Book Artist makes The Guardian’s Unusual Jobs list

It’s official.  We’ve been added to The Guardian’s list of Unusual Jobs, #WaHey!

I am a Book Artist

Hand bound portfolio“I’ve been working as a Book Artist since 1996 making books as artworks, creating artist editions and collaborating with artists to create ideas in book form. Broadly speaking, ‘book form’ means some kind of moving pages between covers but my work very often expands to include all kinds of hand-held structures. I work a lot with artists whose have ideas to express as books.

I studied Printmaking as an undergrad but then completed my Master of Fine Arts degree as an independent study in Book Arts during a time when most people had never heard of this idea. I had to explain what I was doing quite a lot. By the time I graduated though some people were asking me to make books and teach sessions. I needed a job, so I just carried on making books with people who had bookish ideas. I now run my own Book Arts studio, Some Odd Pages. I also teach Book Arts and do a lot of book repairs as well as continuing to make my own book artworks. This year I have been selected as Artist-In-Residence to the Guildhall Library in the City of London. I’ll be creating a series of Artist Books for their archives this autumn.

Many of my own book works have been made while travelling so I’ve come to specialise in strong, reliable structures that don’t require a lot of heavy studio equipment. These sessions have been really popular with people who don’t want (or don’t have access to) conventional bindery equipment. Some of the most ancient and enduring books are entirely non-adhesive. I especially like the way non-adhesive books hold themselves together through their own structure.

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