Artist Book: Roma Proceno

Artist’s Book:  ‘Roma Proceno’

Roma Proceno original artist book arts ItalyThis fold-out book was made while exploring Roma, The Eternal City and the western countryside including Tivoli, Ostica Antica, Civita di Bagnoregio, Castiglione del Lago, Proceno and Siena.

© ‘Roma Proceno’  Copyright 2012 Meg Green




Artist Book Rome Proceno  Artist Book Rome Proceno Artist Book Rome Proceno

On this trip to Roma and the surrounding areas I was especially captivated by the works of Italian sculptor and national treasure Arnaldo Pomodoro.  His well known 1996 work, ‘Sphere within Sphere’, is centrally featured within the inner courtyard of the Vatican, a complexity of graceful structuralism.  I also got to see his ‘Arco dei padri Costituenti’ during a day trip to Tivoli to visit the two UNESCO World Heritage gardens and archaeological sites of Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana.  Other memorable days included the archaeological site at Ostia Antica, Civita di Bagnoregio hilltop village, Villa Lante, the ancient Tuscan town of Siena as well as several days at and around Proceno.  There is a palpable Sense of Place throughout this region which clearly informs the cultural identity of the people who live here.

I’ve developed a specialism in fold-out books.  I really enjoy the challenge of working both within each panel while also creating an overall composition which flows together and works as a whole.  I find this folding structure works really well for travelling.  It’s conveniently portable giving me both a large sheet (although this book is done in miniature) as well as a ready made flexible book form.

A sense of place has been consistently central to my own artworks and many of my books are made while travelling.  The immediacy of the experience and relaxed schedule allows time to transform ideas and impressions into artworks.  Read more about INSPIRATION for Artist’s Books.