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Workshops in Bookbinding and Book Arts

COVID 19: Due to lockdown restrictions, workshops are currently suspended. All workshop Gift Vouchers will remain valid without expiry date. Workshops can be rescheduled for another day when sessions resume. Stay well and safe and hope to see you all again soon!

Learn essential skills and reliable techniques to create your own beautiful and lasting hand bound books.

  • All project materials are included in the cost of the workshop.
  • In-depth information on historical context of books and bindings as well as materials, applications and techniques.
  • Small class size maximises one-to-one contact and support.
  • Tools and supplies are provided during your session and available to purchase from the studio so you have just what you’ll need.
  • Each workshop can be taken on its own or in combination to develop a range of reliable and adaptable skills.

Please CONTACT the studio for details on how to arrange your workshop.

Bradel Binding Workshop

Bradel Binding
This is a wonderful modern binding, very strong and visually striking with contrasting spine and patterned covers.  A great choice for hand held as well as oversize volumes.  This workshop is suitable for complete beginners and presents an interesting alternative for more experienced binders.
Duration 3 hours, Cost £90

Leather Journals Sienna Brown

Longstitch Binding
An historical binding, this non-adhesive, lie-flat binding features an exposed corded spine with detailed chain stitch.  This workshop can be done either as a single sewn section for beginners or in double sections for more experienced binders. Duration 3 hours, Cost £90

Simple Case Binding
Clean and pristine, create an A5 hard cover multi-section sewn binding with contrasting spine in cloth finishing. This is the place to begin for those with a view to creating their first Artist Editions.
Suitable for beginners, Duration 3 hours, Cost £90

Some Odd Pages book arts and book binding, Surrey, UK. Japanese binding.

Japanese Binding
With its external stitching, Japanese bindings work well for collections of single, unfolded sheets. Great for collaborative projects where many people produce their own pages to contribute for a final binding. In this workshop you will make 2 book in soft and hard covers.
Suitable for beginners, Duration 3 hours, Cost £90

Book-Arts-Creative-Bindings (8), Coptic binding

Coptic Binding
This non-adhesive lie-flat binding is perfect for sketchbooks. An ancient and historical binding, Coptic binding features distinctive external sewing down the spine.
Suitable for beginners, Duration 3 hours, Cost £90

Fold-Out Bindings 
Fold out bindings covers a range of treatments for large pages which expand beyond their covers. In this workshop you will make 3 books: accordion & concertina bindings as well as an innovative fold-out pamphlet.
Suitable for beginners, Duration 3 hours, Cost £90

Archival Box Making:

Learn to make your own archival boxes through a series of 3 – 4 hour workshops.  Individual sessions cover how to create accurate and reliable patterns, how to cut and assemble the pieces and apply the coverings and linings. Perfect for presentations, exhibition, storage for collectibles and valuables.

Boxes I:  Japanese Box with Lid
A solid, hand held square box with detachable lid, this session establishes the basic skills for structuring bespoke box making.
Suitable for beginners, Duration 3 hours, Cost £90

bespoke slide case

Boxes II:  Slide Case with Pull Ribbon
Create a pattern to fit your own selected small volume. Slide cases are a good option for protecting collectible books. Fitted with wide pull ribbon to extract the book smoothly from the case without damaging the spine or box edges.
Suitable for beginners, Duration 3 hours, Cost £90

Drop spine box

Boxes III:  Drop Spine Box
Drop spine archival boxes are excellent for exhibition works, presentation and storing documents, collectibles
and valuables.
Intermediate Level, Prerequisite Boxes I OR Boxes II as above, Duration 4 hours, Cost £125

Bespoke Archival Box
Further single sessions in Archival Box Making can be arranged to suit your own project by contacting the studio.
See more about Archival Boxes and other Bespoke Books and CONTACT the studio with your requirements.

Book Arts Short Course:

Design your own short course in Book Arts and Bookbinding.  Choose six  3-hour sessions to learn the skills and techniques you want.  A great value for one-to-one tuition during which you will make a series of books, learn a range of essential skills and develop materials expertise. 
Learn to create your pages, bindings and book structures which bring your idea to life in book form.  Reliable adaptable skills specifically structured to lead your work through stages of production for exhibition and sale. 
Dates arranged to suit your own timetable.  Suitable for beginners and experienced binders, Cost £450

Specialist Sessions:

Leather bindingIndividual 3 to 4 hour workshops can be arranged to develop your own specific skills or project ideas.

Learn to work leather bindings, create your own limited Artist’s Edition, arrange text layout across multiple sections, photoshop design and layout for codex bindings, historical bindings, bespoke archival boxes and cases, drop spine presentation boxes and so much more.

Prices range from £90 – 150 depending upon complexity, all prototype materials included, studio tools and resources available for your own use.  CONTACT the studio to arrange your own session.

About the Tutor

Meg Green holds Master and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Book Arts and Printmaking.  She’s been teaching Book Arts and bookbinding since 1996 and her original works have exhibited and sold in Montreal, New York and London. She is the founder of Atelier Soleil, Centre for Book Arts in her native Montreal and Some Odd Pages in London, UK.  Meg is a Professional Member of The Society of Bookbinders and an Associate Member with Designer Bookbinders in the UK.  She has full DBS clearance and is trained in Safeguarding young learners.  Read more about Meg Green.

Feedback from our students:

Meg is a wonderful teacher with an encyclopædic knowledge of all aspects of bookbinding and box making. I highly recommend her workshops.  John B, January 2020

“Dear Meg, I write with much enthusiasm to thank you for the course Sue & I enjoyed.  We were overwhelmed by your sheer brilliance, your encyclopaedic knowledge of your subject, your teaching and your love of your subject.  We were amazed at the preparation you had done on our behalf, cutting all the paper and card for us.  Sue was especially impressed with the accuracy of your cutting, given that she cuts all our cards every year and says it is quite a job to get them perfect.  I’m sure we will be in touch again.  We were delighted with our projects and the course.  Kindest regards, Isabel”  Coptic Binding Workshop for two people, December 2019

“I’d just like to thank you once again for the excellent one-on-one Bradel binding workshop.  I had a thououghly enjoyable time and learned so much!  The session was very well planned and since all materials were provided, it meant that I could concentrate on the essentials of learning the techniques to produce beautiful books.  The session was relaxed and I never felt hurried and yet you took the time to answer all of my many questions.  Your great enthusiasm, love of all things book-related, and your encyclopedic knowledge of different book structures are inspirational.  It was great value and very much worth the 250 mile round trip I travelled to attend.  I will certainly be in touch again.”  John B, Bradel Binding workshop, June 2019

“Well here is a story! Before we came over to your studio, Sam & I visited a guy who collects Superman & DC comic stuff, it was epic!! But when we walked out of yours Sam said it was even better!!…. When I got home today Sam had created two new ones. Thank you for inspiring my son.”   Don and his son Sam, age 10, February 2017

“I really enjoyed the workshop and the bustle of all the new people among us.  Look forward to seeing you again in the autumn course.” Ann, July 2016

“Wonderful workshop, Meg!  I keep admiring the books I made.  Lovely to meet you and thanks for all your guidance and help!”  Linda, July 2016

“Thanks again for the wonderful workshop last week.  Can’t wait to get started on making some books on my own.  Will send you pictures!  Thanks again!”   Jessica, July 2016

“I went to 2 workshops in November and December run by Meg – was only expecting to do one but was so smitten with the whole experience and Meg’s boundless enthusiasm, knowledge and encouragement that I couldn’t wait for the second. She provided all the materials and patiently and clearly taught us to put them together to make books of which we are very proud.  Meg has since helped me design my first project, a photobook of a recent trip to Marrakesh, offering practical suggestions and also a source of materials, yet never losing sight of what I want to achieve. 2016 is going to be an exciting year for me as I develop my new-found interest – bring on retirement asap!”  Liz, January 2015

“I had a tremendous day, I really can’t thank you enough. I am so delighted with the finished book. It has surpassed my expectations and with your help I have produced my own very special book.  Once again I can’t thank you enough, you have the patience of a saint.”  Mike, November 2015

“I really enjoyed your Saturday workshop.  Very clear instructions, great enthusiasm for the subject.  I’m keen to get going on some projects of my own!”  Liz, November 2015

“We had such a lovely day and I really enjoyed learning about the history of bookbinding and making our own books”  Anne, November 2015

“Really good instruction!  We finished 3 projects and didn’t feel rushed.  Meg is so patient.”  Ailis, November 2015

“Very enjoyable, good pace, nice small group.  I really enjoyed taking my 3 books home with me!” Tina, November 2015

“I loved binding the hard cover Coptic book.  Really interesting and enjoyable day.”  Jackie, November 2015

“Another excellent workshop!  I really enjoyed making 3 different kinds of books.”  Mike, November 2015

“Very informative with hands on help. Good clear instructions. I’d like to do more in a restoration workshop in future.”  Carol, November 2015

“Enjoyable and informative.  I liked making 3 different kinds of books.  Good speed and clear instructions. I’d like to do more with Case Binding.”  Judi, November 2015

“Thank you once again for such an interesting and challenging tutorial! I always enjoy seeing you and talking about books.”  Andrea, October 2015

“Wow I actually made a book and I am so happy with my creation!  I’d like to thank you for yesterday it was a great time but passed so quickly.  Please keep me informed if the workshop nearer Christmas goes ahead.  Once again thanks for yesterday.”  Mike, July 2015

“Great workshop!  Not rushed at all, made it really easy and lots of fun.  I especially enjoyed learning to make the covers and seeing all the different kinds of bookbinding.”  Ruby, July 2015

“Very good tutorial.  Well constructed, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Many thanks!”  Michael, July 2015

“An absolutely delightful way to spend a morning and a workshop with a nice item to take home.  Loved the feeling of putting it all together at the end.”  Liz, July 2015

“Your classes are so inspiring. I’m really, really enjoying them and you’ve so much enthusiasm!  Thank you. Looking forward to next week. I’ve made about five Coptic bound books in my head just today, I think I’ve now got the sequence. Thank you again Meg for being the bookbinding teacher.”  Penelope, March 2015

“One-on-one Book binding class with Meg in her Chertsey studio: a great 3 hours and what an eye-opener! She is a fantastic teacher, patient and hugely inspirational. Meg, I’ve really enjoyed watching you work. You’ve given me some great ideas and totally changed the way I think about books. Thank you!”  Lucy Record, Fulwell, July 2014

“Fancy learning book binding? This is where I learnt and I would highly recommend it. Meg’s lessons are unbelievably inspirational!  Be warned though once you start you probably won’t be able to stop!”  Book Arts student and textile artist, Lottie Small, June 2014

“Thanks for teaching me on this course. I’ve learned a lot but best of all you have opened up my mind to the possibilities of Book Arts and made me realise I can do anything I set my mind to.  It’s given me a massive dose of confidence in myself and my abilities which I’d been lacking.  I’ll continue to work really hard on my book-scuplture ideas in preparation for the online exhibition in SomeOddPages for April 2014.”  Tommy Gillard, February 2014

“Our tutor creates an enthusiastic atmosphere and has introduced new binding styles with clear introductions and close supervision for those who need extra technical support.  The more experienced members are able to continue with seperate projects while also contributing to demonstrations and techniques.”  Donald, Kingston-Upon-Thames, December 2013

“I am very happy with the way the Bookbinding course is going.  I’ve been coming to these classes for the last 3 years and feel that we are in the best position in all that time.  The classes are well-structured with lots of extra help when requested.  They are also geared to all levels of competance, a very difficult thing to achieve.”    Alan, Isleworth, December 2013

“Thank you for such a good lesson last night and for giving us so much of your time.  Much appreciated indeed!  I learnt a lot and am looking forward to next week. Many thanks again.”    Andrea, Iver, Bucks. November 2013

“Had a great day. Went to Someoddpages session on making albums with the talented and infinitely patient Meg Green.  I would recommend it to anyone as they make lovely gifts. Going back for a second helping next week to do Coptic Books. Can’t wait!! Look Meg up on someoddpages, it’s really good fun.”    Susan, Staines  July 2013

“I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely day. Learning a new skill has never been such fun!”      Sally, Cambridge June 2013

“What a wonderful afternoon!  We really enjoyed ourselves.  Apart from coming away with lovely albums we had so much fun. You are wonderfully gifted and patient, thank you for making it a day to remember.  I look forward to the next time.”    Patricia, St Margarets  June 2013

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