Artist Book: The Stones of Porthmeor

Artist’s Book:  ‘The Stones of Porthmeor’


Book Arts Meg Green

An original miniature, 9cm x 6cm

Limited Edition Artist Book Meg Green

Big round stones

Limited Edition Artist Book Meg Green

Big stones at Porthmeor

Book Arts Cornwall Meg Green

The Stones of Porthmeor

Book Arts

Drawing in Pencil at Porthmeor




West Cornwall is an altogether different world.  Once you cross the Tamar the light changes, especially at day’s end when the western sky drips down in a syrup of saturated colour.

I made this miniature unexpectedly while sitting on the stones of Porthmeor Cove.  It was their perfect roundness that captured me.  And their hugeness, absolutely massive, as if they’d been gently rolled by the primordial sea for millenia into great granite eggs and shored up into a giant’s nest in the copper blue sea.  Drawing their forms was the best way to really understand and feel their solidity, their weight and mass, the sea worn surfaces and deep crevasses.

I love the way intensive drawing makes all sense of measured time slip away.  I’ve no idea how long these drawings absorbed me but the afternoon was quite gone when we finally packed up.  I finished the covers and title page, such as it is, by the open fire in the local pub and sewed it together with a simple pamphlet stitch the next morning.

Many of my own books are made spontaneously while travelling.  The immediacy of the experience and relaxed time schedule make allowances for creating and transforming ideas into artworks.  This experience and Porthmeor Cove also became the inspiration for the 2014 Special Edition Bookmark for the annual ‘Infiltrating Libraries’ project hosted by the University of the West of England under Sarah Bodman’s excellent creative leadership with the Centre for Fine Print Research.

Signed and numbered Limited Artist’s Edition of ‘The Stones of Porthmeor’ are available to purchase.  This miniature measures 87mm tall x 60mm wide.  © Copyright 2013 Meg Green.