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Artists Book:  Fold-Out ‘Stazzo Chivoni’ Sardinia

Northern Sardinia is ridiculously beautiful. This miniature fold-out book maps our week in the hillsides near Luogosanto in April 2014.

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I’ve accidentally developed a specialism in fold-out books.  I really enjoy the challenge of working within each panel while at the same time developing an overall composition which flows together and works as a whole.  I find this folding structure works really well for travelling.  It’s conveniently portable giving me both a large sheet (although this book is done in miniature) as well as a ready made flexible book form.

‘Stazzo Chivoni’ is a traditional farmhouse in the northern foothills near Luogosanto.

Sardinia’s location is a lucky one, it doesn’t have any of geological fault lines so prevalent in other areas of the Mediterranean and has largely escaped earthquake and volcanic activity.  This results in Sardinia being the oldest landmass in Europe, a landscape which has endured for more than half a billion years!  You can explore the island areas from the inland mountains down to the cerulean sea dotted with archaeological sites of the ancient Nuraghe civilisation which scholars believe were proto-Etruscan people.  There are a few remaining Roman sites as well.  The Roman port near Santa Teresa di Gallura can still be seen, albeit largely underwater.  The sea is a crystal clear brilliant turquoise making this experience quite fabulous.  At Capo d’Orso, time and weather erosion continue to sculpt the massive granite headlands into fantastical forms and the view across La Maddalena to Corsica is stunning!

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Signed and numbered Limited Artist’s Edition copies of ‘Stazzo Chivoni’ are available to purchase.
This miniature measures 58mm tall x 42mm wide when folded.  © Copyright 2014 Meg Green, Some Odd Pages.
£7.95 plus shipping

Staying at Stazzo Chivoni

Self Catering b&b Sardinia

Stazzo Chivoni, Sardinia






Book your stay at ‘Stazzo Chivoni’

“A Slow holiday in Sardinia: homemade wines, huge garden, rustic suite
… hike among cork oaks, snooze in a hammock, snorkel rocky bays.”

A sense of place has been consistently central to my own artworks and many of my books are made while travelling.  The immediacy of the experience and relaxed schedule allows time to transform ideas and impressions into artworks.  Read more about INSPIRATION for Artists’ Books.