BOUND Book Arts Exhibition for UNESCO World Book Day 2014

BOUND online Book Arts Exhibition 16 – 30 April 2014

‘Bound’ exhibition celebrates UNESCO World Book Day featuring work across a wide range of skills, interests and charmingly bookish eccentricities.

Book Arts exhibition online

Tommy Gillard

Bound Book Arts online exhibition

Mary Dickinson

Bound Book Arts Exhibition online

Lottie Small

Bound Book Arts Exibition online

Corinne Welch

Bound Book Arts Exhibition online

Andrea Archer

BOUND Book Arts Exhibition online

Lesley Clark

BOUND Book Arts Exhibition online

Ann Shepherd

BOUND Book Arts Exhibition online

Diana Hughes

TSoP Page9 500x750

Meg Green

How to make round books

Clare Stevenson










There are so many reasons to celebrate 23 APRIL as Books and Roses day.  Here are some of the best from UNESCO:
To promote universal access to reading, writing, literacy and education,
To promote cultural diversity, exchange and understanding,
To improve access to culturally relevant reading materials in local and regional languages,
To celebrate books as the global archive of humanity.

“Our relationship with books determines, to a large extent, our relationship with culture.  In all formats, books embody ideas and values considered worthy of pursuit and preservation.”

– Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO