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Scribbling in the margins of general bookishness, this is where you can find lots of useful, possibly whimsical and almost certainly highly eccentric information, references, resources and updates which make Other Peoples’ Books so interesting.  Find out what’s on the worktable, in the press and how you can participate.

On The Worktable – NEWS & BLOG

Current projects and news, find out what’s happening in the studio.  We post images of projects, interesting books in progress, interesting ideas and the most unusual requests we’ve had from our bibliophile clients.  Also featuring exhibitions, opportunities, activities and a selection of things we had no idea our book loving friends get up to in the dark of night.

Beautiful Libraries

In our new series Beautiful Libraries we’ll be visiting some of the world’s most interesting and historical book hoards.  Do you know of a beautiful or historic library?  Tell us where it is and what makes it special.  Contribute to this excellent resources for travellers and find out about beautiful libraries you can visit too.


Some Odd Pages shares all kinds of unlikely inspiration from juicy graphic design to imaginary mapping.  It’s all food for thought nourishing our collective book dreams and future projects.

UNESCO World Book Day

Celebrate World Book Day on 23 April with Some Odd Pages, a symbolic day in world literature.

Declared World Book Day by UNESCO in 1995, Books and Roses Day celebrates books and literature, reading, writing and the contribution to world heritage by our most beloved authors.  This day marks Shakespeare’s Birthday as well as the death of both Shakespeare and Cervantes. In England 23 April is also St George’s Day.  By mythical account, as St George slew the dragon, drops of the dragon’s blood sprouted into a rose.

UWE Bookmarks, Centre for Fine Print Research

Some Odd Pages participates in the annual UWE Bookmarks project to encourage work in the format of Artists’ Books. Participating artists each produce an edition of 100 signed and numbered bookmarks sent to selected venues around the world.  Since 2011 Some Odd Pages has participated with 423 artists in contributing over 42,300 bookmarks to the twelve annual projects to date.

UPDATE:  This project is now concluded.  We are very proud and pleased to have participated for several years and look forward to more inspiring projects from the accomplished and wildly creative people at UWE Centre for Fine Print Research.