianUK / MSNBC)
  • Noam Chomsky weighs in on the opening days of Trump’s administration. (DemocracyNow)
  • Evidence mounts that the EPA is being systematically gutted under Pruitt’s leadership. (MSNBC)
  • Democrats gather enough votes to filibuster Trump SCOTUS pick Gorsuch.  Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell vows ‘nuclear option’ to override filibuster and force confirmation.  Oregon Democratic Senator Merkley takes and holds the floor all night with detailed argument against Gorsuch. (HuffPost)
  • Gorsuch accused of plagiarism in writing his published judicial opinions. (Politico)
  • NKorea fires ballistic missile into sea ahead of Trump-Xi summit in US in continued violation of UN Security Council resolutions.  Sec of State Tillerson responds by publically withholding comment. (Reuters)

3 April

  • A coalition of US states and municipalities files suit against Trump administration for violating federal law by delaying energy efficiency standard. (Reuters)
  • Blackwater founder, Erik Prince, met secretly in the Seychelles to create a back channel between Moscow and Trump according to US, European and Arab officials. Erik Prince is also brother to newly appointed Education Secretary Betsy De Vos.(WPost)
  • Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page was recruited as Russian intelligence asset in 2013 providing non-classified documents to Russian spies on the energy industry. (AP / BuzzFeed)
  • Democrats in Senate block Trump SCOTUS nominee triggering Republican threat to enact ‘nuclear’ override to confirm Gorsuch. (AP)
  • Trump aides meet with Republicans in attempt to revive failed healthcare bill. (Reuters)
  • Senator Mitch McConnell admits he led Republicans in blocking Obama’s SCOTUS pick because it was Obama. (YouTube)
  • Change to Trump Trust on 10 February allows Trump access to his business assets and income in contradiction of his claims of separation from Trump enterprises. (ProPublica)
  • Trump nominates former lobbyist Makan Delrahim to head oversee DoJ Anti-Trust Division.  Delrahim previously managed the Cigna-Anthem merger, one of the biggest healthcare mergers in US history. (Int’lBusTimes)
  • Trump signs repeal of US online data privacy rules opening way for internet service providers to sell personal information, online histories without any consent from or notice to customers.  In contrast to previous EO signings, Trump signed this one behind closed doors, without press, cameras, Tweets or announcements. (Reuters)
  • Trump refuses to participate in the official opening of 2017 Baseball Season declining long tradition of throwing the first pitch. (NYTimes)
  • Trump hires Eric Trump’s wife, Lara, to head digital aspect of Trump Re-election Campaign furthering nepotism within WH. (AP)

2 April

  • Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner visits Iraq with US officials. WH aides break military protocols in announcing Kushner’s trip before he landed.  (WPost)
  • House Intel Comm leading Dem Adam Schiff says Trump wants media and public to focus on his tweets not investigations of his ties to Russian influence and money.  Schiff details how this information originated from within senior WH level orchestrated by Trump and aides to distract from and confuse real investigative efforts. (Reuters)
  • Trump announces intention of confronting NKorea’s nuclear threats alone if China pressure fails. (Reuters)
  • FBI creates special unit to coordinate Trump Russia collusion investigation. (FT)
  • LATimes editorial board begin series detailing failing Trump presidency. (LATimes)

1 April

  • US federal judge in Kentucky allows case to proceed against Trump for inciting violence against protesters during campaign rallies. (TheHill)
  • Trump tells NBC to stop reporting on links to Russian interference and devote more coverage to his unsubstantiated accusations of Obama wiretapping Trump Tower.  (TheHill)
  • Mike Flynn failed to disclose more than $150K in payments from Russia in February ethics filings submitted just days before he left WH staff. (NBC)
  • EU leaders award Spain the right to veto any UK/EU trade deal with regard to Gibraltar, whose 30K population voted overwhelmingly to remain British in Brexit referendum. (NYTimes)

31 March

  • Three senior WH officials are linked to intelligence files shared with House Intel Chair Nunes, contradicting his own assertions, thus increasing concerns that WH is collaborating with House Intel Committee on Russia investigations.  Michael Ellis of the WH Council’s office, Ezra Cohen-Watnik and John Eisenberg of the Nat’l Sec Council were all three linked to funnelling classified information to Nunes on WH grounds in the dead of night. (WPost)
  • Nineteen US states have introduced bills to curb freedom of expression and right to protest since Trump’s election in “alarming and undemocratic” trend, U.N. human rights investigators report. (Reuters)
  • Oklahoma Bar launches law license review of Trump’s newly appointed EPA chief Scott Pruitt for lying to Senate confirmation committee on use of private email server for gov’t business. (MSNBC)
  • Senate Intelligence Committee rejects Mike Flynn’s request for immunity in exchange for testimony in Trump campaign Russia investigations. (CNBC)
  • House Intel Committee leading Democrat, Adam Schiff, says he has reviewed the classified documents laundered through Nunes on WH grounds.  Schiff questions Trump, “WH has yet to explain why senior WH staff shared this material with but one member of either committee only for their contents to be briefed back to the WH.” (Reuters / MSNBC)
  • Trump apparently forgets to sign EO’s at staged press photo op after becoming flustered by press question over Mike Flynn’s request for immunity in exchange for testimony in Russia investigations. (TheHill)
  • EPA cuts far broader and deeper than anticipated. (WPost)
  • EPA watchdog asked to review whether Trump’s new EPA head and climate denier, Scott Pruitt, violated agency policies when he said in a television interview he does not believe carbon dioxide is driving global climate change. (Reuters)
  • Former FBI intelligence specialist, Clinton Watts, describes Trump campaign parroting Russian strategy initiatives in Senate Intelligence Committee hearings. (MSNBC)

30 March

  • US Energy Dep’t bans use of phrases “climate change,” “emissions reduction” or “Paris Agreement” in all correspondence, communications and memos. (Politico)
  • Six environmental groups sue Trump in Montana federal court over approval of Keystone oil pipeline. (Reuters)
  • Former NSA adviser Mike Flynn demands immunity in exchange for testifying before congressional intelligence hearings on Trump’s campaign Russia links. (Reuters)
  • NYC Comptroller issues report detailing how Trump’s tax proposal would result in big tax breaks for New York’s most wealthy while more than a third of moderate- and middle-income families face increases. (Reuters)
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan’s public approval rating plunges to 21%. (PublicPolicyPolling)

29 March

  • British PM May signs Brexit Article 50 triggering the start of withdrawal from the EU. (Reuters)
  • House Intel Committee Chair Nunes refuses to recuse himself from WH/Trump-Russia investigations. (AP)
  • Federal judge in Hawaii extends block on Trump’s Muslim Ban after hearing further evidence. (Reuters)
  • Ryan opposes Trump’s offer to work with Democrats on healthcare reform. (Reuters)
  • New EPA chief Scott Pruitt rejects his own dep’ts scientists’ conclusion that a widely used insecticide be banned as potentially harmful signing his personal approval for use. (NYTimes)
  • Seattle sues Trump administration over AG Sessions’ move to withhold funding from ‘sanctuary cities’ on grounds on unconstitutional federal coercion. (Reuters)
  • Trump’s daughter Ivanka becomes official gov’t WH employee.  (WPost)
  • US expands war involvement without diplomacy plan. (NYTimes)
  • US State Dep’t official Candace Claiborne arrested on charges of accepting bribes from Chinese spies in exchange for information. (GuardianUK)

28 March

  • Trump administration sought to block former acting AG Sally Yates from testifying in House intel investigation of Trump campaign links to Russia. (WPost)
  • NY US attorney’s office, formerly under Preet Bharara whom Trump recently fired, announces arrest of man working for Turkish nat’l bank on charges of conspiracy to evade US sanctions against Iran further linking Trump, DoJ, AG Sessions and WH to ongoing intelligence, national security, Russia and money laundering scandals. Senators request details from Sessions on the firing of Preet Bharara and ongoing investigations under his direction when he was fired. (MSNBC)
  • House Intel Committee Chair Nunes adamently protects anonymous sources he met on WH grounds despite Trump earlier attacking media for reporting from anonymous sources. (Reuters)
  • Trump signs order to undo Obama Clean Power Plan, dismantle environment and climate regulations. (Reuters / WPost)
  • Congress rolls back internet privacy rules supported by Trump in win for big data corporations. (Reuters)
  • Trump’s private lawyers argue he is immune from sexual harassment charges  on the grounds of being the president. (NPR)
  • Congress delays funding decision demanded by Trump to build Mexican wall threatening the progress of progress. (Reuters)
  • Manafort’s financial transactions in NYC real estate linked to Russian shell companies. (MSNBC)
  • House intel investigation on hold after Chair Nunes refuses to proceed with further witness interviews. (WPost)
  • Scottish Parliament backs new bid for second independence referendum. (Reuters)

27 March

  • Trump appoints son-in-law Jared Kushner to head newly formed WH Innovation Office.  Trump has already put 36-year-old Kushner in charge of Middle-East peace, China, Mexico, Canada, trade deals, Veteran’s Affairs, infrastructure, data and technology. (TheHill / MSNBC)
  • Dollar slumps to four month low as Trump uncertainties hit financial markets. (Reuters)
  • Senate Intelligence Committee plans to question Jared Kushner as part of investigations into Trump and WH ties to Russia and Russian VEB bank currently under sanctions. (NYTimes)
  • Trump approval rating falls to new historic low of 36%. (WPost)
  • Schiff, Pelosi call on Nunes to recuse himself from House Russia investigation. (CNN)
  • House Intelligence committee frozen as meetings are implausibly cancelled and not rescheduled without any information given to committee members. (MSNBC)
  • Senator Murphy describes increase in military in Syria unreported by WH and Pentagon. (HuffPost)

26 March

  • Trump gave German Chancellor Merkel a self-printed mock NATO invoice for £300 billion during private talks on recent visit to Washington. (IndependentUK)
  • Trump goes golfing while daughter and son-in-law go skiing after collapse of first major legislative initiative Trumpcare. Fox News reports Trump spent weekend working at the WH while in fact he was caught on social media photos at his golf club. (TheHill / WPost)
  • Civilian casualties increase from Trump’s broadening military policies. (TheIntercept)

25 March

  • Trump tweets hope Obamacare “will explode,” in apparent breach of his oath of office and Article II of the US Constitution requiring the President to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” (TheAtlantic)
  • Trump tries to take credit for Charter Communications Inc’s decision to invest $25 billion in the US with a plan to hire 20,000 workers announced in July 2015 well before Trump ran for president. (Reuters)

24 March

  • Ryan rushes to WH to tell Trump they don’t have enough votes to push through Trumpcare. (WPost)
  • Trump cancels vote to repeal Obamacare with less than half an hour before promised vote. (WPost)
  • With resounding defeat for Trump and WH over repeal of Obamacare, Trump announces next initiative of deep tax cuts. (Reuters)
  • Trump calls WPost to blame Democrats within minutes of failure of Obamacare repeal. (WPost)
  • WH issues permit for Keystone oil pipeline ending a years-long battle between environmentalists and the industry. (Reuters)
  • Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort agrees to testify before House Intelligence Committee on Russia investigations. (HuffPost)
  • House Intelligence Committee chair Nunes inexplicably cancels public hearing on Russia investigation without consulting his own committee or rescheduling any new date.  Minority leader Chuck Schumer leads Democrats in allegations that Nunes is acting under Trump’s direction and should be removed from intel committee and himself be investigated. (Reuters)
  • WH Trump staff reportedly purging electronic devices in anticipation of subpoenas and in defiance of WH counsel instructions to preserve all materials relating to investigations of Russia collusion. (MSNBC)
  • Cypress gov’t officials deliver details to US Treasury investigators of Manafort’s financial transactions within the country. (AP)
  • Senator Cory Booker demands details of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’ involvement in notoriously corrupt Bank of Cyprus and links to Putin and his business allies.  Ross ignores demand. (MSNBC)
  • Senator Chris Van Hollen demands AG Sessions recuse himself from Deutsche Bank, Trump’s largest lender holding over $300millin in loans to Trump, investigations into Russian money laundering and underlying reasons for the firing of Preet Bharara. (MSNBC)
  • Comet Pizza-gate gunman pleads guilty to federal and local charges. (WPost)
  • Putin meets with candidate Marine Le Pen ahead of French presidential elections. (Reuters)
  • Former CIA director Woolsey, who worked on Trump campaign, tells WSJ he was invited to talks with Mike Flynn and Turkish officials to plan kidnapping of Erdogan foe, Fethullah Gulen, from US. (WSJ)
  • Jared Kushner met with head of Russian state bank VEB, FSB graduate Sergey Gorkov, controlled by Putin to fund gov’t projects and ambitions and close ties to Russian spy services.  (MSNBC)

23 March

  • Trump Jr responds to Westminster attack by insulting London mayor Sadiq Khan using out of date Twitter comment out of context. (NYTimes / WPost)
  • UK Parliament to resume as usual after Westminster attack. (GuardianUK)
  • Former Trump campaign manager Manafort secretly worked for a Russian billionaire benefit the Putin Government within the ‘highest levels of the US gov’t.” (AP)
  • Manafort’s failure to report this work, income and register as a foreign agent exposes him to possible felony prosecution. (MSNBC)
  • Unnamed US officials tell CNN that FBI has information indicating Trump campaigners Flynn, Manafort, Stone and Page colluded with Russian operatives to coordinate release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton. (CNN)
  • New York state judge orders ExxonMobil to work with NY’s AG to recover lost emails from an account once used by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson when he was the oil company’s chief executive. (Reuters)
  • Republican Intelligence Committee Chair Nunes makes vague, unspecified and conflicting allegations on Trump surveillance then briefs Trump and WH on details of existing Russia collusion investigation jeopardizing the independence of his own investigation.  (MSNBC)
  • Ranking House Democrat on Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff criticizes Nunes’ actions calling validity of Trump Russia investigation in doubt as independence compromised. (Reuters)
  • Democratic intelligence committee leader Adam Schiff tells MSNBC the evidence of Trump campaign collusion with Russia is no longer circumstantial. (MSNBC)
  • Trump’s approval rating drops further to new historic low of 37%. (IndependentUK)
  • GOP forced to delay Trumpcare vote due to lack of support.  (Reuters)
  • Trump demands vote on Trumpcare bill defying GOP objections. (Reuters)
  • Democrats announce filibuster of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch on grounds that WH and Presidency under federal investigation for collusion with a foreign power should not be allowed to push appointment forward as well as having blocked Obama’s pick Garland. (MSNBC)

22 March

  • Intel investigations identify, qualify and quantify internet social bot infiltration during campaign to split Democratic party targeting Sanders supporters and drowning out authentic online discussions with Clinton hate, porn and extreme fake news stories to overwhelm and suppress valid support. (MSNBC / McClatchyDC)
  • Former Trump campaign manager Manafort hires crisis management public relations firm as he is named as a person of interest to the FBI in their counter-intelligence investigations into Trump’s campaign ties to Russian election meddling. (TheHill)
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer asks Senate to delay a vote on Trump’s Supreme Court pick Gorsuch as long as Trump’s campaign remains under investigation by the FBI. (HuffPost)
  • Supreme Court unanimously overturn Gorsuch decision during his confirmation hearing. (NYTimes)
  • NKorea nuclear missile test ends in failure seconds after launch. (GuardianUK)
  • Ethics lawyers and specialists raise alarms over Trump expanding his daughters’ role in WH with office space, staff and classified clearance. (GuardianUK)
  • Electronics ban on flights targeting Muslim countries may be profit-motivated to suppress travel competition from the middle-east. (GuardianUS)
  • Trump inauguration committee pressured military for vehicles to stage a military parade in the style of Russia and NKorea contradicting official WH denials. (HuffPost)
  • Several people killed and injured in terrorist incident outside UK Parliament. (Reuters)

21 March

  • Fox news analyst initially responsible for suggesting Obama asked UK for help to wiretap Trump is taken off air. (NYTimes)
  • US bans travellers arriving from 10 Muslim countries from carrying electronic devices other than mobile phones. (Reuters)
  • Trump installs daughter Ivanka in WH with office in West Wing as classified clearance. (Reuters)
  • Trump announces new initiatives to assist coal industry. (Reuters)
  • Sec State Tillerson to skip NATO meeting, plans to visit Russia instead. (Reuters)
  • Trump threatens Republicans, “I’m gonna come after you,” if they don’t support Trumpcare replacement bill. (Reuters)
  • Supreme Court limits presidential powers of appointment. (WPost)

20 March

  • FBI Director Comey testifies before House Intelligence Committee hearing there is no evidence of Trump’s accusation of wiretapping yet there is an ongoing investigation underway into Trump campaign collusion with Russia. (Reuters / GuardianUK)
  • Trump tweets several false statements during Comey’s testimony to House Intelligence Committee hearing compelling Comey to publically contradict him while giving evidence.  (WPost)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer seeks to minimize roles of former Trump campaign manager Manafort and former NSA adviser Mike Flynn in effort to distance them from Russia collusion scandal. (MSNBC)
  • Gallup poll reports Trump’s approval rating at 37%, an historical presidential low. (Gallup)

19 March

  • Republicans work on Trumpcare healthcare replacement to appease initial outcry against cuts which would leave up to 24 million more uninsured. (Reuters)
  • Trump Supreme Court nominee faces tough scrutiny at Senate confirmation hearing with focus on links to big business and lack of independence from Trump. (Reuters)

18 March

  • Bipartisan lawmakers say there is no proof Barack Obama wiretapped Trump increasing pressure on Trump to explain or back off his repeated assertion. (Reuters)
  • Germany rejects Trump gaff claiming it owes US and NATO ‘vast sums’ of money for defense. (Reuters)

17 March

  • Merkel visits WH for transatlantic alliance meeting but receives awkward reception from Trump.  Trump snubs Merkel’s handshake during press photo op. (RTE / GuardianUK)
  • Trump and Spicer still pushing accusation of wiretapping by Obama while Republicans and Intel chiefs assert lack of any evidence and disbelieve in the claims. (Reuters)
  • WH and Justice announce plans to reassign immigration judges from around the country to 12 cities to speed up deportations of illegal immigrants. (Reuters)

16 March

  • Trump’s budget includes deep cuts in domestic programs and foreign aid, while steeply boosting military spending.  (Reuters)
  • Official McDonald’s Twitter account tweets then deletes disparaging comments about Trump. (Reuters)

15 March

  • Republican Senator Lindsey Graham threatens to subpoena FBI for information on whether the FBI received a warrant to tap Trump’s phones. (Reuters)
  • Intelligence Committee leaders say they do not believe Trump was wiretapped and that the FBI and NSA will testify on these issues next week.  If Trump was wiretapped then he was under investigation and a warrant would have to have been produced.  If not, Trump made groundless accusations charging former President Obama with felony crimes which could give grounds for legal recourse against him by Obama. (Reuters)
  • Polls open in Dutch national elections largely viewed as a barometer of European populism in the candidate of Geert Wilders. (AP)
  • Seventeen congressional Republicans sign resolution vowing to seek “economically viable” ways to stave off global warming, challenging Trump who has called climate change a hoax and formally removed climate change issues from policy decisions.  (Reuters)

14 March 2017

  • Investigative reporter and tax expert David Cay Johnston publishes 2 pages of Trump’s 2005 tax report which he received from an unverified anonymous source raising questions of authenticity and whether Trump himself sent the document.  The return shows tax paid of $36.6 million in taxes on $153 million of income and over $100 million loss write-down but omits all details including sources of income.  WH responds that publishing this document is illegal when in fact this is protected under the First Amendment.  (DCReport.org, MSNBC)
  • Trump nominates Goldman Sachs banker James Donovan as deputy Treasury secretary. (Reuters)
  • Single conservative journalist to accompany Sec State Rex Tillerson on Asia trip. (Reuters)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer says he feels confident Justice Dep’t will find evidence for Trump’s unsubstantiated wiretapping accusations. (WPost)
  • Trump announces that the importance of climate change issues will be reduced in policy making decisions. (Reuters)

13 March 2017

  • WH misses deadline to produce evidence supporting Trump’s wiretapping accusation requesting more time to find “what, if any, responsive documents may exist.” (Reuters)
  • Non-partisan Congressional Budget Office issues report showing GOP plan to replace Obamacare ACA will leave 24 million more uninsured and largely benefit wealthiest.  Politico obtains internal WH memo quoting 26 million more uninsured. (Reuters, Politico)
  • Washington and joined by California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon jointly file court action to block Trump’s second Muslim Ban. (Reuters)
  • Sec of State Rex Tillerson used email alias, Wayne Tracker, while Exxon/Mobile CEO for climate talks then withheld these documents from NY AG Eric Schneiderman’s probe into Tillerson’s “false and misleading claims to investors and the public.” (WSJ)
  • Former Trump Nat’l Sec Adviser Mike Flynn paid ex-FBI official who engineered Clinton email scandal during elections. (MSNBC)
  • Fired Manhattan federal prosecutor Preet Bharara was investigating Deutsche Bank Russian money laundering when fired as well as jurisdiction over investigations into Trump business practices in NYC.  Deutsche Bank is the largest known lender to Trump businesses around the world. (MSNBC)
  • Former Dep AG Matthew Axelrod says Trump’s wholesale firing of Federal Prosecutors was  abrupt and unexplained change of transition team plan. (NationalLawJournal)
  • Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner to get over $400 million from Chinese Anbang insurance company purchase of NY office tower under review by Committee Foreign Investment which includes numerous Trump cabinet members. (Bloomberg, MSNBC)
  • Amazon announces it will stop doing business with Breitbart banning their ads from appearing on its site. (USAToday)
  • Japan announces dispatch of its largest warship to South China Sea in May in biggest show of naval force in the region since World War Two. (JapanTimes)
  • NKorea warns US of “merciless” attacks if US aircraft carrier infringes on its sovereignty or dignity. (Reuters)
  • US deploys missile drones to NKorean border. (GuardianUS)
  • Russia deploys forces to Egyptian/Libyan border. (GuardianUK)
  • Girl Guides of Canada cancel all US travel due to “our commitment to inclusivity.” (Globe&Mail)
  • Scottish PM Sturgeon announces second Scottish independence referendum. (BBC)
  • UK Parliament passes final bill clearing path for PM May to enact Article 50 withdrawal from EU expected for the end of March. (GuardianUK)
  • GBP falls to 8 week low against the Euro. (XE live fx)

12 March 2017

  • WH attacks credibility of non-partisan Congressional Budget Office ahead of Trumpcare feasibility report hoping to overcome Republican opposition. (Reuters)
  • In violation of ethics rules on Justice/WH contacts, Trump tried to personally call US prosecutor Preet Bharara two days before AG Sessions fired him.  Trump now says it was just a well-wishes call but Bharara suggests there was ulterior motive.  Senator Warren leads critics in accusing Trump and WH of purging investigative attorneys in mass firing. (NYT)
  • Senate Armed Services Committee Chair John McCain demands Trump either prove his claims that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower or retract accusation. (WPost)

11 March 2017

  • VP Mike Pence has yet made no progress on promised investigation into Trump’s allegations of millions of illegal voters. WH Press Sec Sean Spicer said several Secretaries of State had expressed interest but the Nat’l Assoc of Secretaries of State (NASS) says they’re unaware of any of their members being approached to participate. (NPR)
  • Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte barred a plane carrying Turkey’s foreign minister from landing, saying his visit would be a threat to public order during their elections. (Reuters)
  • AG Jeff Sessions fires NY attorney Preet Bharara after he refuses to submit his resignation. (Reuters)
  • Maryland joins lawsuit blocking Trump’s new Muslim Ban. (Reuters)

10 March 2017

  • AG Jeff Sessions abruptly fires 46 US attorneys, including Preet Bharara of NY who would have overseen investigations into Trump’s NY operations receiving financial benefits from foreign governments, appointed under Obama. (Reuters)
  • Syrian President Assad says he has seen no action from Trump over his vow to defeat ISIS and called US forces deployed in Syria “invaders” as they are there without government permission. (Reuters)
  • In first legal challenge to Trump’s new Muslim Ban, Wisconsin federal judge bars enforcement which would deny US entry to the wife and child of a Syrian refuge. (Reuters)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer admits Trump transition team knew Mike Flynn might need to register as a foreign agent though insists Trump did not know Flynn was being paid to lobby US gov’t on behalf of Turkey.  (AP)
  • VP Mike Pence says the first he heard of Mike Flynn as foreign agent came from today’s news reports which cannot be true as he was formally notified in January.  (MSNBC)
  • Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone linked to DNC hacked emails. (TheHill)
  • Mike Flynn retroactively registers as a Foreign Agent with Justice Dep’t. (IndependentUK)

9 March 2017

  • China approves 38 new trademarks for Trump despite his assurances of “no new deals” since taking office.  Approval gives Trump and his family protection “in case they were to develop the Trump brand in the market,” underlining concerns over Trump’s multiple conflicts of interest. (NPR)
  • Trump adviser J.D.Gordon admits he was the one who demanded amendment to the RNC platform during campaign to eliminate calls for anti-Putin Ukraine assistance, saying he did so at Trump’s personal request. This admission firmly links former MI6 Chris Steele’s Russia-Trump dossier to RNC platform changes demanded by Trump to eliminate anti-Russia assistance for Ukraine. (MSNBC)
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell roadblocks ACA replacement bill demanding to wait for Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of how the bill will affect the federal deficit. (WPost)
  • New head of EPA and climate-denier, Scott Pruitt, says he doesn’t believe carbon dioxide is a major contributor to global warming. (NPR)
  • Trump tells Tea Party groups at WH if Trumpcare plan dies in Congress, he will let Obamacare fail and let Dems take the blame. (CNN)
  • Washington state, Oregon and New York announce they will join Hawaii in asking federal judges to block Trump’s new Muslim Ban. (Reuters)
  • Senate majority leader Republican Mitch McConnell says, “Uh, no,” in reply to whether Mexico will pay for border wall. (Politico)
  • Office of Gov’t Ethics disputes WH interpretation that rules don’t apply to the president. (NPR)
  • Sec of State and former Mobile/Exxon exec, Rex Tillerson, recuses himself from Keystone pipeline review. (Reuters)
  • Aircraft carriers championed by Trump are vulnerable to attack says defense analyst Roger Thompson. US is the only nation to base naval strategy on aircraft carriers. (Reuters)
  • DC restaurant sues Trump for unfair competition. (NPR)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer says Trump had no idea Mike Flynn was a “foreign agent.” (GuardianUK)
  • Special report on increase in voter restriction legislation has already been introduced in about half the states this year. (NPR)
  • Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage visits Ecuadorian embassy in London, where Wikileaks leader Julian Assange has been in hiding, said he can’t remember what he’d been doing in the building when asked while leaving. (Buzzfeed)
  • Mexican foreign minister meets with WH senior staff in absence of Sec of State Rex Tillerson, State Dep’t says it had no idea Mexican official was in Washington.  (LosAngelesTimes)
  • Former senior State Dep’t diplomat, ambassador and Russia expert Daniel Fried discusses Russian goals in attacks on west. (MSNBC)

8 March 2017

  • China’s Foreign Minister, Yang Wi, warned the US it is “racing toward a catastrophic head-on collision,” with NKorea for Trump’s deployment of anti-missile system. (GuardianUK)
  • Congressional Republicans rebel against ACA replacement proposal and object to “secret back room dealings” and low income targeting in drafting the plan. (WPost)
  • Hawaii asks federal judge to block Trump’s new Muslim Ban. (WPost)
  • Scott Pruitt, new head of the EPA, appoints climate change deniers and fossil fuel lobbyists to key positions. (NYT)
  • Senior senators, Republican Lindsey Graham and Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse, ask FBI and Justice Department for information on Trump’s unsubstantiated wiretapping claim. (Reuters)
  • Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Paul Selva tells House Armed Services Committee Russia has deployed a land-based cruise missile in violation of Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty.  (NYT)
  • FBI and State Dep’t reviewing activities of a Russian intel operative Konstantin Kilimnik who consulted with ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort presidential campaign. (Politico)
  • Trump appoints Utah Republican governor Jon Huntsman as Russian ambassador.  (Politico)
  • California House Democrat Eric Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, publishes details of research into Trump’s Russian connections on official website.  (Swalwell)

7 March 2017

  • US begins deploying first phase of anti-missile defense system in SKorea. (Reuters)
  • Senator Sherrod Brown asks Treasury Dep’t to investigate Trump links to “terrorist financing, sanctions, money laundering and other imprudent associations through business holdings and connections” in potential violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (MSNBC)
  • NKorean ambassador leaves Malaysia. (NYT)
  • Christopher Steele, former MI6 agent who compiled dossier on Trump’s links with Russia and potential blackmail “kompromat” material, emerged from hiding announcing his return to work in London. (BelfastTimes)
  • Senate leader Republican Mitch McConnell and Devin Nunes oppose Trump’s unsubstantiated allegations of Obama wiretapping as baseless. (GuardianUK)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer tells journalists WH is seeking evidence to support Trump’s wiretapping accusation and this was the purpose of his tweet. (WPost)
  • WH counsel McGhan oversteps authority in demanding access to Dep’t of Justice FISA material seeking support for Trump’s wiretapping accusation against Obama. (MSNBC)
  • House Intelligence Committee announces first hearings into Russian interference in 2016 elections.  (MSNBC)
  • Trump tweets Obama freed 122 “vicious prisoners” from Guantanamo when the factual number is only nine. (GuardianUS)

6 March 2017

  • Trump signs second version of Muslim Ban dropping Iraq as well as and shutting down the US refugee program.  The private signing and low key roll-out of new ban contrasts sharply with high profile announcement of original ban.  New ban unveiled by Sessions, Kelly and Tillerson with no on-camera presser from WH. (AP)
  • WH Press Sec Sean appears to have now banned cameras from press room. (NYT)
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan unveils new healthcare plan to replace ACA to immediate protest among Democrats and activists. (GuardianUS)
  • NKorea fires four ballistic missiles into sea off coast of Japan. (JapanTimes)
  • Republican Jason Chaffetz, Head of House Oversight & Reform Committee disputes Trump’s accusation of Obama wiretapping as without supporting evidence. (Reuters)
  • Senator John McCain calls upon Trump to produce evidence for wiretapping accusation. (Reuters)
  • WH admits Trump does not know what type of surveillance he is alleging in wiretapping accusations against Obama. (GuardianUS)
  • NKorea and Malaysia have both barred each others’ citizens from leaving their countries amid growing tensions over the murder of Kim Jong-Nam at Kuala Lumpur airport. (Reuters)
  • New HUD Secretary, Ben Carson, refers to American slaves as “immigrants” who came to America with a “dream… of prosperity and happiness,” in first official speech.  (GuardianUS)
  • Cuban President Raul Castro harshly criticizes Trump’s immigration, trade and other policies as “egotistical” and “irrational” at Venezuelan summit. (Reuters)
  • AG Sessions defends himself as “correct” in saying he had no contact w/ Russian officials while current evidence shows he met with Russian ambassador twice during campaign. (Reuters)
  • Trump spent 31% of presidency so far at his private Florida resort playing golf 8 times in six weeks costing taxpayers aprox. $3 million per trip and setting new presidential record for days off. (DailyKos)
  • Investigative journalist Adam Davidson publishes details linking Trump business deal to Iranian Nat’l Guard in potential violation of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (NewYorker)

5 March 2017

  • Trump & WH ask congress to investigate Obama for wiretapping Trump Tower. (WPost)
  • FBI Dir James Comey asks Justice Dep’t to reject Trump’s wiretapping claim “because it is false and must be corrected.”  (Reuters)
  • Former Dir. of Nat’l Intelligence James Clapper rejects wiretapping accusations. (Reuters)
  • A Sikh man shot and wounded in Washington state by attacker who told him to leave the country. (Reuters)

4 Marc 2017

  • Without citing any evidence, Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during “very sacred election process,” in a series of unsubstantiated tweets which invoke both Nixon and McCarthyism after this is reported by alt-right Breitbart. Such an order would have been an illegal interference in Justice Dep’t investigations into Trump links to Russia. (NYT, GuardianUS)
  • Critics interpret Trump’s wire “tapp” attacks as obfuscation and distraction strategy to deflect growing evidence of collusion with Russia during campaign and perjury allegations against Sessions and potentially others during Senate confirmation hearings. (Guardian UK)
  • Trump blames Obama for WH leaks to media and nationwide protests since inauguration. (GuardianUS)
  • Former deputy Nat’l Sec adviser Ben Rhodes tweeted back at Trump: “No president can order a wiretap. Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you.” (Twitter)
  • Obama spokesperson dismisses Trump’s wiretap allegations as, “simply false.” (GuardianUS)
  • Pro-trump rallies organized by Tea Party attract smaller than expected turn out after Trump tweeted they would be “biggest of them all,” while anti-Trump protesters also attend. (GuardianUS)
  • Trump mocks Arnold Schwarzenegger in tweets about TV show ratings. (Twitter)
  • DHS proposes separating mothers from children at border detention. (MSNBC)

3 March 2017

  • AG Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Russia investigations hoping to head off calls for his resignation and further prosecution for perjury during Senate confirmation hearings.  (Reuters)
  • Sessions agrees to “amend testimony” given during Senate confirmations hearings by providing written answers to Democrat committee questions.  Nine Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee ask Sessions reappear before the, Republican chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley, rejected their request. (AP/STLnews)
  • Amid denials, list of Trump key campaign officials and WH aides in regular contact with Russia increases in complexity and numbers.  WPost publishes details of known links and networks between Trump, campaign, transition, WH aides, Russian officials, oligarchs and businesses. (NYT, WPost)
  • VP Mike Pence used private unsecured email server during governorship for official security matters, a practice of which he accused Hillary Clinton as “irresponsible.” Unlike Clinton, whose server was not hacked during her time as Sec of State, Pence’s email was hacked in summer 2016 during the Trump campaign while Pence repeatedly attacked Clinton for this practice, by a scammer who sent an email to Pence’s contacts asking for money.  Pence then created a new account using the same service. (AP, Indiana Star)
  • DHS issues intelligence report concluding “most foreign-born, US-based violent extremists likely radicalized several years after entering the US,” contradicting Trump’s claims that banning Muslims from 7 countries will stop terrorist acts in the US. (MSNBC)
  • Trump dons naval flight jacket and hat for warship visit despite having no public or military service experience and obtaining 5 deferments from military service in Vietnam including one for “heel bone spurs”. (Guardian UK)
  • Speaking with journalists on condition of anonymity, WH officials report “toxic atmosphere of paranoia” as Trump and aides try to suppress leaks to news agencies. (Reuters)
  • Trump proposes sharp 17% cuts to NOAA, the leading US climate science agency (WPost)
  • WH Deputy Counsel Stefan Passantino writes to Office of Government Ethics that “many ethics regulations promulgated do not apply to employees of the Executive Office of the President,”  regarding the controversy over Kellyanne Conway’s recent ethical issues in advertising Trump’s daughter’s company products. (NPR)
  • Sec of State Rex Tillerson absent from Human Rights report breaking with long-standing tradition on presentation of key State Dep’t annual report. (WPost)
  • WH announces pipeline builders do not need to use US made steel contradicting Trump’s EO on the project. (Reuters)
  • Investigative journalists David Cay Johnston and Jim Henry publish Trump’s campaign travel locations linked to Russian fertilizer oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev. (MSNBC)

2 March 2017

  • Leading Republicans call on AG Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from investigations into Trump campaign ties with Russia of which Sessions was a participant.  Republican Speaker Paul Ryan says not necessary unless Sessions is a subject of investigation.  (Reuters)
  • Trump says there’s no reason for Sessions to recuse himself from Russia investigations. (AP)
  • Senate confirms Ben Carson HUD Secretary despite his complete lack of knowledge or experience in public service, in government or in housing. (Reuters)
  • Sessions explains Russian meetings as being in “official capacity” as member of the Senate Armed Service Committee though no other members have ever required such contacts including Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill who disputes such contact is usual. (TheHill, Twtitter)
  • Military leaders criticize Trump’s disavowal of order to proceed with Yemeni raid, which killed Officer Ryan Owen, and accuse Trump of “stealing valor” for Owen’s death in yesterday’s address to the Joint Session of Congress. (Buzzfeed, Twitter)
  • Senate confirms Rick Perry as Energy Secretary despite his having once called for the department’s elimination.  Perry has promises to deliver Trump’s ambition to create the world’s largest nuclear arsenal. (Reuters)
  • Ousted Nat’l Sec Adv Mike Flynn and son-in-law Kushner held previously undisclosed meetings with Russian ambassador Kislyak at Trump Tower in December 2016 to “establish a line of communication” between the new administration and the Russian government. (NYT)
  • Evidence emerges that Trump campaign aides Carter Page and J.D.Gorden held previously undisclosed meetings with Russian ambassador Kislyak. (USAToday)
  • Republican ACA replacement bill hidden in WH basement behind unmarked, locked door, access denied for debate, congressional review or public reporting. (NYT)
  • Trump’s sons plan extensive Trump hotel business expansion based on “market research” conducted during Trump campaign. (WPost)

1 March 2017

  • AG Jeff Sessions found to have had conversations with Russian ambassador during his participation in Trump campaign and to have lied during Senate confirmation hearings when saying he had no contact with Russians.  (WPost)
  • House Dem leader Nancy Pelosi and Dem Senator Elizabeth Warren call for Jeff Sessions’ resignation based on the above. (Reuters)
  • AG Jeff Sessions responds to reports of contacts with Russia and Senate confirmation hearing perjury with logic fail, “I have no idea what this allegation is about. It is false.” (WPost)
  • House intelligence committee announces investigation of collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia, said top panel representative Democrat Dem. Adam Schiff. (Reuters)
  • WH defies Congressional Ethics Committee in declining to discipline Kellyanne Conway for misuse of public office when advertising Ivanka Trump’s products in public statements. (WPost)
  • Obama administration made concerted efforts to preserve and disseminate evidence of Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia during final days of Obama WH amid concern intel information would be destroyed and/or suppressed after transfer of power. (NYT)
  • WH counsel instructs Trump and WH staff to preserve materials connected with Russian interference in the 2016 election and related investigations. (AP)
  • Trump’s promise of immediate construction on Mexican border wall using only existing funding deemed implausible by DHS as current funds of $20 million would only cover consultants and prototypes. (Reuters)

28 Feb 2017

  • Trump signs bill expanding gun access to mentally impaired.  (NPR)
  • Trump arbitrarily drops Iraq from new proposal of Muslim Ban. (MSNBC)
  • Trump blames Obama and his own military generals for Ryan Owen’s death in failed Yemeni raid despite having signed the order himself and was not in the Situation Room during action. (MSNBC)
  • Trump’s reads first Joint Address to Congress closely following teleprompter and script which includes numerous fallacies:
    • he has “begun to drain the swamp,” though his WH cabinet includes unprecedented number of billionaires, bankers, Washington insiders and corporate execs w/ no knowledge or experience of public service or their own departments,
    • drugs are “pouring in across our borders,” while gov’t statistics show mixed figures and an overall decline in border drug seizures,
    • “Ford, Fiat-Chrysler, General Motors, Sprint, Softbank, Lockheed, Intel, Wal-Mart, and others, will invest billions of dollars creating tens of thousands of new jobs,” while these decisions were made under the Obama presidency,
    • reduced the cost of the F-35 fighter jet by hundreds of millions of dollars while this occurred under the Obama administration,
    • overstating jobs created by Dakota and Keystone pipeline project inventing an arbitrary number of 28K jobs while current estimates are 3,900 jobs,
    • steel for Dakota and Keystone pipelines will be US steel while project owner says it gets its steel from India,
    • taking credit for deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records while immigration officials have always made this a priority action, and is now in fact under investigation for over-aggressively targeting non-criminal immigrants for deportation as well,
    • links enforcement of immigration laws with natural increase in American wages while no such correlation has ever been made among labor experts or national statistics experts,
    • takes credit for moving millions of Americans off “welfare” into paid employment while no basis exists for such a claim and notions of ‘welfare’ are too broad and unspecified to be meaningful in this context,
    • wildly overstates unemployment figures at 94% versus the real figure of 7.9% of Americans currently looking for work according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics,
    • grossly exaggerates amount of American aid to the middle east as $6 trillion while real figure is $1.6 trillion,
    • wildly overstates the murder rate in American cities as biggest in half a century while real violent crime rates have been declining for decades,
    • used possibly fictitious anecdote to project violent crime risk posed by immigrants while statistics show overwhelming majority of undocumented immigrants are not involved in violent crime,
    • claims “money is pouring in” taking credit for pressuring NATO partners into paying money to the US for defense spending while increases thus far have not materialized and any funds would not go the US directly.
    • announced trillions of new commitments  for infrastructure projects while the Democratic budget requests for these projects has been tabled for months without any interest from Trump, the WH or Republican congresspeople,
    • expressed support for education and medical research while the current WH budget proposal targets these areas for severe budget cuts,
    • pointedly rejects advice of new Nat’l Security Adviser Gen. McMaster using phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,”
    • claims nationwide support for Obamacare has collapsed while in fact support has been shown to be increasing according to polls,
    • made no mention of Russia, a central controversy currently under investigation in both houses of Congress,
    • makes no mention foreign policy beyond again calling on congress to pass immigration reforms. (WPost, Reuters, YouTube)
  • Justice Dep’t lifts block against new Texas voter restriction laws previously barred under Obama WH as discriminatory.  (NYT)
  • WH proposes cutting State Dep’t by 37% under Sec of State Rex Tillerson. (WSJ)

27 Feb 2017

  • Trump Dir. of Nat’l Intelligence nominee Dan Coats tells Senate Intelligence Committee he will support thorough investigation of Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election, seeking to reassure lawmakers concerned that Republican leadership of investigation will suppress anti-Trump outcomes.
  • House intelligence chair Devin Nunes tells WPost there is no evidence of contacts between  Trump team and Russian officials and he’s more interested in nefarious reports published in the news media than in alleged contacts. (WPost)
  • 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which first suspended Trump’s Muslim Ban, denied a DoJ request to put Trump’s appeal on hold increasing pressure for WH to clarify its original intentions in the original EO banning people from 7 countries.  (Reuters)
  • California legislative leaders use FoI to demand records from WH Immigration & Customs Enforcement amid concern agents are targeting non-criminals for deportation following reports ICE is visiting churches and schools to aggressively detain and deport non-criminal immigrants.  (Reuters)
  • Without any evidence, Trump accuses Obama of orchestrating protests and WH leaks. (CNN, Guardian UK)
  • French petition to persuade Obama to run for President of France gains 42K signatures. (Obama2017.fr)
  • WH State Dep’t tweets then deletes congratulations for Iranian Oscar-winning film director in objection to the director’s acceptance speech against Trump’s Muslim Ban. (Guardian UK)
  • Trump concedes healthcare is complex declaring “nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated” in remarks to Nat’l Governors Association. “Let it be a disaster, because we can blame that on the Dems and Obama.” (Politico)
  • Geo. W. Bush calls free press “indispensable to democracy,” in direct confrontation to Trump’s repeated attacks on media as “enemy of the people.” (NBC)
  • Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross confirmed as US commerce secretary.  Ross’ ties to Russian billionaire oligarchs, Trump property investments and Deutsche Bank $10 billion money laundering charges comes under media scrutiny.  (Reuters, MSNBC)
  • Michèle Flournoy declines offer to become Deputy Sec of Defense under Jim Mattis citing personal convictions against Trump leadership of the country. (Politico)
  • New Yorker magazine publishes detailed in-depth coverage of links following flow of money and connections between Russian officials, Trump and current WH administration.  (NewYorker)

26 Feb 2017

  • Trump’s pick to lead the Navy, Philip Bilden, a private equity executive and former military intelligence officer, withdraws due to conflict-of-interest, making the second Trump armed services nominee to bow out.  (Reuters)
  • WH spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders fabricates FBI dismissal of Trump campaign staff in contact with Russia in ABC interview.  Trump tweets Russia contact reporting is ‘fake news’.  (ABC)
  • Trump tweets he will not attend WH Correspondents’ dinner, the first president to skip the event since 1981.  Several main news agencies have already announced their boycott of the event this year in protest of Trump’s attacks on the media.  (Guardian UK, CNN)
  • Attempting to stop WH leaks, Press Sec Sean Spicer orders random mobile phone checks of WH staff overseen by WH lawyers. (Politico)
  • Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio won’t participate in town hall events calling constituents “rude and stupid,” citing activists “will crash, they heckle and scream at me in front of cameras.” (HuffPost)

25 Feb 2017

  • DNC elects former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez as chairman. (AP)
  • Fox News Interview With Fake Expert on Sweden Further Baffles Swedes.  (The Intercept)
  • French President François Hollande rebukes Trump over Paris insult in his CPAC speech. (Reuters)
  • Kuwait gov’t holds lavish $40 – $60K party at Trump Washington hotel testing Trump lawyers’ 11 Jan assertions that Trump will donate all profits from foreign governments to US Treasury.  (Reuters)
  • Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage secures last minute dinner with Trump drawing criticism from No. 10 who respond with statement of support for UK Ambassador to US and the importance of official channels of communications.  (Guardian UK, Facebook)
  • Republican head of Congressional Appropriations Committee, Rodney Frelinghuysen, tells secret town hall he will vote against funding for Mexican wall. Frelinghuysen’s office deny the statement.  (NPR)
  • In response to Trump’s perceived aggression, China increases naval military spending. (Reuters)
  • Newly elected DNC Chair Tom Perez appoints his opponent, Keith Ellison, as Deputy Chair in first act as Chairman. (The Hill)

24 Feb 2017

  • Nuclear weapons experts dispute Trump’s claim the US is falling behind on weaponry citing 30-year modernization program, computers, communications, electronics, and other systems, as more important than having as many warheads as Russia.   (AP)
  • Against rules limiting contact with Justice Dep’t on pending investigations, WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus asked FBI and other agencies to refute media reports of contact between Trump aides and Russia during 2016 election.  FBI refused request. (CNN, NBC, AP, NYT)
  • In attempt to suppress reports of pressuring FBI to refute Trump-Russia contacts, WH Press Sec Sean Spicer confirms rule-breaking contact between Chief-of-Staff Reince Priebus and FBI.  (WH official press briefing transcript)
  • Trump speaks at CPAC in which he:
    • attacks ‘the media’ yet again calling them “enemy of the people” and berating the use of anonymous sources hours after WH officials cite unnamed sources in press briefing,
    • vows massive budget request for “greatest military build-ups in American history,”
    • attacks FBI for not stopping WH leak,
    • invents friend ‘Jim’ to insult Paris for not “being Paris anymore” due to terrorism.  Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo dismisses Trump and “his friend ‘Jim’,” with tweet celebrating diversity and inclusion with image of Mickey & Minnie Mouse.  (WPost, Twitter, AP)
  • WH bars NYTimes, CNN, LATimes, Politico, Guardian UK, BBC and Buzzfeed from press briefing while admitting alt-right groups including Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit in contradiction to his Dec 2016 statement that barring media is “what a dictatorship does.” (NYT, CNN, AP, WPost, Reuters)
  • Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage addresses CPAC hailing Brexit and Trump as “huge success” and “great global revolution.” (YouTube, Reuters)
  • Trump expands federal gov’t ordering Regulation Reform monitors within every federal agency to eliminate regulations considered burdensome to the US economy.  (Reuters)
  • State Dep’t denies visa to NKorean envoy cancelling WH plans for official visit scheduled for March.  (WSJ)
  • Dep’t of Homeland Security undercuts Trump’s Muslim Ban with report concluding that citizenship an unreliable threat indicator and people from the seven countries included in the ban have rarely been implicated in US-based terrorism. (AP, WPost)
  • Trump administration has enlisted senior members of the intelligence community and Congress, including Nunes and Burr, in efforts to counter news stories about Trump associates’ ties to Russia threatening independence of multiple current investigations. (WPost)
  • Major news orgs publish online instructions on how readers can send them secure confidential information.  (WPost, NYT, Guardian UK)

23 Feb 2017

  • Trump gives Reuters interview in which he says:
    • to expand US nuclear arsenal to “top of the pack,” saying US has fallen behind in weaponry despite $1 trillion, 30-year modernization of aging ballistic missile submarines, bombers and land-based missiles currently,
    • China could solve NKorea problem, “very easily if they want to,” pressuring Chinese gov’t,
    • prefers two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian relations in contrast to previous statements,
    • referred to meeting with Putin while no official meetings currently scheduled,
    • supports EU as unified governing body in contrast to earlier remarks that EU is merely a “vehicle for Germany.”  (Reuters)
  • Trump refers to deportation campaign as “military operation” in WH business leaders meeting. (ABC news video)
  • WH demands DHS & DOJ intelligence report finding support for Muslim Ban. (CNN)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer defends Trump’s use of phrase ‘military operation’ in deportation campaign. (official WH website briefing transcript)
  • WH strategist Steve Bannon delivers CPAC speech in which he:
    • admits key cabinet picks were chosen to dismantle their own departments,
    • blames “corporatist, globalist media adamently opposed to economic nationalist agenda,”
    • vows commitment to “deconstruction of the administrative state.”  Rails that “every day will be a fight,” in vague and unspecified effort to “give you your country back.”  (CPAC speech)
  • Justice Dep’t reinstates private prison contracts repealed under Obama.  (Reuters)
  • US tech firms led by Yahoo, Apple and Microsoft criticize Trump decision repeal of transgender school students to use the bathroom of their choice.  (Reuters)
  • Law enforcement clear last protest camp at Dakota pipeline burning structures and forcibly removing protesters and arresting 46.  Trump’s sold his investment in Dakota project on 5 Dec 2016 and has received $100K campaign donation from parent energy company. (AP)
  • Lawyers file complaint against Kellyanne Conway for professional misconduct and ethics violations.  15 legal ethics experts cite numerous incidents of wilful violations including misuse of public office, ethics violations and deliberately false public statements. (Independent UK)
  • Obama17 campaign is launched by French activists to persuade Obama to run for President of France in upcoming May 2017 elections. (Obama17 official campaign website)
  • Indivisible activist organizer now has more than 5,300 groups registered… at least two in every congressional district. (Indivisible Facebook page)
  • Japanese gov’t initiates debate over deployment of a US missile defense system, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) and land-based Aegis Ashore missile defense system to counter North Korean ballistic missiles. (Reuters)
  • California lawmakers propose legislation to fold existing federal air, water and endangered species standards under state control to safeguard against Trump WH policies. (Sacramento Bee)
  • Huffington Post establishes Trump’s activity during his first int’l military action, the failed raid in Yemen.  Trump was not in the Situation Room monitoring events, he was tweeting about his upcoming TV appearances.  Decorated US Navy Seal Officer Ryan Owens was killed during the mission along with many Yemeni civilian deaths, four other US Navy Seal operatives were wounded.  (NYT, AP, HuffPost)
  • Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort confirms pro-Russian Ukrainian hack of daughter’s text messages and blackmail attempt during Trump 2016 campaign. (Politico)

22 Feb 2017

  • National polling reveals further downturn for Trump:
    • Overall disapproval: 55% up from 51% on 7 Feb
    • Disapproval among women: 59%
    • Not honest: 55%
    • Doesn’t have good leadership skills: 55%
    • Doesn’t care about everyday Americans: 53%
    • Isn’t level-headed: 63%
    • Doesn’t share their values: 60%
    • Doing more to divide the country than unite it: 58% (Quinnipiac Uni poll)
  • Trump WH still has 515 key vacancies unfilled while 20 key cabinet positions await Senate confirmation.  To date only 14 positions confirmed, plus one resignation, Mike Flynn. (WPost)
  • Mexican gov’t bristles at US plans to deport non-Mexican illegal immigrants to Mexico.  Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray formally rejects provisions while Mexican Foreign Minister Roberto Campo calls proposal “hostile and unacceptable.”  Mexican senators say US envoys Rex Tillerson and John Kelly “not welcome in Mexico.” (Reuters)
  • Mexico threatens to withdraw assistance to US officials against flow of narcotics into US. (Reuters)
  • WH Press Sec Sean Spicer characterizes relations with Mexico “phenomenal,” during press briefing. (WH official website press briefing transcript)
  • Sec of Homeland Security John Kelly in Guatemala denies US planning mass deportations. (Reuters)
  • Trump signs order repealing Transgender student protections.  (Guardian UK)
  • Congressional Republicans on recess face raucous and sometimes aggressive hostility from both Democrat and Republican constituents at Town Hall meetings across country. (NYT)
  • Texas Republican leader Tom Mechler circulates memo Indivisible of organizing “fake town halls” (Indivisible,
  • Kentucky Republican House Representative Thomas Massie introduces bill to abolish Dep’t of Education.  (official Massie Congressional website)
  • Dakota pipeline protesters set fire to wooden structures as camp is closed by Army Corps of Engineers.  (AP Wire)
  • Increase for Democratic Party officials recruiting new candidates for local legislative races.  (MSNBC)
  • Congressional leaders on recess continue to face raucous constituents in town hall meetings erupting into shouting and chanting, “Do Your Job” and “You Work For Us.” Iowa Republican Senator Joni Ernst flees town hall through side door after only a few questions.  A number of Republican congressmen and women are cancelling, avoiding or refusing to hold Town Hall meetings with their constituents.  (MSNBC)
  • A few protesters of Dakota pipeline defy federal order to leave.  (NYT)
  • Federal agents demand ID’s of flight passengers landing at JFK airport in NYC. (WPost)
  • Air Force spokesperson refutes Trump claim on $1 billion savings on new AirForce One plane an completely unfounded.  (Bloomberg)

21 Feb 2017

  • New EPA head Scott Pruitt release of emails previously illegally withheld confirm close ties to oil and gas industry showing energy companies drafted language that Pruitt’s attorney general then used in suing the EPA when Pruitt served as Oklahoma AG.  Pulitzer prize winning NYTimes journalist Eric Lipton reported in 2014 Pruitt cut and pasted energy company complaints onto Oklahoma state AG letterhead used to sue the EPA.
  • US Dep’t of Homeland Security proposes deporting illegal immigrants including non-Mexicans to Mexico while US envoys prepare to visit Mexico for immigration talks. (Reuters)
  • Canadian PM Justin Trudeau tells Parliament Canada will continue to accept refugees from US but will ensure unspecified security measures are taken to keep Canadians safe. (Reuters)
  • Trump WH prepares rollback of rules on climate, water pollution signalling support for fossil fuel, gas and oil industries. (WPost)
  • Reports that WH chief strategist Steve Bannon met with a German diplomat to deliver anti-EU message days before VP Mike Pence pledges America’s “steadfast and enduring” commitment to the European Union in Brussels. (Reuters)
  • Former CIA analyst and Senior Director of Nat’l Security Counsel, Edward Price, who resigned last month, issues sharp criticism of Trump policies and actions in open letter to Washington Post. (WPost)
  • CIA-coordinated military aid for rebels in northwest Syria has been frozen since they came under major Islamist attack last month, rebel sources said, raising doubts about foreign support key to their war against President Bashar al-Assad. (Reuters)
  • WH Dep’t of Homeland Security releases documents translating Trump’s Muslim Ban EO’s into policy, major shift in the agency’s enforcement of immigration laws. (NYT, The Intercept)
  • British Muslim teacher from UK on school trip with students is denied entry to US. (Guardian UK)
  • Ivanka Trump calls for religious tolerance after anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish cemetery.  (NYT)
  • President Trump calls for religious tolerance and delivers first public condemnation of anti-Semitism after bomb threats to Jewish community centers and vandalism in a Jewish cemetery. (NYT)
  • Ann Frank Center berates Trump: “Do not make Jews settle for crumbs of condescension” (WPost)
  • Trump directs Dep’t of Homeland Security to expand migrant groups targeted for deportation. (Guardian UK)
  • Richmond, CA becomes first city to officially call on Congress to investigate impeachment proceedings against President Trump.  City councillors voted unanimously in favor of impeachment for violations of the Constitution emoluments clause. (ABC)
  • Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoes bill to block Planned Parenthood funding which provides abortions and other health services in opposition to Republicans. (MSN)
  • US Homeland Security employees locked out of computer networks in suspected network attack. (Reuters)

20 Feb 2017

  • UK Parliamentary debate whether to withdraw Trump’s invitation for a state visit.  Nearly 2 million signatures petition gov’t to reject visit.  UK PM May defends visit on basis of ‘special relationship’ with America regardless of its current leader.  Visit to proceed over sharp criticism from MPs.
  • WH prepares invitation to NKorea to visit US.
  • Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrives unannounced in Bagdad saying US military is not in Iraq “to seize anybody’s oil” contradicting Trump’s statements to the CIA on 21 Jan that US “should have kept the oil” and they may “have another chance”.
  • WH leak plan to replace Ukrainian gov’t with pro-Russia leaders in order to lift Obama sanctions put in place after annexation of Crimea.  Sec of State Rex Tillerson directs £500 billion Mobile/Exxon projects in Russia which will go ahead if sanctions are lifted.
  • Democratic party leaders assert focus and priority be on investigations into personal, financial and political ties with Russia rather than on the remote possibility of impeachment.
  • Norway pledges $10 million to counter Trump’s global anti-abortion move.
  • Russian envoy to UN, Vitaly Churkin, dies suddenly in NYC.
  • Trump names Lt. Gen. Herbert Raymond McMaster as new national security adviser.
  • WH halts Trump’s California high speed rail in infrastructure promised projects due to lack of approved funding.
  • Ukraine’s ambassador to UK, Natalia Galibarenko criticizes WH pro-Russia intervention to replace gov’t as breach of Ukrainian national interest.
  • Anti-Trump #NotMyPresident protests continue across US on national President’s Day holiday.

19 Feb 2017

  • Trump tweets source of Sweden mistake came from watching FoxNews while professional intel community, CIA, FBI not consulted.
  • Official statistics show Sweden’s crime rate has fallen since 2005 even as it has taken in hundreds of thousands of immigrants from war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq.
  • Swedish embassy in Washington asks WH to explain Trump’s false comments and tweets invitation to inform WH on Swedish immigration policy.
  • Democrat Ann Ravel quite Federal Election Committee to break gridlock triggering political fight over how replacement should be made.
  • House Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) described Trump’s statement that the media are the “enemy of the people” is “something that you hear tin-pot dictators say when they want to control all of the information.”  Schiff sits on the House intelligence committee.
  • Michael Moore launches ‘The Resistance Calendar’ online to help organize and coordinate local activism against Trump.
  • WH plans strategic manipulation of trade deficit calculation to support Trump policies and plans.
  • Sec of State Rex Tillerson directs staff to limit briefings to 2 pages maximum.
  • Defense Secretary Jim Mattis declares he has “no problem with the media,” distancing himself from Trump’s Friday comments that media is the “enemy of the American people.”
  • Pro-Trump Fox News anchor Chris Wallace warns viewers Trump has “crossed a line” with recent attacks on news media.
  • WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus reiterates Trump’s attack on media as “enemy of American people.”

18 Feb 2017

  • Trump holds first 2020 re-election campaign in Florida mocking protesters and attacking press as fundamentally dishonest while making several blatantly false claims including:
    • new media invents sources wholesale,
    • misrepresenting Pres Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln,
    • crowd sizes at inauguration and other events,
    • Dems ‘suffered greatest defeat in history’,
    • he ‘inherited a mess’ from Obama,
    • inventing crime rates in general and Chicago, statistics show crime rates have fallen,
    • WH has no problems and is running ‘so smoothly’,
    • judges who suspended Muslim Ban were picked by Obama (only one),
    • he has constitutional authority for the Muslim Ban  but there is no ruling yet,
    • claimed credit for Ariz. Intel factory creating 3K jobs when this was announced in 2011 under Obama and other employment figures not factually attributable to himself,
    • vastly exaggerating Keystone employment projections ten-fold,
    • falsely takes credit for reducing cost of new Air Force One plane,
    • invents crime statistics for ‘inner cities’ which does not exist,
    • multiple falsehoods re Obamacare figures and projections,
    • refugees arrive unvetted w/out any information when in fact it takes two years,
    • invents completely non-existent terrorist attack on 17 Feb in Sweden.  Twitter responds with amusement, #JeSuisIkea appears in global media.
  • Congress breaks for recess week facing calls to meet with their constituents and local activists.
  • Local activists warn Dems to fight Trump or be replaced in mid-term elections.
  • Colorado Daily Sentinel threatens to sue Senator Ray Scott for defamation after Scott accuses paper of publishing fake news in article on Scott’s support of bill to restrict access to public records.  If pursued, this would be the first law suit to establish a legal definition of Fake News.
  • German Chancellor Merkel pointedly remarks “Freedom of the press is a pillar of democracy,” when asked for comment regarding Trump’s attacks on the press.
  • Bill Gates tells Munich Security Conference bioterrorism threatens tens of millions of people and is inadequately addressed in current planning.
  • Trump tweets attack at news media calling NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYTimes all fake news and ‘enemy of the American people.’
  • German Defense minister Ursula Von der Leyen opens Munich Security Conference with strong criticism of Trump policies and positions specifically regarding NATO and Russia.
  • VP Mike Pence pledges US support for NATO (Article 5) in Munich to skeptical European leaders while implying ultimatum demanding increased defense spending (Article 3) to cool reception from EU leaders. Pence is silent on EU contributing to growing speculation among EU leaders that WH favors dissolution of EU.
  • WH aide and Trump son-in-law Kushner summons CNN parent company Time-Warner exec to WH to complain about unfavorable reporting on Trump in open effort to control content and bias of media.
  • US Dep’t of Homeland Security prepares new guidance to accelerate deportations by denying asylum claims earlier in the process.
  • California separatist group, Yes California, launches secessionist campaign with petitions to gain referendum on the 2018 mid-term election cycle.

17 Feb 2017

  • Eight asylum-seekers, including 4 children flee across the Canadian border at Champlain, NY as US border patrol try to arrest them.
  • WH fires Nat’l Security Council aide after he criticized President Trump at private event.
  • Republican Senator John McCain tells German Security Conference Trump’s WH in disarray warning that suppressing free press is ‘how dictators get started’.
  • WH leaks 11 page draft memo calling for 100K National Guard deportation force. WH denies report.
  • Trump Winery, LLC applies for 23 H-2 visas to bring foreign workers to pick grapes.
  • Trump EPA pick Scott Pruitt confirmed by Senate over strenuous objections of Democrats.
  • Senators Chuck Schumer and Brian Schatz try to force a vote to delay the vote to approve Scott Pruitt until his withheld emails are released under judge order on Tuesday.
  • Former UK Labour PM Tony Blair launches campaign to reverse Brexit.
  • UK Chancellor Philip Hammond described as ‘economically illiterate’ by pro-Brexit Cardiff Uni professor Patrick Minford.
  • Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer responds to Trump’s disastrous press conference stating institutions of gov’t are being tested, “This is not a drill. Nothing less than our system of checks and balances, the rule of law, and our national security are at stake.”
  • US local and regional elections since Trump inauguration reveal rise of grass roots support for Democrat candidates.
  • German centre left Social Democrats party gets boost in response to anti-Trump platform.
  • Gallup Poll reveals only 38% of Americans approve of the job he is doing, while 56% disapprove. The survey is among many that show him to be the least popular new president in modern times.
  • House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes requests FBI to investigate leaks of classified information leading damaging media reports Trump and WH administration.
  • FBI Director James Comey brief Senate Intelligence Committee on the Russia details.  Committee directs dozens to preserve ‘all materials’ related to investigation.  Critics say Comey’s action seeks to sideline independent select committee to lead investigations.
  • Trump WH directs federal budget office to predict sustained 3 – 3.5% growth and adjust calculations in support of these end figures. WSJ

16 Feb 2017

  • Against the advice of his WH aides, Trump holds first solo press conference in which he:
    • rails against perceived grievances,
    • lashes out against media as dishonest and launches general and personal attacks,
    • inflates electoral vote numbers to direct contradiction to fact checking journalists present,
    • issues racist invitation to black journalist to contact Black Caucus,
    • shuts down Jewish journalist for ‘lying’ and ‘insulting’ him,
    • claims he’s the ‘least racist’ & ‘least anti-Semitic person you’ve ever seen in your entire life’,
    • claims ‘zero chaos’ and WH is ‘fine-tuned machine’ despite weeks of chaos and scandal,
    • he ‘inherited a mess’ from Obama,
    • claims smooth roll-out of Muslim travel ban but a bad court and a bad decision,
    • announces he will rescind and re-issue new Muslim ban,
    • insists he is not ‘ranting and raving’,
    • Mike Flynn is blameless and Trump would have approved his actions but didn’t know.
    • any WH contact with Russia is a ‘scam’ and ‘fake news’,
    • describes nuclear holocaust would be ‘like no other’ according to his briefing,
    • references Hillary Clinton 11 times
    • inflates his approval rating in open contradiction to Gallup poll showing historic low of 40%,
    • overstates crowd size for Saturday rally in Florida which hasn’t occurred yet,
    • claims he’s done more so far than any previous president.
    • asserts he has no contact or ties with Russia.  This is openly contradicted by Russian officials who have twice acknowledged contact with Trump campaign staff and WH.
    • His trustworthiness is then openly questioned by Peter Alexander of NBC news.
  • Washington State AG Bob Ferguson acknowledges defeat of Trump Muslim Ban.
  • Trump announces first campaign rally for 2020 re-election scheduled for Saturday in Florida.
  • VP Mike Pence schedules weekend European ‘reassurance tour’.
  • US EU ambassador Nicky Haley contradicts Trump and re-asserts Israeli-Palestinian two-state policy.
  • Vice Admiral Robert Harward declines Trump’s invitation to replace Mike Flynn as Nat’l Security Adviser.
  • Washington Post reports Mike Flynn open to felony prosecution at discretion of FBI Director James Comey for 24 Jan lying during FBI interview about not discussing sanctions with Russian ambassador.
  • French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault tells US Sec of State Rex Tillerson the US position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is “confused and worrying,” adding that, “there are no other options than the two-state solution.”
  • Trump nominates Alexander Acosta to replace Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor. While Fla. federal prosecutor, Acosta facilitated plea deal w/ billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein on underage prostitution charges.
  • House minority leader Nancy Pelosi reiterates demands for full intelligence briefing on WH contacts w/ Russia.
  • Billionaire private equity manager and member of Trump economic advisory council, Stephen Feinberg, tells shareholders his is considering joining Trump team to lead investigation into ties with Russia drawing fierce criticism from Intel community leaders.
  • Oklahoma judge orders Trump EPA pick Scott Pruitt to release thousands of emails from fossil fuel interests which Pruitt has been illegally withholding for over two years.
  • EPA employees call senators in attempt to block Scott Pruitt approval.
  • Senate Democrats to stage all-night floor session to block Scott Pruitt.
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan excludes several House Democrats from meeting with top immigration official.
  • Senate narrowly confirms Mick Mulvaney as WH Budget Director with vote along party lines.
  • Trump’s pick for Israeli ambassador, David Friedman, heckled at Senate confirmation hearing.
  • Businesses close as immigrants stage stay-home protest of Trump policies.
  • Trump Defense Secretary Jim Mattis says he sees no basis for military collaboration with Russia.
  • WH dismisses 6 aides for failing FBI background security checks.
  • Justin Trudeau is first sitting Canadian PM to address European Parliament saying Canada and the EU ‘share a common belief in democracy, transparency and the rule of law, in human rights, inclusion and diversity,’ and that Canada and the EU must lead the international economy.
  • European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that Europe must not cave in to US demands to raise spending.
  • Secret Service budget spokespeople report Trump security taxpayer costs far higher than previous presidents.
  • US Sec State Rex Tillerson meets Russian counterpart in Moscow urging return of Crimea to Ukraine.
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg issues 5,700 word manifesto warning of trend towards global isolationism.
  • 20th C Fox issues public apology for creating fake news articles as promotional materials for new film.
  • Al Gore addresses ‘Climate and Health Meeting’ in Atlanta on the most pressing climate threats.

15 Feb 2017

  • Senate Environment and Public Works Committee held hearings to begin roll back of Endangered Species Act.
  • European Parliament passes EU-Canada Free Trade deal.
  • Trump warns EPA to expect big changes. Trump pick to lead the agency has sued the EPA 14 times over pollution regulations as Oklahoma AG and has been criticized as a climate change denier and for his links to the oil and gas industry.
  • Wall Street Journal reports US Intel officials withhold sensitive material from Trump on concerns it could be or leaked or compromised.
  • Republican and Democratic leaders of the US Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley and Dianne Feinstein, ask AG Jeff Sessions and FBI Director James Comey for documents and full briefing on Mike Flynn.
  • Kellyanne Conway blacklisted from MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ political analyst show.
  • Trump Labor Secretary nominee Puzder withdraws after domestic violence tape emerges on Politico.com obtained from co-participants on Oprah show taped in 1990.
  • Trump offers Mike Flynn’s National Security Adviser job to former Navy Vice Admiral Robert Harward.  Trump tweets non-sequitor that Flynn was unfairly by media.
  • US Defense Secretary threatens NATO with reduced US commitment unless they raise spending.
  • 250 UK legal academics from universities across the UK urge PM Theresa May to cancel Trump visit and scale back UK ties with US until Trump reverses positions on immigration, judicial independence, refugees, torture and climate change.
  • ACLU reports 21 states now considering laws to further restrict voter access in response to Trump’s false claims of 3 – 5 million fraudulent votes.
  • Trump hosts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and stumbles into departure from decades of established Middle East policy based on Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution signalling his openness to a one-state solution.
  • Russia announces it will not return Crimea to Ukraine or discuss the matter with foreign partners and dismisses reports of contacts with Trump campaign as ‘Fake News’.
  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer calls for independent investigation with executive authority to pursue potential criminal actions against Flynn and for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself as he was top level participant in Trump campaign. This investigation is not possible without the cooperation of either the Justice Department or the Republican-led Congress while these bodies are now led by Trump supporters.
  • NYTimes reports that four Trump election aides were in regular contact with Russian intelligence during the campaign.
  • Trump tweets attack at intel community & news media denying all Russian contact as leaked by his own staff and reported by the Washington Post, NYTimes, Reuters, AP Wire and others during campaign, transition and current WH.
  • Trump in-laws announce they will decline Marlins baseball team purchase if current Marlins owner, Jeffrey Loria, becomes US ambassador to France, an inducement originally criticized by ethics officials as openly corrupt.
  • Sally Yates gets sustained standing ovation at Carter Center event in Georgia.

14 Feb 2017

  • Mike Flynn resigns as National Security Adviser.
  • Republican Senate Intelligence Committee chair Roy Blunt pledges to investigate Flynn “exhaustively” amid Senate bipartisan call for deeper investigation into Trump administration ties with Russia.
  • Sean Spicer says Justice Department notified WH about Flynn conversations on Jan 26 and nothing Flynn did was a ‘violation of any sort,’ and Trump did not instruct Flynn to discuss sanctions with Russian official.
  • NKorean half brother to Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Nam murdered by operatives with poison needles at Malaysian airport.
  • WH grants press credentials to alt-right conspiracy outlet and pro-Trump blog ‘The Gateway Pundit’
  • UK confirms official State Visit to Trump in 2017 despite more than 1.8 million petition signatures asking Parliament to refuse.
  • Challenges to Trump’s travel ban move forward in Washington State and Federal courts.
  • US Federal Bank announces intention to raise interest rates.
  • Russia deploys new cruise missile in violation of arms control treaty.
  • Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy announces his departure in next month.
  • Congressional oversight committee announces it will not seek Trump’s tax returns.
  • Trump rolls back SEC requiring energy companies to disclose payments to foreign governments.
  • Sean Spicer announces Trump expects the Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine.
  • Toothless letter from Office of Government Ethics recommends Trump take disciplinary action against Kellyanne Conway over her use of public office to advertise Ivanka Trump products.
  • New Attorney General Jeff Sessions would now have full details of Mike Flynn’s phone transcripts with Russia across campaign and transition.
  • Head of House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz along with speaker Paul Ryan, Rep Leader Mitch McConnell, AG Jeff Sessions and FBI Head James Comey all decline to pursue further investigations of Mike Flynn’s contacts with Russia on US sanctions as well as the Russian campaign to influence presidential elections include hacking, data theft, selective leaks, propaganda, false news, suppression of facts.
  • California lifts evacuation order at Oroville Dam while crews continue repair work warning poor weather forecasts bode possible further damage and return of order to vacate area.
  • CIA officer Ned Price publically quits ‘job for life’ with agency in anti-Trump protest. (NPR)
  • Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Trump’s election campaign had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election. (NYT)

13 Feb 2017

  • Justin Trudeau meets w/ Trump, treads careful line btwn economic cooperation and political independence, ‘not our place to lecture other countries on their own affairs.’
  • Trump with Japan’s Shinzo Abe in Fla when NKorea ‘tests’ missile while Trump conducts impromptu ‘Situation Room’ on Mar-a-Lago club terrace in full view of club members, incident instantly on Facebook and Twitter by Richard DeAgazio whose accounts are then blocked and deleted.
  • Gallup poll assesses Trump at 55% disapproval rating achieving an all-time record low for this early in a new administration.
  • Retail companies reported to now want Trump tweet attack as the online protest bumps their sales.
  • NKorean leader Kim Jon-Un’s half brother, Kim Jong-Nam, is attacked at Kuala Lumpur airport and dies of unidentified poisoning. (Reuters)

12 Feb 2017

  • Goldman Sachs alum Steven Mnuchin sworn in as Treasury Secretary.
  • Trump called ‘Paper Tiger’ by Shi Yinhong, a professor of international relations at Renmin University of China in Beijing and adviser to China’s State Council.
  • Trump aide Stephen Miller, author of the barred ‘Muslim Ban’ again claims millions of illegal votes in NH w/out any evidence.
  • NH Gov General calls for Trump to cite voter fraud evidence in order to investigate.
  • Oprah Network releases 1990 tape of spousal abuse to Congressional committee in support campaign against Labor Secretary nominee Puzder.

11 Feb

  • Border wall report sites cost as $21.6 billion contrasting with Trump’s campaign figure of $8 billion.
  • Melissa Macarthy reprises her depiction of an ever more frustrated and aggressive Sean Spicer on SNL.
  • Turkish president Reycep Erdogan moves to consolidate power by replacing parliamentary system in referendum set to take place on 16 April.
  • FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub calls on President Donald Trump to substantiate claim of massive voter fraud in New Hampshire.

10 Feb 2017

  • Intel community confirm transcripts of Flynn conversations with Russian ambassador.
  • Oroville Dam emergency sinkhole causes evacuation order for 200,000 local residents.
  • Nationwide immigration raids begin deporting people causing panic and protesting.
  • White House announces it will not escalate travel ban to Supreme Court.
  • Controversial Education Secretary Betsy De Vos blocked from entering school by protesters.
  • In the middle of the night, the Senate confirms anti-Obamacare Tom Price as Health and Human Services Secretary; every Republican voted for him, every Democrat voted against.
  • Chinese state news openly mocking Trump on Twitter.
  • Questions regarding Trump’s mental fitness to continue emerge in mainstream online media and social media with articles addressing Trump’s again asserting voter fraud allegations as deranged.
  • Also cited are the careening chaos of positions and reversals.
  • Trump posts images of himself in Oval Office with classified items on desk in clear view.
  • Multiple Russian military aircraft passed close to a US Navy destroyer in the Black Sea, incidents considered “unsafe and unprofessional”.
  • Trump secretly signs change to revocable Trump Trust allowing him access to his business assets and income in contradiction of claims of separation from Trump enterprises.  This change emerges through investigative reporting on 4 April. (ProPublica)

9 Feb 2017

  • 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel ruled unanimously against the Trump administration’s Muslim ban, pointing in part to the GOP president’s own rhetoric about the White House’s executive order.
  • Trump telephones Chinese President Xi Jingping and immediately announces compliance with ‘One China’ policy as request of Chinese president.
  • During phone call with Russia’s Putin, Trump does not understand ‘New Start’ nuclear reduction treaty and instructs aides to shut off recording of call transcript.
  • Congressional Republicans continue to flee from, subvert and cancel their own events in efforts to avoid angry constituents.
  • US Appeals Court says it is ‘unlikely’ that WH counsel has authority to amend a presidential executive order stopping WH plans to rewrite Muslim Ban retroactively.
  • Public Policy Polling reports Americans now evenly divided on impeaching Trump with main impediment being Pence as president.
  • Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General.
  • Jeb Hensarling, chair of House Financial Services Committee announces plans to gut Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and related Wall Street regs.

8 Feb 2017

  • Four male Senators are allowed to read Coretta Scott King letter against Jeff Sessions appointment on Senate floor uninterrupted.
  • Kellyanne Conway advertises Ivanka Trump’s merchandise in press interview, repeated by WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer drawing loud criticism from ethics community and public.
  • Trump attacks Federal judiciary for vetting nominee Neil Gorsuch who characterized his tweets as ‘demoralizing and disheartening’.
  • This nominee has a long reputation for suppressing voter rights and racially motivated actions.
  • Yemen withdraws permission for US Special Ops against suspected terrorist groups in retaliation for US mission killing Yemeni civilians.
  • US border officials are empowered to demand social media usernames and passwords at their own discretion.
  • Trump attacks at Nordstrom’s for dropping Ivanka’s brand using both personal and official president Twitter accounts.
  • Nordstrom shares turn positive regaining ground after Trump tweet.

7 Feb 2017

  • Congressional majority leader Mitch McConnell silences Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren on the floor of the Senate from reading from Coretta Scott King’s letter of 1986 against the appointment of Jeff Sessions.
  • Senator Warren takes to Facebook live to read letter in the outside corridor to huge online following.
  • Defense Dep’t seek office space in Trump Tower in NYC at taxpayer expense and Trump personal profit.
  • Trump lies to Nat’l Sheriffs Assoc inflating national murder rate to highest in 45 years simply making up these numbers without any regard to facts or sources. Trump tweets anger at ‘so-called’ judges reviewing Muslim Ban.
  • Reuters reports hundreds of thousands protest Trump in Tehran shouting ‘Death to America’ under leadership of Ayatollah. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei dismisses Trump’s warning saying Trump has shown the “real face” of American corruption.
  • Betsy De Vos confirmed as Education Secretary with tie breaking vote cast by Pence.
  • Evidence emerges that Labor Secretary nominee Puzder hired illegal immigrant as his housekeeper.
  • Trump says failed Yemen operation was ‘tremendous success’.
  • Homeland Security says police grants given to ‘sanctuary cities’ would be suspended on a case-by-case basis.
  • House Speaker Ryan announces Obamacare replacement could take up to two years though current repeal efforts to continue.
  • Final approval for Dakota Pipeline access project granted by US gov’t.

6 Feb 2017

  • Reports that Trump anger at SNL’s Melissa MacCarthy portrayal of manic, confused Sean Spicer on basis of him being played by a woman.
  • Trump tweets illegal terrorists are ‘pouring into’ the US.
  • Trump accuses media of ignoring thousands of unreported terrorist attacks in meeting with US Central Cmmd.
  • Nearly 100 companies, including Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, join a legal brief opposing President Trump’s Muslim Ban.
  • Senate Democrats stage marathon session to block confirmation of Ed Sec nominee Betsy De Vos.
  • Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch revealed to have lied on documents to vetting committee claiming participation in Harvard ‘Defenders’ legal assistance project when no such activity occurred.
  • Gallup, CBS and CNN polls place Trump at an record low approval rating since modern polling began.
  • Trump tweets response ‘any bad news is Fake News!’
  • Kellyanne Conway’s non-existent ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ multiple references confirmed by media contradicting her ‘misspeaking’ during interview.
  • Steve Bannon featured on the cover of Time magazine leading to speculation that he is actually running the US gov’t with Trump as his manipulated puppet.
  • Putin demands apology from Fox News for characterization as ‘killer’.
  • France’s alt-right Marine Le Pen publically endorses Trump’s views and methods in campaign speech.

5 Feb 2017

  • In Fox interview before Superbowl Trump again lies about having been against the war in Iraq, demonstrably untrue, widely debunked. Also asserts wide spread fraud conspiracy as cause of popular vote loss.
  • Trump defends Russia’s Putin as ‘killer’, seeks morale equivalence with Russia, achieves lowest pre-Superbowl interview ratings in history.
  • Trump announces Pence to lead voter fraud investigation.
  • Pence warns Iran to ‘think twice’ before testing Trump.

4 Feb 2017

  • Trump tries to rewrite outcome of disastrous Yemen raid as ‘successful’ though is clearly unsure of outcome when asked in televised interview.

3 Feb 2017

  • Washington State Federal Judge James Robart Seattle grants temporary restraining order on immigration ban on a nationwide basis.
  • Trump attacks ‘so-called judge’ calling independence of judiciary into question.
  • At least 100,000 visas have been revoked in a single week in response to President Trump’s executive immigration order, a lawyer for the Justice Department revealed in court.
  • Community groups in Michigan and Minnesota reject hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal aid to fight violent extremism in response to Trump vilification of Muslims.
  • Trump refuses to acknowledge Islam is a religion in NPR interview.
  • Trump hits Iran with new sanctions following the test-firing of a medium-range ballistic missile.
  • Iran imposes restrictions on US individuals & entities in retaliation to US sanctions.
  • A French soldier opened fire on a man armed with two machetes in an underground mall near the Louvre museum in Paris.
  • President Donald Trump has been named in more than 50 lawsuits since taking the oath of office, a staggering number compared to the first days of past administrations.
  • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quits President Donald Trump as business adviser.
  • Trump plans order overturning Dodd-Frank financial protection laws put in place to safeguard economy after 2008 banking collapse.
  • Trump signs order removing pension plan consumer protections.
  • House Republicans approve expanded access to gun access for mentally impaired, 97% of House Republicans voted for the measure, 99% of House Democrats voted against it.
  • Trump under continued criticism for omission of Jews during Holocaust Remembrance speech.
  • Defense secretary Jim Mattis warns NKorea of an “effective and overwhelming” response if it uses nuclear weapons, reassures SKorea of US support.
  • Washington Post reports US gov’t paid almost $100K for Eric Trump business trip to Uruguay in early January.

2 Feb 2017

  • Trump hangs up phone after angrily berating Australia’s American ally PM Turnbull.
  • WH warns Israel over new or expanded settlements in the West Bank ‘may not be helpful’ while insisting no ‘official position on settlement activity.
  • South Dakota governor overturns anti-corruption measure passed by majority of voters in November to the consternation of government watchdog groups.
  • Kellyanne Conway cites non-existent ‘Bowling Green Massacre’ as reason to support Trump’s Muslim Ban.
  • A top aide to Iran’s supreme leader blamed the ‘inexperienced’ Trump administration for apparent US threats and vowed his country would continue testing ballistic missiles.
  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) calls Stephen Bannon a racist with no business on the National Security Council.
  • Trump tweets threats at UCal Berkeley for cancelling right-wing writer Milo Yiannopoulos appearance after campus rioting.
  • Trump issues threat to Iran putting it ‘on notice’ after missile testing.
  • Trump’s doctor reveals Trump’s hair loss treatments side effects include confusion and mental imbalance.
  • Senate panel overrides Democrats’ boycott, approves Trump EPA administrator pick climate skeptic Scott Pruitt.
  • Trump signs exec order ending ban on charity/church political activity and contributions.
  • The Economist publishes in depth article summarizing world concerns and unrest toward Trump presidency, article widely read and shared on line, picked up by Reuters.
  • Rex Tillerson sworn in as Secretary of State after strong protest.
  • US military commando killed in Yemeni raid returned to US.

1 Feb 2017

  • Republican Congress kills controversial securities disclosure rule aimed at curbing corruption at big oil, gas and mining companies.
  • Senate Democrats boycott confirmation vote for Trump’s anti-climate change EPA pick Scott Pruitt, committee vote delayed.
  • Senate confirms former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as secretary of state.
  • Milwaukee Harley-Davidson HQ cancels visit from Trump due to anticipated protests.
  • Trump resurrects Frederick Douglass and brags about himself and inauguration crowd size at Black History Month speech which he reduced from historically national recognition to 20 minute ‘Listening Session’.
  • Senate Finance Committee suspends rules requiring Democrats be present for votes on Mnuchin and Price, then confirm nominations.
  • President Donald Trump announces his nomination of anti-women’s rights advocate Neil Gorsuch.
  • Donald Vitiello appointed chief of the US Border Patrol.

31 Jan 2017

  • Dollar tumbles while stocks cement their biggest losses in six weeks as Trump adds uncertainty to the market.
  • Trump tweets attacks at Democrats to approve his cabinet.
  • New York and San Francisco join ACLU suit against Trump’s immigration executive order.
  • Senate confirms Elaine Chao to run US Transportation Department.
  • Iraq’s PM announces it will not retaliate against Trump’s travel ban, seeks cooperation against ISIS.
  • Senate committee approves fossil fuel and TV dance personality Rick Perry for energy department.

30 Jan 2017

  • Acting AG Sally Yates ordered the Justice Department not to defend Trump’s Muslim writing a letter to DOJ staff
  • Trump fires acting AG Sally Yates saying she betrayed the Dep’t of Justice.
  • Obama spokesman says former president is heartened by actions Americans have taken to ‘assemble, organize and have their voices heard’.
  • Trump issues order for two Federal regs to be repealed for every one passed.
  • Mosque attack in Québec against Canadian Muslims by French Canadian and Trump supporter.
  • State Department receives multiple cables from US embassies describing foreign unhappiness at Trump’s executive order on immigration.
  • Chicago mayor, UK Boris Johnson and Ford Motor Company publically denounce Trump Muslim Ban.
  • Iraqi parliament votes to ‘retaliate’ against US travel ban.
  • EU commission announces it will not discriminate among refugees on basis of race, nationality or religion.
  • Trump describes travel ban as ‘massive success’.

29 Jan 2017

  • 30 civilians killed in US raid on al Qaeda in Yemen including 10 women and children. Trump does not attend Situation Room during operation, is later briefed over his dinner.
  • Americans spontaneously protest Trump Muslim Ban in the hundreds of thousands at airports across the country. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Corker says Trump administration should “immediately” revise refugee executive order, it has been poorly implemented, especially for green card holders.
  • WH rolls back part of Muslim Ban for Green Card holders.
  • 20K protesters in Boston against Muslim Ban and Mexican border wall
  • Extensive street level protesting across the US and online with #NoBanNoWall.
  • Trump tweets defense of ‘successful’ ban.
  • International backlash against Trump Muslim Ban in UK, Germany, France, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Malaysia, Canada. UK PM May issues statement that UK ‘does not agree with this kind of approach’ to immigration.
  • In phone call with Trump, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expresses regret at US Muslim Ban and explains Refugee Convention requirements and obligations.

28 Jan 2017

  • Canadian PM Trudeau issues statement ‘Canada will welcome those fleeing ‘persecution, terror and war regardless of faith, #WelcomeToCanada.’
  • Steve Bannon effectively appointed to Nat’l Security Council, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus also given attendance seat while demoting the director of National Intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • Bannon declares media the ‘opposition party’.
  • Trump says he will attend the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, in July.
  • Trump speaks with Putin on phone from Oval Office reportedly discussing trade, economy, Iran, Syria, Ukraine.
  • Boeing awarded $2.1 billion Pentagon contract.

27 Jan 2017

  • Trump signs Muslim Ban barring entry from Libya, Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Sudan despite none of the attackers from 911, shoe bomb, underwear bomb, Orlando, NY-NJ bomb, San Bernadino, Fort Hood, Boston Marathon were from any of these 7 countries.
  • Ban includes holders of Green Cards who have been granted legal permanent US settlement rights.
  • ACLU lawyers head to airports to assist hundreds of detainees who are unlawfully detained and being denied access to legal advice.
  • Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan both publically oppose lifting sanctions against Russia.
  • Trump telephones Mexican President Enrique Pena to smooth over scrapped visit and related offenses in earlier calls.
  • Pence says voter fraud probe to include ‘full evaluation’ of voting rules indicating first assault against voter access.
  • UK PM Theresa May visits WH, tells press united in support of NATO.
  • Petition against extending UK State Visit to Trump reaches 1.8 million.

26 Jan 2017

  • Trump proposes 20% tax on Mexican goods to pay for wall to wide and instant criticism from business community and American public.
  • Trump tells Senate Republicans to change rules to approve Supreme Court justices if Democrats block his choice.
  • Mexican President Enrique Pena cancels visit to WH after Trump provocation on forcing Mexico to pay for border wall.
  • Acting WH AG Sally Yates warns WH that Mike Flynn was in contact with Russian officials on the same day that US sanctions against Russia were announced in response to their interference in the 2016 presidential elections. (MSNBC)
  • Trump tweets he will send US troops into Mexico.
  • WH aides scramble to curtail press reaction and reschedule meeting with Mexico.
  • US Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan quits agency.
  • Trump’s signs order to investigate voter fraud inviting new assault on voting rights.
  • State Department senior officials resign in protest to Trump and Tillerson administration. Positions remain unfilled, offices vacant.

25 Jan 2017

  • Alternate twitter accounts for US Nat’l Parks, scientific and environment agencies emerge and begin tweeting climate data in protest to muzzling from Trump and WH.
  • Speaker Paul Ryan says he sees no evidence of widespread voter fraud while Trump tweets 3 – 5 million fraudulent voters.
  • Trump doubles fees for his Mar-a-lago club to 200K.
  • Trump signs directives to build Mexican border wall and crack down on US ‘sanctuary cities’ that shield illegal immigrants using press conference to announce a crisis on the US southern border without citing any evidence.
  • Trump announces support for ‘enhanced interrogation’ torture methods including waterboarding.
  • Trump tests plan to withdraw from UN criticizing the international body as a ‘club for rich people to talk’.

24 Jan 2017

  • Senate confirms Nikki Haley as US ambassador to United Nations.
  • WH put staff at government agencies on notice to ‘be careful what you say.’
  • Badlands Nat’l Parks twitter account tweets climate change information in protest to being muzzled by Trump and WH.  These tweets are deleted.
  • Trump issues executive order accelerating Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline projects against local opposition.
  • Trump announces plans to keep Comey as FBI director.
  • Senate confirms Trump nominee Mike Pompeo as CIA director.
  • Nat’l Sec Adviser tells FBI he did not discuss sanctions w/ Russian ambassador before Trump’s inauguration in contradiction to Intel transcripts of taped conversations.

23 Jan 2017

  • US National Parks and Dep’t of Interior tweets low attendance at Trump’s swearing-in, and about material on climate change and civil rights have been deleted from WH website.
  • WH announces Nat’l Security adviser Michael Flynn held only two phone calls with Russia’s ambassador to Washington amid reports that Flynn’s communications are being scrutinized by US counterintelligence agents.
  • Sean Spicer promises that he ‘would never lie’ following weekend briefing in which he made multiple false statements about the crowd size for Trump’s inauguration which were easily debunked and openly mocked online.
  • Trump withdraws the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, distancing America from Asian allies as China’s influence in the region rises.
  • Anonymous sources assert Michael Flynn held five phone calls with Russia’s ambassador on the day the United States retaliated for Moscow’s interference in the US presidential election.
  • WH says Trump has resigned from his charity organization, which was under investigation for misuse of charity funds for personal use and gains.
  • WH reverses position on moving the US Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  • House Democrats ask the General Services Administration for details on how it is addressing Trump’s hotel lease at Washington’s Old Post Office Building.
  • Prominent constitutional and ethics lawyers file suit against Trump accusing him of violating the US Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Clause 8, aka: The Emoluments Clause) by letting his hotels and other businesses accept payments from foreign governments.
  • Trump responds by tweeting the case is without merit.
  • Trump signs executive order on federal hiring freeze then makes broad exceptions effectively allowing continuation of current practices.

22 Jan 2017

  • Kellyanne Conway invents ‘Alternative Facts’ during Meet the Press TV interview and threatens to ‘reconsider’ WH relationship with press.
  • WH announces moving the US Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
  • Trump continues to vent anger about reporting of inauguration crowd sizes and loss of popular vote attributable to voter fraud.
  • Flynn under investigation by US counterintelligence agents for his communications with Russian officials.

21 Jan 2017

  • Trump visits CIA HQ in Langley to deliver speech in front of the ‘Memorial Wall’ of Agency heroes without any mention of them, uses speech to lie that media are the authors of his ‘war’ with Intel community. Trump brags about electoral win, lies about crowd sizes and attack perceived rivals.  Newly retired CIA director John Brennan proclaimed himself “deeply saddened and angered at Trump’s despicable display of self-aggrandizement. Trump should be ashamed of himself.”
  • WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer uses first press briefing to berate journalists on inauguration crowd size as, “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period,” as well as other easily debunked falsehoods then leaves without taking questions.
  • Women’s March draws millions around the world in protest against Trump policies and administration.
  • Trump’s son-in-law cleared for key position as WH personal aide challenging decades of federal nepotism regulations. (Guardian UK)

20 Jan 2017

  • Trump inauguration: lower attendance compared to previous inaugurations.
  • WH official website deletes content on civil rights and climate change.
  • Trump files paperwork launching 2020 re-election campaign.
  • Melania compared to Beau-Baton in a blue cashmere frock and cape.

Pre-Inauguration general timeline:

12 Jan 2017    Ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele goes into hiding after releasing Trump dossier detailing contact with Russian officials and “kompromat” on Trump. (BBC)

11 Jan 2017    Trump tweets US intelligence community is like Nazi Germany.
5 Jan 2017      Trump says America will pay for the Mexican border wall up front and be reimbursed.
4 Jan 2017      Mike Flynn tells Trump transition lawyer Don McGhan, future WH Counsel, he is secretly working as foreign agent for Turkey and is under DoJ investigation.  This key disclosure, indicating Trump knew Flynn was under investigation before Trump appointed Flynn as NSA, does not emerge until 17 May 2017. (NYTimes)
3 Jan 2017      Finland begins trials on Universal Basic Income scheme.
2017       October:  German federal elections, AfD Party in lead with anti-Muslim, anti-gay platform
2017       April/May:  French presidential election:  Marine Le Pen opposition candidate campaigns on ‘Frexit’
2017       Spring:  Hungarian parliamentary elections currently lead by Euro-skeptic platform
2017       March:  Dutch general election, far right Geert Wilders currently in lead on anti-immigration platform
2016       December:  Trump demonstrates ignorance of ‘One China’ policy.  Trump later asserts he know ‘One China’ policy but US will follow this only if they get ‘good deal’ in return.
2016       November:  Tony Blair signals return to politics in interview with the New Statesman in which he says Britain can reverse Brexit and remain within the EU.
2016       November:  Filipino dictator Duterte immediately follows Russian departure from Int’l Criminal Court.
2016       November:  Putin signals departure from Int’l Criminal Court.
2016       November:  International leaders register concern and dismay w/ Trump.
2016       November:  Nigel Farage first UK ‘leader’ to meet w/ Trump to discuss policy.
2016       November:  KKK holds victory parade, ISIS declare holiday to celebrate Trump victory.  Duterte and Kremlin celebrate.
2016       November:  Trump presidential transition begins with attacks on press, team purges, ethics conflicts, vast conflict of interests, deliberate misinformation, chaos in administrative procedures and attempts to hold office by proxy from NYC office, security clearance for his children.
2016       November:  GOP gains Congressional majority, Supreme Court right wing appointments to follow after 4 year blockade of Obama nominees and policies.
2016       November:  Trump wins electoral college by narrow margins across swing states Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  Clinton wins popular vote by almost 3 million.
2016       November: Russia amasses tens of thousands of troops and war machinery along western borders.
2016       UN states 13.5 million Syrian refugees in crisis.
2016       September:  Austria begins fence along Hungarian border.
2016       Austria Hungary form anti-migration alliance.
2016       July:  Bastille Day attack at Nice.
2016       French government destroys Calais ‘Jungle Camp’ refugee station.
2016       French National Front leader Marine Le Pen ranked second most influential MEP.
2016       July:  Erdogan’s political purges follow failed coup d’etat.
2016       ISIS:  Battle of Mosul begins.
2016       June:  Brexit orchestrated by Gove, Johnson, Farage alliance on platform of transparent lies.
2016       July: Cameron resigns, May wins Tory party leadership and becomes PM without a single vote being cast
2016       Trump campaigns on xenophobia, anti-NATO, military & trade isolationism, Mexican wall, trade war, NATO, UN Security Council, misogyny, civil rights, mass deportation.
2015       Russia downs Malaysian jet MH17.
2015       November:  ISIS Bataclan attack in Paris.
2015       Hungary erects fence along southern Serbian/Croatian border.
2015       August:  ISIS destroys Palmyra, ongoing attack campaign on UNESCO World Heritage sites.
2015       Golden Dawn publishes neo-fascist ‘National Plan’.
2014       August:  Erdogan becomes President of Turkey on platform of populist fascism, alliances w/ Putin & Berlusconi.
2014       ISIS launches ‘Western Offensive’, attacks, beheadings, abductions, bombings, Mosul.
2014       February timeline:  unchallenged Russian annexation of Crimean Ukraine.
2014       Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt approves untested lethal drug he found through Wikileaks for botched execution of Clayton Lockett which takes 43 minutes to kill him in excruciating circumstances.
2013       Edward Snowden escapes to Hong Kong, goes into hiding, exposes gov’t surveillance.
2012       Obama re-elected.
2012       Rise of Kim Jong Un, self-appointment to leadership.
2012       ISIS:  Battle of Aleppo begins.
2011       Egyptian crisis, fall of Hosni Mubarak.
2011       Libyan crisis, death of Muammar Gaddafi.
2011       Syrian civil war begins, Assad proclaims himself savior of Syria.
2010       Arab Spring spreads from Tunisia through Arab League and middle east.
2010       Greek Economic Depression begins, IMF, EU Central Bank, World Bank, Germany, France threaten Grexit.
2009       Rise of ‘Tea Party’.
2008       November:  President Barak Obama elected.
2008       July:  Global financial crash begins in America.
2009       Southern Euro zone debt crises.
2003       Former footballer, Reycep Erdogan, becomes Prime Minister of Turkey.
2001       9/11 Attacks.

Trump 100 Days timeline of news, events & #RealFacts during Trump White House