About Meg Green

About Meg Green, Book Artist

Some Odd Pages was founded by Book Artist Meg Green in 1996.  Meg combines traditional binding methods with an innovative approach to materials and techniques.  She’s developed and improved a number of unique creative bindings through experimentation, exploration and simply taking apart and reconstructing thousands of books since 1996.  Commissions include artist collaborations, unique volumes, limited editions, commercial editions, repairs and reconstructions.

Meg holds Bachelor and Masters Degrees in Book Arts and Printmaking.  She’s been teaching Book Arts and bookbinding since 1996 and her original works have exhibited and sold in Montreal, New York and London.  She is the founder of Atelier Soleil, Centre for Book Arts in her native Montreal and Some Odd Pages in London, UK.

Meg currently accepts private students at the studio and is often approached to teach specific projects or skills at arts and heritage venues in the UK.

Meg is a Professional Member of The Society of Bookbinders and an Associate Member with Designer Bookbinders in the UK.

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